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Hope smiled as she gently splashed Naruto to get him to relax with her and Konan; Naruto giggled and began to splash her back once he realized he wouldn't get scolded. Konan watched the two cousins interact and had to smile at the innocence they possessed, she then told Naruto that bath time was over and that it was time for Movie and a snack before bed time. Hope grinned along with Naruto as Naruto was dried off and placed in warm PJ's, Konan then picked Naruto up and headed for the TV room with Hope following so that they could pick out a movie...


Orochimaru and Sasori had made it to Suna and had made it past security on the wall and in the tower where they found two of the children sleeping; Sasori gently placed the children under a simple Genjutsu so that they wouldn't wake up. Orochimaru and Sasori then picked up the children with ease and slipped out of the tower to find Gaara, Orochimaru was carrying Temari and Kankuro when they found Gaara being chased by a yet another assassin. Sasori growled and quickly protected Gaara by killing the assassin; he then turned to the small five year old and said "Hello cousin..."

Gaara looked surprised as Sasori knelt and asked "Do you wish to leave the village with your siblings, little one? We came to take you where no one will harm you or fear you..."

Gaara blinked then nodded as he said in an adorable voice, "I want to be free of this village..."

Sasori nodded and moved slow as he picked up Gaara and rejoined Orochimaru before they slipped out of the village with the children, they soon heard alarms from the village and they hurried into a small cave where Orochimaru placed a Genjutsu on the entrance and they waited for about four hours until dark when the Searchers for the children had given up and left. Sasori quickly checked for anyone near them and gave the all clear before they left the cave, Sasori and Orochimaru soon made it to the border of Suna and Rain within the next day and made their way to the base. Gaara looked around in surprise at all the trees in the area when he noticed they were in front of a stone wall.

Sasori smiled and quickly opened the door to the base as the group slipped inside; Gaara looked around in amazement as they headed to Pein's office and Sasori knocked on the door. Pein had them come in and he smiled at Gaara as he said "I see your mission was a success, Sasori and Orochimaru..."

"Yes Leader-sama."

Pein then smiled and said "Naruto and Hope are with Kisame at the moment in the training grounds. Why don't you introduce Gaara to them while I talk to his siblings?"

Sasori nodded then smiled as he carried the Red headed child out to the training grounds where they could hear the laughter of Hope, Naruto and Kisame...


Kakashi was devastated at the loss of Naruto because they had found out about the Genjutsu on the Hokage too late and not a trace of Naruto was anywhere to be found, Kakashi then went to the mission desk to take a hard mission and found an S-ranked mission. He went and packed his things for the mission then headed for the gate, he checked the scroll again to see where the Target had been last seen and headed towards Rain country...

One week later...

Jiraya had met up with Kakashi and was told the news about Naruto; The Toad Sannin was in shock as he led Kakashi to a tea house and sat him down so they could talk. They talked for about two hours when Kakashi noticed a somewhat familiar looking child and paled as he asked "Why does that Child look like a black haired version of Kushina?"

Jiraya followed his gaze and also paled as he said "It's impossible, I was told she had died!"


Hope felt eyes on her and turned to see two sad yet shocked looking Konoha Ninja looking at her, she blinked then tilted her head before walking over and asking "Do I know you from somewhere?"

Kakashi blinked and made to say something when Jiraya said suddenly "Young lady...your mother's name wouldn't happen to have been Yuri, would it?"

Hope's eyes went wide and she said "That's my birth Mom's name! Did you know her?"

Jiraya smiled sadly and said "I only meet your mother three times since she was my Student's wife's twin sister..."

Hope Jawdropped when she heard her mother calling for her, Hope waved for her to come over and Konan came over as she blinked in shock at seeing her old teacher. Jiraya recognized her and smiled as he greeted her kindly; Konan smiled back and asked why he and the other Konoha Ninja who was with him were in the village. The two males explained their reasons and Hope went wide eyed at what they told Konan and looked at her mother as Konan looked at her, they made a quick decision as Konan told her daughter to stay with the two males while she went to talk to her father quickly. Hope nodded as Kakashi had to smile and he asked "How long have you been living with Your Adoptive mother?"

Hope smiled and said "Since I was two years old after she got the Dursleys' asses thrown in jail for severely abusing me."

Jiraya's eyes went wide at that then he smiled evilly as he said "Good! I heard from your birth mother that Petunia was a horrid woman that needed to be taught a lesson."

Hope giggled as she sat down with them so they could wait for Konan to come back, they had been talking for about an hour and a half when Konan came back and said "Jiraya, Kakashi...I talked with my lover and we have decided to let you in on a Very large secret that we have. You must promise to never reveal this to even Sarutobi..."

Kakashi nodded and said "I promise."

Jiraya thought about it and said "Will it get us in trouble?"

"No but it will infuriate the Konoha Civilian Council."

Jiraya then smirked and said "I'm in after what they made Sensei do under that Genjutsu to my godson..."

Konan nodded and quickly said "Meet in us in an hour outside the village, next to the river."

The two males nodded as Konan then said "Let's go get ready, sweetie."

"Ok Mama!"

Hope ran after her mother after giving both males a hug which made Kakashi smile for the first time in two weeks, the two men then finished their tea and snack before heading to the meeting spot that Konan told them about. They didn't have to wait long before the two girls showed up and led them deeper into the woods where they came to a HUGE boulder; Konan quickly opened the door way for the two as Hope led them in and then Konan closed the door. Hope grinned and led the two men with her mother to her Father's office; Hope smiled as she was asked to retrieve her cousin softly and raced off to find Naruto. Pein then filled in the two men on what the true purpose of Akatsuki was and the two Ninja smiled in relief, just then they heard Hope coming back with a loud and hyper filled voice that was very familiar to Kakashi. Kakashi stood with a pained yet hopeful look on his face as Hope entered with a small blonde boy dressed in clean clothes that actually fit him; Naruto took one look and grinned as he yelled "INU NI-CHAN!"

Kakashi quickly knelt as the little 5 year old ran at him and they hugged as Hope smiled, Jiraya then said "It's good to know that he's safer here then this will certainly piss off the Civilian Council."

Pein chuckled and said "Hope was the one to kill the three Ninja who were ordered to kill him and rescued him by bringing him back to the base with Konan."

Jiraya chuckled and ruffled Naruto's hair as Jiraya then asked "Do you mind if Tsunade is brought in on this little secret? This way we can have an excuse to come and teach Naruto and any others you rescue."

Pein thought about that and nodded in amusement when they heard a knock on the door, Pein told them to come in and Orochimaru walked in then froze at seeing Jiraya there. Jiraya growled and made to stand up as Pein quickly said "Jiraya, Orochimaru was framed by the man called Danzo! He was looking into implanting bloodlines but decided not to go through with the tests. Danzo continued the research by bribing workers under Orochimaru and Orochimaru found out too late because he was framed for it by then."

Jiraya looked shocked at that then he growled "It seems Danzo has a lot to answer for..."

Orochimaru nodded and Hope then giggled as Naruto and Kakashi were playing a small hand game and Naruto managed to win, Hope then watched as Naruto yawned and fell asleep in Kakashi's arms as her mother smiled and softly whispered "Why don't you go play with Gaara and Temari, Sweetheart?"

"Ok Mama!"

Jiraya watched in amusement as Hope ran out of the room then turned to Orochimaru and asked "So you guys were the ones to take the Kazekage's children?"

Orochimaru nodded and said "Gaara was being mistreated and neglected while his siblings were being taught to fear him...We rescued them in a sense, I guess."

Jiraya smiled and said "Then I should tell you of a Demon Container hidden in the Waterfall village, is being mistreated along with another child that's close to the girl."

Pein growled then thanked Jiraya for the information, Jiraya just snickered and said "The demon containers deserve a place to live without prejudice and fear for their lives."

Pein nodded as Jiraya then excused himself to find Tsunade, Kakashi sighed and said "I also have to leave and return to Konoha sadly..."

Kakashi gently passed Naruto to Konan with a sad smile and followed Jiraya to the entrance where they thanked Konan for trusting them, Konan nodded and said "Be careful you two!"

The two males nodded then raced off in opposite directions to do their tasks...

One week before Hogwarts starts up again...

Hope sighed as she lounged on her bed and thought about how sad Gaara, Temari and Naruto had been to hear she was leaving in a week for her magic school in Scotland, she would certainly miss them but she wanted to learn more about her birth parents...

Just then she heard her door open as Naruto and Gaara came running in, Hope got the wind knocked out of her as they pounced on her and said "Come play with us Nee-chan, PWEASE?"

Hope giggled and nodded as she tried to get her wind back then sat up; Naruto and Gaara laughed happily then took her hands to drag her out of the room. Apollo watched as his mistress was dragged out of the room by the two younger children then settled down on the bed to take a cat nap before they returned...