This is T-800 version of the Terminator.

Robocop: The greatest defense against crime.

Terminator: The ultimate cybernetc assasin from the future.

Who Is Deadliest?

To find out, our crew and horror experts will test some of cinema's most psychotic weapons. We'll see what happens, when two warriors, go toe to toe. No rules, no safety, no mercy. It will be a battle to the death to decide who is the deadliest warrior.

In the fight club, we are preparing a battle between two cybernetic warriors. Robocop, a cop who died and was brought back as a robot cop, meant to be the ultimate crime fighting machine; and Terminator T-800. To find out who is deadliest, we will be bringing in experts.

Scientist, Geoff Desmoulin, will collect the injury data.

Geoff: I will be able to tell you from measurements whether or not a blow would fracture a skull or break a rib.

E.R. physician, Armand Dorian, will analyze the injuries each fighter delivers.

Armand: Some of the weapons today look like they can do some major damage. I can't wait to see what kind of punishment they can deliver.

Computer whiz, Max Geiger, will record the results of the weapons tests, and input them into a simulator, developed by Slitherine Studios.

Max: This battle is a long awaited fight. It is a duel between two powerful cybernetic warriors. The Terminator is a futuristic assasin robot. And Robocop, the ultimate crime fighter. I can't wait to start these tests.

The computer will then process the information to determine the victor in a true to life fight between Buffy and Ash to determine who is the Deadliest Warrior?

Our experts are greeted by the team representing our competitors.

Arnold Schwarzenegger returns to Deadliest Warrior to represent the Terminator.

Arnold: The Terminator unstoppable. When he is given a mission, he will do whatever it takes to complete it.

Also here to represent the Terminator James Cameron.

James: When i first created the Terminator, he was meant to be the ultimate cybernetic warrior. And he still is.

When the first Terminator movie came out, audiences were introduced to Terminator, a robotic assasin sent from the future to kill Sarah Connor. In the next film he was actually sent to protect John Connor from another Terminator. In the third film, the same thing happened. He is usually depicted as an emotionless machine, bent on achieving it's one goal.

However, our other team is just as enthusiastic that their warrior will win.

The Robocop team is comprised of Joel Kinnaman, who will be playing Robocop in the 2014 remake, and Samuel L. Jackson, who will also be in the remake.

Joel: There is no way Robocop is losing this. He stands for good, while the Terminator is evil, unless reprogramed.

Samuel: Agreed, Robocop has this one in the bag.

Robocop was once Alex Murphy. However, he was brutally murdered. Scientits then brought him back to life as a cybernetic policeman, who's mission is to battle crime. He has starred in three films, with a remake coming in 2014.

Our weapons have a diverse weaponry that they bring with them.

Robocop has: Auto-9, Weapon Arm (9 mm Calico M960, Missile Launcher, Flamethrower), Cobra Assault Cannon, Ordnance, Terminal Strip, Mini-gun/Cannon, and Flightpack/Recharging Station.

Terminator brings: AMT Hardballer .45 Longside, Handheld GE M134 Mini-gun, Spas-12 Shotgun, Armalite AR-18 Assault Rifle, and M79 Grenade Launcher.

The first weapons we will be testing are the long range weapons.

Robocop comes in with the Cobra Assault Cannon. The Cobra Assault Cannon used in Robocop could fire explosive rounds equivalent to that of a grenade launcher and is based on the Barrett M82A1 anti-materiel rifle.

Samuel: This is a very powerful weapon. Not only does it have long range, put it has deadly power.

Max: Well we have a gel torso waiting outside.

Samuel: Alright, let's do this.

Sam will wield this weapon, with the target being a gel torso.

Armand: By now, we have realised that a gel torso is not the best way to represent our two contestants. However, we will be able to adjust this after each test, by adding what would happen if the target had been made of the same materials as the fighter being tested on.

Geoff: Ok are you ready Sam?

Sam: Ready.

Max: In!

Sam pulls the trigger, and the Cobra Assault Cannon fires. When it makes contact with the torso, is blows it up into flying pieces of flesh.

Max: Wooaaah!

Geoff: What the hell was that?

Sam: That was awesomeness.

Geoff: Can't argue with that.

Armand: Man, there is still some flesh raining down.

Max: Their is no denying it, this weapon is indeed.

The other team is then shown the results of the weapon test.

Arnold: I will admit, that is a deadly tool.

James: If you had been using it against a normal human being. If that had been the Terminator, wouldn't have done much. He'd just shrugg it off.

Joel: Or it would knock him on his ass.

Next time on Deadliest Warrior, Terminator brings out his own long range weapon.