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Chapter 3~ Faye Valentine

Her hip's moved in a back and forth motion, taunting the men who dared to walk by her. Her Cherry red lip's curved in a seductive smile; the sunglasses perched on her nose hid the mysterious eyes from the world. Her clothes and manner suggested a whore yet the way she held herself and her attitude told otherwise she was better than them and she knew it. And the lucky few that managed to get close enough to talk to her heard a voice as smooth and cultured as a pearl in a jewelry store window.

She was Faye Valentine, a femme fatal or a bitch as it is said by the woman of the men that got caught in her trap. Her slim, white hand's brushed away the invisible wrinkles in her short skirt and her revealing top. Her black boots made a soft clipping sound as she walked on the sidewalk as her mind was distracted with another problem. How to infiltrate the Red Dragon's 101 'they should really write a book about that' she thought.

Faye stopped in front of the building and lowered her sunglasses. 'Well I suppose the best way is to just go in' she thought and mounted the steps and discreetly checking her Glock 30. She stopped for a moment outside the door's then walked forward opening the double set of doors that lead to the outer office of the headquarters.

Faye's green eyes took in the room before her; it was huge for one thing with a large emblem of a dragon hung on the blood red walls. 'Nice color choice' she thought as she walked over to the front desk. The man looked up at her and blanched "C..Can I help you?" he stuttered out as best he could, since he was distracted by her breasts. Faye laughed silently to herself yet kept a serene facade on her face "Yes I would like to see Spike Spiegel please." She said in a serene voice. That distracted the man from her chest "Mr. Spiegel does not have time for people underneath his station" the man said glaring at her. Faye kept her cool on the outside but inside was fuming ' UNDERNEATH HIS STATION?' she screamed in her mind even though she had never meet this Mr. Spiegel she was about ready to severely maim him.

Faye smirked at the man "Well then I suppose he wouldn't have time for Mao Yenrai's (sp?) daughter?" she asked over her shoulder as she began to walk away. The man's eyes bugged out as he called to her "Wait no stop!" Faye stopped and smiled to herself and turned towards him "Yes?" she called out. "I was mistaken of course you may see him just hold on a moment please." He said and motioned to a row of chairs were she could sit down while she waited. Faye smiled at him and walked over to chairs and delicately sat down to wait. The receptionist quickly buzzed up to the main office and talked rapidly into the phone for a few moments then motioned Faye over. "You may go right up Miss. Yenrai," he said humbly. Faye looked at him sharply "I prefer Valentine if you please" she said with an edge in her voice. The man flusteredly cleared up his mistake "Of course Miss Valentine" he said and motioned to the elevator to her left "It is the top level" Faye sauntered over to it and winked at the man as the elevator door's closed.

A few moment's later the elevator door's had opened and a newly outfitted Faye walked out of the elevator. Her black skirt had gone several inches longer to a few centimeter's above her knee's and the white shirt had gotten longer until it meet the waistband of the shirt, yet a few buttons top button's had been left open. Her hair band had been taken off and the loose hair had been pined up with a black stone. She walked up to the guards who stiffened up and slowly opened the door's for her. Faye smoothly walked in and the door's closed softly behind her.

"Miss Yenrai I presume?" came a voice from the chair behind the desk in the middle of the room. Faye looked up into a pair of differently colored brown eye's "It's Valentine" she said slowly.


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