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The dim lighting provided by the candles on the starch white table cloth was just enough to highlight Detective Jane Rizzoli's features. The sharp angles and smooth planes of her face were slightly distorted with dancing shadows and something that looked like discomfort and concern. The quiet hum of the flowing conversation around her did nothing to quell the unease growing inside. These were her supposed friends. Her dark eyes evaluated each person around the table. Beautiful women and handsome men. Kind eyes would meet her own ever so often and she would force her thin lips into a fake smile.

Jane hated weddings. Especially weddings for people she barely knew. She wasn't always opposed to dressing in something a bit nicer than her JCPenny suits, but the tux that was strangling her now was a bit over the top. I can not believe she got me into a tux. What's next, a three piece suit on Sundays? She laughed at her own joke, drawing the attention of the stranger next to her. The petite red head leaned closer, pressing her shoulder firmly against Jane's arm.

"I'm sorry. Did you say something?" The woman, no older than thirty, asked as her emerald gaze dove into deep mahogany. The black dress the young woman wore was nothing if not tasteless. Her ample bosom was barely contained, as was the look of disgust on Jane's face.

"Oh. No. Just keeping myself entertained." She brought a slender finger up to tap her temple a few times. At the look of confusion on the redhead's face, her attention returning to the married couple dancing in the middle of a glitzy grand ballroom. Her dark eyes kept scanning the room and trying to put names to faces. Jane only knew two couples at their table and the newlyweds. She cringed at just how little she actually knew about those individuals as well. She should know more. She should always know more.

Jane didn't handle it well when their was a lack of details. She didn't handle it well when she knew she was stuck in the middle of a bad decision. She shouldn't be there. They're were a million other things she should have been doing at that moment. Preparations to make, calls, paperwork, hell even painting. But instead she sat with a glass of champagne in one hand, and another full glass on the table waiting for her.

The recently united couple made their way from table to table, thanking each guest for coming and sharing in the special occasion with them. When they approached Jane's table she was the first to speak up. Desperate to feel like she fit in with this crowd. "Congratulations. Marie, you look absolutely gorgeous." She rose to give the woman in white a chaste kiss on the cheek. The plain ivory dress almost matched the pasty skin of the bride. Her frizzy copper hair was barely contained in a french twist. Makeup was applied lightly, accentuating her porcelain skin, but not giving her features enough distinction. The bride and groom were a unique match. After her up-close look, Jane then turned and extended her hand to the beaming groom. "You're a very lucky man, Rob. Make sure you treat her right." She forced a laugh at the tired phrase.

"I wouldn't dream of treating her any less than right." The handsome man in his mid-forties responded. His hair was thinning at the crown, but he kept it closely clipped so it was hard to notice. He was a stocky fellow, clearly a football player in his early years. The perfectly tailored classic tuxedo accentuated his broad shoulders. "I just hope that I'm lucky enough to find the kind of happiness you two have." He said with a slight nod to the blonde next to Jane.

"It's rare. So cherish it while you have it." Jane took a seat, silently letting the couple know they could continue around the table. She took a large sip of champagne in an attempt to moisten her dry throat.

This is absolute torture. There's not a single person I want to speak to here. She pushed her champagne flute aside. I want a beer, pizza, and some Sesame Street with the little man.

Her thoughts were constantly finding their way back home to her son. He shouldn't have been left. She wondered what he was doing and what kind of trouble he managed to get himself into. Bradley graduated from the terrible twos into the troublesome threes. Now he's progressing nicely into the fussy fours. A giant smile spread across Jane's face at the thought of his still chubby cheeks and quick wit. The bright light of her smile quickly dimmed as a tear made it's way down her own chub-less cheek. She recalled the way he asked her not to go. The tantrum that accompanied him begging her to stay. Her strong hand wiped the sign of weakness away. Delicate fingers quickly intertwined with her own.

"Are you ok?" Concern was written all over the beautiful blonde's face.

"Yeah, Teresa, I'm fine." A tight smile was forced. "Would you like to dance?" Jane stood and extended her hand.