So, welcome to another DeiSaso fic! There's not enough of these lying around so I thought I'd make another because uke Sasori is just too cute and Deidara is just drop dead sexy (which will be shown throughout this entire fic, yes). Besides that, SasoDei stories seem to make Deidara really girly and stupid, which is strange. He's incredibly smart and has masculinity, so I don't know where the dumb blonde girl thing comes into play. With DeiSaso, though, you can have sexy, manly Deidara with bitchy, sexy Sasori, too and still have a great couple and story.

Not that SasoDei is bad or anything.

Shutting up now, please enjoy!


I used to be a calm, collected, no bullshit kind of guy. I studied, made excellent grades, had some friends, went out on Friday nights, and just had a good, calm, normal life.

I used to, anyways.

All of that changed one Saturday morning when a moving van was parked right outside our house, trapping my grandmother's car in the drive way.

This was odd for a couple of reasons, you see. Granny Chiyo and I lived in a pretty quiet neighborhood, at the end of the street, and by quiet, I mean that the neighbors are old, normally out of town on business, or the houses are just empty. I preferred it this way, too. I needed my peace and quiet at all times, and I didn't want to deal with any screaming children running about in the early hours of my weekend mornings, crazy couples who either always causing a scene or throwing parties, or any douche bags who played their music to loudy at night and liked to smoke and drink on the sidewalk while bringing home unsuspecting, drunk women. Oh, no. I wasn't going to deal with any of those neighbors. So, Granny and I had packed up and moved to this quiet neighborhood almost nobody knew existed when I was in middle school.

And I was happy here.


So, to see that a new person was moving into the empty house next to mine, I was all but irked and irritated. There were plenty of different streets and houses that had empty homes, why did this person have to come here of all places? And, seriously, why here? They weren't coming for the view, for sure. I mean, the old man across the street who likes to sunbathe isn't the worst sight around... okay, so maybe it is. So they weren't here for the view, the party life, or being close to the busy city (we lived far out of the city streets for multiple reasons).

Perhaps they were like me, just wanting to deal with their own life and problems away from everyone else? Or maybe it was another elderly couple who didn't like to sunbathe at all hours of the day? Well, whatever the reason was, I was still irritated that they had moved in next to me.

"Sasori, can you come down here?" And this is where the story gets interesting. This is what caused my life to turn completely upside down in possibly the worst way possible.

I made my way down the staircase, searching for my granny who had called me. I found her, dressed with a big bag and book on the table in front of her, eating her breakfast.

"What do you want?" I asked her, leaning against the kitchen counter. She shoveled eggs into her mouth, looking out the living room window.

"There's a moving van outside the house," she said, still looking out at the blindingly bright yellow van. Even for so early in the morning, that thing was just as bright as the sun.

"I can see that, Granny," I told her, crossing my arms. "What do you want?" I asked again. She reached down, patting the big bag at her feet.

"It's Saturday, Sasori. I have a club meeting this morning," she tells me. "I need that van out of my way so I can drive, dear." I pushed myself off the counter.

"You shouldn't be allowed to drive anymore, for one thing. You're old, soon enough you'll be driving over children and going into ditches. Secondly, what do you want me to do about it?"

"I'm not that old, yet. And when that time comes, I'll have you to pay my tickets for me. That's what good grandson's do. Now then, I want you to go over there and tell them to move that van before I come over there and move it myself," Chiyo said, placing her things on the table. "Well, get going! Don't make me wait here, I've got things to do."

"Stupid old woman," I mumbled, going back upstairs to grab shoes and a hoodie. With it being the end of November, it was starting to get cold around here. Our family comes from the desert so of course, if the temperature drops below eighty, we're already shivering. With that said, I hate winter.

Throwing on jeans and an old, black and red hoodie with holes in the pockets, slipped in to some shoes and made my way to the door, glaring at that crazy old lady (who was smiling oh-so innocently) before walking out into the crispy, cold, morning air.

Zipping up, I made my way around the moving van, searching for any sign of human activity. When I saw none, I looked into their driveway, seeing a small, black car in parked.

"The faster you tell them to move their ugly van, the sooner you can go back to telling Ganny to get out of the house and stay out," I told myself, seeing puffs of white as I spoke. Damn, it's cold.

I made my way up to the persons doorstep shifting around on my feet before ringing the doorbell. I heard a small, "coming!" before a man opened the door.

And a man he was.

I had to step back. I mean, literally step back a few inches and catch my breath before I could speak to this God of a man.

Long, golden hair shone like a waterfall down his shoulders to his perfectly toned, bare chest. I imagined it went down even lower in the back. He had a long fringe hanging over the side of his face, one eye peeking out from behind it. His eyes were the perfect shade of blue, wide and as bright as they could be. I'm not a fan of bright things, but if were the shade of his eyes, I'd stare in to them for the rest of my life. He had a perfectly shaped face, not too feminine, not so masculine, just that perfect, sweet in between. He wore low ridding, gray sweat pants and my God, you just see a hint of blonde hair right before those pants covered everything else I wanted to see.

"Hey, what's up?" His voice, just a little deep, and you could tell he was one of those emotional people who expressed everything in voice. His was slightly breathless (had he ran to get the door?) and his eyes were wide with question.

And I was just standing there, staring, cheeks red and face warm in the cold air of the morning like a moron.

"Hey, are you alright? You're a little red, un." I coughed awkwardly into my hand, backing up one more step.

"It's just, ah, cold," I said. "Your van." I jerked my thumb back, pointing to the lemon colored death trap. "It's parked in front of our drive way and my senile grandmother would like to leave the house and hopefully not return." He blinked. Then blinked again before busting out laughing, his hair falling over his shoulders again.

"Man, I don't think I've ever heard someone say something so terrible about their grandmother," he sniggered and then laughing again. "Sorry, that's just really funny." I turned my face away from him, my cheeks igniting once again. He said I was funny, but I was serious. He smiled (this guy was trying to make me faint, wasn't he?) and told me to wait right here and he'd move the van.

"Will you call out when I'm far enough up to let your grandmother out?" he asked, jumping into the van. I nodded and he slowly pulled up until I told him he could stop. He turned the ugly thing off and made his way back over to me. "Well, that should do it. Oh, right, I'm Deidara! Nice to meet you, un," he told me, holding his hand out (what a cute little speech impediment he had).

"Ah, Sasori," I quietly replied, grabbing his hand. It was warm despite the cold air and much bigger than my own little one. He smiled again, giving me a slow but firm handshake. I wonder what else is firm. He grinned and let go of my hand, leaning against his door frame. I stood there awkwardly as he watched the ground, the sky, me, everything, with a shine in his eyes. "I better go tell that old lady she can leave now," I told him. He nodded and stood back up, making me realize just how short I am compared to him.

"It was nice meeting you! I'll see you around, yeah?" I nodded and quickly made some sort of goodbye come from my mouth and jogged my way back inside, slamming the door shut behind me.

"Did something happen, you all red, dear," Chiyo said, poking at my face. I slapped her hand away, moving to go back upstairs.

"I'm just cold!" I said for the second time in ten minutes. "You can leave now, the van is out of the way." She soon left, calling out a "be back whenever" before slamming the door shut and leaving me with a house to myself.

I ran up into my room, sitting on my bed and covering my face with my hands.

"Goddamit, why did this God have to come down and live next to me? Of all the people it could have been, why did it have to be an attractive person?" I sighed and peaked out my bedroom window down to his house, not seeing him anywhere. "He probably thinks I'm a scrawny idiot. Oh wait, I am a scrawny idiot." I kicked off my shoes, suddenly feeling tired. It's just early, I told myself, laying down, pulling the blanket all the way up to my chin. "Deidara," I whispered, closing my eyes. His name just rolled off your tongue. It was something I hadn't ever heard of, it was unique, just like him.

I quickly fell asleep after that with hopes to dream about the mysterious neighbor.


I was awaken by the sun shining directly into my face, burning my eyes even though they were closed. I rolled over before opening them, lest I really burn them right from my head. I stretched and yawned, turning over and reading my alarm clock.

"Already noon, eh?" No wonder the sun was so bright. I stood up, getting ready to shut my curtains when I looked down and saw none other than Deidara digging around in the back of that disgustingly colored van. He pulled a big box out, hoisting it up in arms for what I assumed was a better grip before walking back to his house. He disappeared into the open house for a few moments before coming back outside, and placing a hand on his head, blowing out a breath (I noticed because his hair flew up and away from his face). He turned around at this point and looked right up at me like he knew I had been watching him.

I was about to shut my curtains and never open them again when I saw him wave at me, a big grin on his face. I felt my cheeks burn with embarrassment at being caught staring, but gave a small wave in return. He turned back around then, going back to digging boxes out of the moving van.

I too turned around and debated on going out there and helping him. And by help I meant stare and watch is ass as he walked away.

I sighed and finally decided to stop being a creep. I threw on my shoes again and began my trip down the stairs to find that Granny Chiyo hasn't come home yet. And if I'm lucky, she'll be out all night, too.

I came outside around the same time Deidara had. He still hadn't put a shirt on, I noticed. He saw me and shouted out a greeting, waiting for me to come to him. And so I did, but stopped a foot or so away from him. I didn't want him to notice if I started drooling.

"Hey, long time no see, neighbor!" He flipped his hair back over his shoulder. "I was just moving things into the house, un. What brings you out here?" He moved toward the van, digging around before pulling out a smaller box. Your fine ass.

"I was bored," I lied, shrugging and shoving my hands once again into my hoodie pockets. Even with it being noon, I was still cold. He walked past me, into the house, and returned a moment later.

"Bored? Well, there's not much I can do to fix that unless you'd like to help. But then again, this isn't the most fun I've ever had," he tells me, laughing.

"I wouldn't be much help. I'm not much for manual labor," I say, shifting my feet. Way to let him know you're a wimp.

"What if I repaid you somehow for helping me unbox? I need to get settled in before Monday," he asks, folding his arms.

"What's on Monday?" I asked back, curious.

"Can't miss out on my first day of school," he tells me. "Even if I'd like to, un." He laughs at that softly and reaches in the van for another rather small box.

"That's bratty of you," I say, taking the box from his toned arms. He lets me, though raises a blonde brow.

"Bratty? How so?" Reaching back in, he grabs a bigger, heavier parcel. "And does this mean you'll help?"

"Yes, I'll help, but you better repay me. It's also bratty of you to con your neighbor into helping move you in. And because you want to miss school," I reply, following him into an empty house.

The house was bigger on the inside than it looked on the outside. I could see a large living room connected to a kitchen on the bottom floor. Up stairs, where he was taking the boxes, were two large bedrooms and a bath.

"This is a big house for one person," I commented. He set the box down in one of the bedrooms, motioning me to do the same.

"Well, first off, I live with my parents and they'll be here sometime next week. Secondly, I did con you into helping me, it was all my charm," he told me, smiling. "School is school, though, and I don't like waking up early to go and listen to teachers drone on about pointless things." He shrugs.

"I think you're just a brat. Where are your parents, anyways?" I asked as we made our way back outside.

"Call me what you want, but I don't think it's very nice of you." However when he said that, he had his heart melting smile on his face. I don't think he minds all too much. "My parents? They're enrolling me into school right now, then they'll head back to our old town to meet with our bank one last time about the house we just bought, this one, and then they'll be back here." As we shuffled boxes into the house, I learned a lot about Deidara. He was from a town a long ways from here called Iwagakure (which is why it would take his parents a few days to get here), he was being enrolled into my highschool, he was a grade and year older than I, and he had a "don't care what you think about me" attitude dripping with confidence.

Which was more than alright with me.

After a few hours, the majority of the house was filled with boxes of different sizes and furniture was being set into place. Aside from the boxes, the house wasn't looking too bad. Deidara and I were currently sitting on his bedroom floor, unpacking his own things.

"I've been talking about myself all day, why don't you tell me something interesting about you, un?" Deidara said, pulling a few books out of a box. I watched him, trying to think of something interesting about myself but came up short. I like to think about you naked, does that count?

"I don't think there's anything interesting about me," I told him. He shook his head.

"That's not true. Everyone has something special about them," Deidara responded. When I made no reply he started again. "Alright, what if we play twenty questions or something? I'll ask about you and you have to answer honestly, alright?" I hesitantly nodded as he threw the now empty box into a pile out in the hallway.

"What's your favorite color?" He asked, peeling the tape off a new box.

"Red," I answered. When he couldn't get the tape off, he sighed, reaching into his back pocket (yes he was wearing jeans now, sad, I know. At least they were tight) and taking out a small knife.

"I figured as much. I like blue," he tells me, cutting the cardboard's top open. He sat the knife down on the carpet next to him before peering into the package. "Have you always lived here?"

"No," I answer as he grabs a handful of clothes, tossing them on his bed. "I moved here from quite literally the desert when I was younger. That's why I hate the cold so much." He nods, tossing more clothes onto his queen sized bed.

"Makes sense. It's pretty warm in Iwa, too, but I like the cold better than the heat." He gestures to his bare chest. "In case you couldn't tell." Trust me, I can tell. "Where are you parents? Did they send you to live your grandma or are you just visiting?"

"My parents are dead." He stops moving around for a minute and nods slowly. "I've been living with Granny Chiyo since I was small."

"Well, I'm sorry to hear that and for bringing it up," he smiles apologetically.

"I don't remember them, so don't worry about it." He nods again and pulls out a pair of what I assume to be pajama pants with little rubber ducks on them. I raise an eyebrow at them and he laughs, quickly tossing them to his bed.

"Heh, oops. Those were a gift from my mom," he tells me. I can't help but think that even in rubber duck pajama pants, he'd still be the most attractive man this world has ever seen. "Anyways, moving on. What do you like to do in your free time, Sasori?" God, just the way he says my name is so unbelievably sexy, I have stop my cheeks and ears from heating up.

"I like art," I said, shrugging. He sits up straighter at that and leans over the box, looking at me with big eyes.

"Really? What kind? Because I'm an artist, I didn't know you were, too!" And he likes art? My God, can this guy get any better?

"I build wooden puppets. It's something that my family has done for generations. But I can paint and things of the sort," I tell him, looking away in slight embarrassment. He seems not to notice. "Art is something that should be kept safe and beautiful for the upcoming years. Eternal, if you will."

"Well, I don't quiet agree with that at, but at least we have something in common. I think art is fleeting. Something you only see once that leaves a lasting impression and a beautiful, indescribable image in your mind," he counters, nodding to himself. "Like explosions or fireworks."

"Brat, that's the dumbest thing I've heard all day," I say. "While I respect that you like art, your view on it is terrible." Deidara blinked at me and I can't help but feel a little guilty that I might have hurt his feelings. But before I can think much on it, he's laughing.

"Sure, sure, whatever you wanna think, un To each his own, right?" He smiles and continues digging through different packages. "Alright, here's another question for you. Have a girlfriend?" Had I been drinking anything, I would have spit it all over the room. A girlfriend?

"Ah, no, I don't," I said. I wasn't going to tell him why, either. What if he was a raging homophobe? Well, judging from how happy and carefree he is, I don't see that being a huge chance, but you can never be too sure about people.

"Hm, me either, un. Girls are too high maintenance. They always want you to buy them dinner or take them shopping. No thanks, un," he says. Sasori do not get your hopes up. Just because he says girls are high maintenance doesn't mean he's gay.

And the thought of that really made my stomach drop.

"Have you had a girlfriend before?" I asked quietly. He looked up from the box he was attending to.

"Well, sure," he said as my heart and stomach took a drop off the edge of a cliff. "I've had a few. But they weren't anything special. I mean, they were nice, but not what I was looking for, you know?" I nodded, not looking at him anymore. He's had girlfriends. He's totally straight, isn't he? "But, I'm open to find any person who fills my to the brim with happiness, un." Woah, okay, back up, change of plans. This doesn't mean he's gay but there's hope!

"Anyone?" I asked, trying to sound casual. He nodded, his golden hair flipping around his head like sun rays.

"Sure. Personality is where it's at. If we get along good and have a great time, then who cares what you look like." He shrugs. "Does that bother you?" He peaked at me through his hair.

"I'm the last person that would bother," I say, suddenly embarrassed. He tilts his head to the side a little and I guess thinks over what it could mean. He shakes his head (I guess he didn't figure it out) and goes back to rummaging through items. We sit through an awkward silence for a few moments.

"Hey, Sasori?" he suddenly asks. I look at him, waiting for him to finish. "I'm glad I met you today, un." He looks at me, smiles, and I can feel my heart slowly melting into a puddle of goo. "You're a good person," he says. I snort at that and shake my head.

"You just don't know me yet," I say. Rude, sarcastic, pushy Sasori is a good person? Sure, Deidara, whatever your pretty little head wants to think.

"Yet. I bet you're still a good guy. What's so bad about you, hm?" I sigh.

"Let's see. I'm blunt, brutally honest, rude, I'm bossy and pushy, I don't take shit from anyone, and I speak sarcasm fluently," I tell him, crossing my arms. He has to laugh at that and I feel the tips of my ears warm up.

"If that's really true, I can't wait to see how you react around other people since you've been none of those things around me today." He pushes his fringe behind his ear (which I can now see little black studs in). I shrug.

"Guess you'll find out Monday, then, right?" I ask. He grins at me and nods.