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The teachers stared in shock at the dead troll then looked over at Hope as she said "It was coming after the students so I distracted it then injured it to the point that it had to be put down..."

The teachers were still in shock when Flitwick stepped forward and awarded her 50 points for protecting the students, Hope blushed at how many points she had been given and bowed low to her head of house in thanks. Hope was then asked to go to her dorm so that they could get rid of the troll and clean up; Hope nodded then headed to the Ravenclaw dorms...

Two weeks later...

Hope sighed as the staring from the other students continued and whispers that followed her, made their way around school. Hermione, Draco and Neville were the only ones who treated her normally now, Hope then entered Potions and sat in her usual seat when Hermione was shoved out of her seat and Ronald sat next to her, he then began to pester her about being a Ravenclaw and that she should have been in Gryffindor like her birth parents. Hope then gave him a death glare and told him to get away from her and to give Hermione her seat back, Ronald quickly backed off at the glare as Hermione grabbed her seat back just before Snape came in. Ronald had not been sitting when he came in thus he got 15 points taken from Gryffindor and another five for arguing with the teacher, Snape then wrote the instructions on the board and said "Today, we are making pepper-up potions for the hospital wing, I suggest you start now!"

By the end of class, Hermione, Neville, Draco and Hope had perfect potions in their cauldrons and had gotten 10 points each from Snape. Hope beamed at him as they were dismissed from their last class for the day and headed out the door with her friends, Hope and her friends then went to a clearing that they had found when exploring the grounds at the beginning of the year and sat down to talk and compare notes from class...

The next two weeks flew by fast as the holidays approached and Hope was excited to head home for the winter holidays, she was soon packed for the next day and decided to practice her summoning outside. She headed out to the clearing and made the hand signs as she poured Chakra in to them then slammed the ground; she coughed at the amount of smoke and then heard a familiar voice say "So you managed to finally summon me, Hatchling."

Hope stared in shock at seeing Manda then grinned as she bounced and said "Yatta! I did it!"

Manda laughed softly and nuzzled the shinobi girl as he asked if she had any messages for her family, Hope shook her head and said "I'll be seeing them tomorrow at the train station anyways. I was just practicing my summoning when I called you."

Suddenly they heard Hagrid behind her say "Bloody Hell!"

She turned and grinned at Hagrid who was looking at Manda in shock and motioned him over, Hagrid came over slowly and said "Is that the Giant Anaconda that in charge of the Snake Summons?"

Hope grinned and nodded as she said "Manda, met Hagrid who's the groundskeeper here at Hogwarts."

Hagrid and Manda stared at each other then Manda bowed his head to the half giant and said "Nice to meet you, Hagrid-san...Hope, I must return to the summons realm for now but don't hesitate to summon me if needed."

Hope nodded and bowed low to the large snake as he disappeared in a puff of smoke, Hagrid then smiled as he said "That was amazing, Hope. I've heard of Summons before but never did I think I'd get to see one those contracts..."

Hope laughed and said "Yeah I was pretty impressed when I first saw them too. Uncle Kisame said that I can have the Shark Contract when I'm a little older and ready to handle them; needless to say...I'm going to have a bit of fun with that one by scaring people..."

Hagrid just laughed and said "As long as no one gets hurt, I think it would be a prank worthy of the Marauders."

Hope beamed as Apollo came running over and nuzzled his mistress after he had gone hunting, Hope giggled happily and hugged her familiar as she then said "Let's head up to the castle, Apollo. I want to make sure that I have everything for tomorrow."


Kakuzu sighed as his new partner swore violently at him and then the silver haired man asked "Why the Fuck are we returning early to the base?"

Kakuzu sighed and said "For the Last time, you'll see when we get Shut up."

Meanwhile back with Hope...

Hope boarded the train before Dumbledore could catch her ad was soon on her way to London, Draco looked excited to be able to meet her family for a few minutes while Hermione had her nose in a book. Neville and the twins were staying at the castle for the holidays so she had promised to get them something from one of the Ninja villages, Hope then noticed they were pulling into the station and squealed happily at being able to see her family. Draco laughed as they got off the train and Hope spotted someone from her family, she grabbed Hermione and Draco's hands and dragged them over to her family as she yelled "MAMA!"

Konan grinned as her daughter ran into her arms and they hugged each other tight. Kisame, Tobi, Kakuzu, Orochimaru and Sasori laughed as Hope then gave them their hugs too; she then noticed the new person and said "Hi, who are you?"

Hidan then told her to do something that was impossible causing Hope to look shocked and hurt, Draco's father then came over and told Draco to hurry as they had an appointments and Draco wished Hermione and Hope a good holiday before leaving. Hermione also left and then Hope and her family took the portkey back to the base...

At the base...

Hidan was walking away from the group when he fell over from a boot to the ass and turned to cuss, he paled when he saw Kakuzu, Orochimaru, Sasori and Kisame looking furious and standing behind the young girl they had picked up from the train station. Hidan then got the beating of a lifetime from the eleven year old girl as Sasori held him down with his puppet Jutsu, as soon as his mouth was uncovered, Hidan then cussed her out before calling Her something that made her freeze in place then take off running. Orochimaru then punched him and said "You fool!"

Konan told them to take Hidan to Pein and explain what happened while she went calmed their daughter down from being called a freak, Kisame offered to help find Hope when Zetsu appeared and said in a slightly panicked tone "Hope left the base crying and is headed straight for some Konoha Nin!"

Konan paled as did Kisame then they took off at a run as they left the base...

Hope climbed a tree as she quietly sobbed and hid herself, she then heard the sounds of a beating and she looked in to a clearing where a little blond boy was being beaten and the Konoha nin were calling the blond boy a demon and a freak. Hope growled and took the three Konoha by surprise as she killed them, she then gently touched the little boy who jumped and said "Are you going to kill me too?"

Hope's eyes became sad as she shook her head and she said "Why were they trying to kill you?"

The little boy's expression broke her heart as he said "Old Man Hokage ordered it but his eyes were all funny when he said it...they were glazed over and the stupid council members looked really pleased with themselves."

Just then Konan and Kisame came into the clearing and stopped in shock, Hope quickly explained what happened and what the little boy had told her causing their eyes to widen. Konan then smiled as she took one look at the little teary eyed boy and picked him up as she said "It's time to go home Hope..."

Hope smiled then asked innocently "Mama, does this mean I have a new baby Brother?"

Konan nearly stumbled at the question but had to smile and say "We'll see what your father says."

Hope grinned as they continued walking when they heard a commotion up head...

Meanwhile, back in the base...

Hidan was gagging as Pein used a fourth bar of Soap in Hidan's mouth mixed with scalding hot water, the immortal struggled helplessly as Pein then took out the soap and choked Hidan as he then said "Call my daughter a freak again or even swear at her...and I promise that I will bury your body so deep that you won't survive!"

Zetsu then came in and said "They're back but it seems...they have an extra tag-along..."

Pein and the others looked curious until Hope came in with Konan, Kisame and the now sleepy mystery child that the Konoha Nin had been trying to kill; Orochimaru took one look and swore impressively as he said "That's the Kyuubi container and the Fourth's son!"

Hope was quick to explain what was going on and what the little boy had told her causing Orochimaru to curse softly and say "It sounds like Sarutobi was placed under Genjutsu when he was caught unaware somehow..."

Pein then asked the little boy's name and the answer surprised all of them, "Naruto Uzumaki..."

Hope's eyes went wide as she said "How old are you, Naruto-kun?"


Hope's eyes became sad then angry as she said in a low tone "All Those bastards except Sarutobi...wanted my Cousin dead?! If I see any of the older Ninja from Konoha, I'll cheerfully kill them if the supported that stupid council's decision!"

Naruto looked at her in surprise and said "You're my cousin?"

Hope nodded happily as Pein made a decision after looking at Madara and said "Hope, I don't think we should let our new family member be in such dirty clothing. Why don't you and your Mama go get him cleaned up and dressed nicely?"

Hope and Konan nodded as Hope smiled at her cousin, they then headed out of the room as Kisame snarled softly and said "Those bastards! If he is Kushina's kid, then that's my nephew they abused just because of what he holds!"

Pein nodded and said "It would seem that Hope gets her wish for a sibling although in a different manner then I thought."

Sasori then sighed and said "I'm worried for the other Containers now...I know we've been feeding fake info to spies about trying to capture the Tailed beasts but I think any of the Abused Containers should be brought here right away...give them a home where they can learn in peace if they're the same age as Naruto or relax without fear if they are adults."

The others agreed and Sasori said "We can start with the one tail; he is my cousin on my mother's side of the family. If possible, Leader... I'd like to bring him here with his siblings and get them out of Suna from that asshole of a father."

Pein thought about it then smirked as he said "do it...This way Hope has some playmates when she's home."

Sasori nodded then him and Orochimaru quickly left to do the task of retrieving the children...