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I pressed my cheek against the flat, cool surface of my desk, looking at the cellphone that lay adjacent to me. I sighed, shutting my eyes, rubbing my hands together nervously in my lap. He told you to contact him. He wants you to, so why don't you do it?

"Because as Hidan would say, I'm a pansy," I mumbled quietly, fighting the urge to bang my hand against the hard wood until I was nothing but a bloody pulp. The night before was when our group had all hung out, when Kisame and Itachi had finally made something of their relationship, when Deidara had...

My face lit up and the urge to make my head mush was back. Not that I'm complaining in any way, shape, or form, it's just all the more embarrassing to thing about. And what's even worse... here I am thinking about him, trying to get the nerve to talk him, wearing his clothing. Groaning a little, I sat up, looking out the window. It was well past noon and I had been wondering when Deidara had woken up. Given that we stayed out really late, I imagined he had woken up fairly late into the afternoon. Still, though, how could I know for sure? It wasn't like I knew his sleeping patterns.

Which once again brings me to the cellphone, the damned thing just begging to be used. Should I call him? Text message? Get off my pathetic ass and go see him? He's just right next door. Would I seem desperate? God, I hope not. I'm already surprised he even remotely accepted me as a person. The fact that he even felt some emotion toward me is a miracle in itself. No way did I want to mess this up.

I turned away from the window, ignoring the phone, and looked to the red hoodie tossed in the corner of my room. Did he not take it because he didn't want to wear it? Is he not interested in those "cute couple things to do" situations? Am I interested in them? Are we even a thing?

"God, this is difficult!" I burried my hands in my face, feeling stupid and wanting to just flat out ask him these dumb questions. Would he even know the answers, though? Surely he must, he has had to deal with girls before and I'm sure they're a lot worse than I am. "Wait, he said he didn't like spending all his time and money on girls. I don't want to be one of them!"

I sighed again, peeking at the lonely article of clothing again. He did say he'd explain it to me, so maybe it's not as bad as I'm making it out to be, this situation. I nodded slowly, turning back to my smart phone. Just send him a message, tell him you want to talk, you have to be serious and get this done to find out what Deidara is after exactly!

To: Deidara

Message Text: Hi.

Sending. Message sent.

"I am a complete fucking idiot, aren't I? And after such a confident inner speech, too." What a weak message to send him after that. Hanging my head, I tossed my phone on my bed, trying not to throw myself out the window and hope a car passes by at just the right time. "Sasori, you're acting like a girl. What happened to the cool and calm person you used to be, huh?" I laughed at my own stupidity. "Oh, that's right. A super hot and confusing God moved in next door and made you a pile of goo and sunshine."

Of course, with that said, when my phone vibrated, I jumped across the room, nearly diving for the thing, hoping it was a reply from Deidara. When I saw that it was, I couldn't help but smile a little, opening the message quickly.

Hey, Sasori! I thought you wouldn't try and contact me, I'm glad you finally did.

"He was waiting for me to text him. He was waiting on me to text him! I rolled on my back, gulping nervously as I quickly typed up an answer. Remember your plan, though, you've got questions that need answers!

Why would you think I wouldn't try and get ahold of you? We live next door, brat, I was bound to run into you at some point if I hadn't, anyways.

Bold and strong! You've gotta be sly about getting answers or you'll be too strong. Ah, where is this inner confidence coming from and why won't it go away?

Danna, would you like to go out somewhere right now?

I could have mistaken for a tomato at that point. I reread the message about four times, wondering if he meant like casually go out, or go out on a date. Of course, we weren't dating, a kiss... or two... doesn't mean one is a couple, so I had no right to assume it was one. But I could still hope.

Why and where?

Does he want to talk, I wonder? He answers back fairly quickly and tells me to meet him outside in ten minutes and we'll discuss where we can talk. I threw on some clothes, wondering if it's okay to wear his jacket or not. He did say he liked me in his clothes and told me to keep it... is it creepy to wear it? Or would he enjoy it?

And so, for the next ten minutes, I debated on whether it was acceptable to wear such an attractive guys clothes to meet him somewhere. When I glanced back out the window, he was already down there, faced away from me, his long hair swooshing around him. Must be windy. All the more reason to wear a jacket...

Not liking to keep other people waiting, I hurried out, deciding to keep wearing his jacket he had lent me. Sasori, you're such a teenage girl. When I came outside, Deidara quickly turned around at the sound of my heavy front door swinging shut. He smiled, jogging up to me, then quickly walking past me.

"Ah, brat?" He kept walking, fast I might add, whispering for me to follow him. Follow him I did until we were behind my house, walking in the opposite direction of his. He then slowed down, breathing out a sigh of what I could guess was relief. He leaned against the wall of another house, his hair finally coming to a stand still. "What was that about?"

"Ah, my parents are home, un," he mumbled, shaking his head. "They don't need to know where I'm going or who with is all." He straightened back up, offering me a goofy smile. "So, anyways, let's get going, alright? Do you know any place good to get something to eat around here?" Weird. I'll ask him about it later.

"Sure," I say, stepping in front of him to lead the way. He walks close to me, hands in his pockets. He's wearing short sleeves. I wonder if I should offer his coat back to him. And after all that debating on whether or not to wear it, too. "Are you cold?"

"Hm? Not at all, Danna." He blinked at me, his eyes full of innocence and wonder. I wonder what that must be like. He smiles and onward we go. Thankfully this time, there was no stripping or anyone pushed against the wall so we arrived at a small cafe a few blocks out of the major part of the city in a comfortable silence.

I lead him inside, the building warm and nearly empty. For this time of day, that was normal, considering kids are out, parents are working, which works in our favor if we want to talk about, well, whatever it is we want to talk about.

We're quickly seated to a small booth in the back of the cafe and I tell Deidara to order something. He reluctantly does so and I order a hot drink. Just because I've got a cute boys hoodie doesn't mean it'll keep me warm forever.

Suddenly, I'm aware of the silence between us. Deidara is watching me and I'm watching anything but the blonde. He's got his hands folded together on the table, his head leaning to one side, a smile, for once, not present on his face. Remember that big speech about getting answers? Yeah, what happened to that, hm?

The waitress brings our drinks out and I take a thankful drink. I let Deidara get something to eat, saying I'm not hungry for food in the least. He thanks me and it's back to sitting in silence. I feel uncomfortable and I think he notices because he clears his throat, sitting up a little straighter.

"Danna, un. I wanted to talk to you a little bit," he says, watching me. Oh really? That's good because I forgot how to start a conversation!

"What about?" I ask, taking another slow drink. He swishes his drink around lazily, seeming to think something over for a moment.

"You. Me. Us." I gulp. Well. That simplifies things. I urge him to continue. "I wanted to say that I had, ah, a lot of fun last night. I say this a lot, but I really am thankful to have met you and your friends. They're really entertaining and nice. Except Hidan, sometimes, but I think he likes annoying everyone." Deidara smiles, laughing quietly.

"How Kakuzu deals with him I'll never know," I comment, smiling a little myself. I place my drink back on the dark blue table top, sitting up a little higher in the comfy padding.

"And speaking of last night," he turns a little cute shade of red, sheepishly smiling at me. "I wanted to apologize about a few different things." He... regrets it, doesn't he? "First, I couldn't take your jacket home with me because of my parents." He glances around the room like they could pop up at any moment.

"What's wrong with them?" I ask, nervously crossing my feet. He sighs, looking at his drink a moment before back at me with an expression I can't quite read. He opens then closes his mouth. "Just spit it out, brat." He blinks, shrugging.

"If I came home with a guys jacket clinging to me, they'd be suspicious. If they saw me never take it off and not wash it until your smell's gone, they'd tell me to pack my bags and get out of their house." Oh. Oh. "They're very religious, very homophobic, very against any indication I might have an attraction to another man."

I remain quiet. What could I say to that? I didn't have parents, I didn't know. Granny wouldn't care, and if she did, I'd ignore it and tell her at least my love life is better than her's. Deidara rests his elbow on the table, his head placed in his palm.

"I already get in enough trouble for my hair, un. I don't want to give them another reason to assume things that aren't true. Hell, even if they were true, it's not their business. I guess I just want to keep on their good side. Despite the fact we disagree on everything, they're still my family, you know?" I nod, though in reality, I didn't know. "So, I apologize for not taking it with me. Just an explanation and for future reference when and if you decide you want to meet my parents. I'm sure you'll run into them sometime, un," he says, shrugging.

"I'll be sure to behave myself if I ever come over. I haven't seen your house since you got here," I say. Has it really only been a week? He smiles, nodding his head.

"You'll come over then, right?" I agree to come sometime soon and he jumps into his next topic of conversation. "Right, the other thing I wanted to apologize for." He scratches the back of his head almost nervously. He opens his mouth to speak, but instead smiles handsomely as the waitress sets his order of food down. She turns a hint of pink before rushing off. Even girls think he's a gift from the Heavens, hm?

"The other reason is...?" He think a little bit, taking his time eating, before answering.

"The other reason is for kissing for," he says, grinning at me. He's embarrassed.

"You regret it then? Is that what you've come to tell me?" He nearly spits his drink out at me, looking away after getting caught in what Hidan calls "the glare of a thousands deaths". He shakes his head and hands frantically.

"No! No, no, no, you misunderstand, Sasori! That's not it at all!"

"Then what is it? Bad breath? Messy hair? Were your eyes open?" He laughs at that, probably not noticing I'm serious.

"No, none of those things either. I'm sorry for making it so sudden and for doing it so suddenly." I ask him to explain. "When I had told you I'd tell you a secret, it wasn't going to be so direct. I had initially planned to tell you I knew you liked me, then I decided that wasn't going to work so I thought I'd kiss your cheek. But when the time came, I was too caught up with Kisame's confidence of kissing Itachi and I couldn't help it, un." Wait, wait, hold the damn phone, what did he just say?

"You knew?" I glared hard at him, watching him shrink into the seat a little. He smiled nervously, putting his hands up in defense. I felt stupid. A stupid, dumb, love-struck girl, for that matter. I can't believe I was obvious in how I looked and acted toward him.

"Ah, don't give me that look, Danna!" I asked how he had figured it out. "I knew from the start, un. Right when I met you and you had asked me to move the van that was in your drive way. I opened the door and I thought your eyes were going to fall out of your head, un. You stared and stared and I thought something was wrong with you. Then it hit me when you stuttered a little and blamed the cold on your blush." He smiled cutely as I gripped the tables edge, wanting to snap the damn thing in half and hide under the rubble for the rest of my life. I felt stupider now. Of course he had known, I was practically drooling over the guy.

I didn't say anything, just let him continue talking while I sent evil stares to my coffee.

"Sasori, don't be mad or upset, I obviously don't mind. It makes the job of getting you to be mine easier." And there goes my face. Oh, yup, my heart is now doing cartwheels right on time. Deidara winked as I quickly looked at him, eyes wide. "Which, like I said, I'm sorry for doing it so soon. It hasn't been long but I already really enjoy having you around me. I feel good when I'm with you, un." Oh god that smile. How can something be so beautiful? "That brings me to my next point." He takes a few bites of food, looking over my shoulder for a moment before his eyes snap back to me.

"Well, Danna, I like you and that's that. I know you like me, don't give me that terrible look, and so this simplifies things. I want to be with you, un." I feel my heart melt, my stomach flip, my face heat up tenfold.

"You do?" He cocks his head, smiling once more.

"Of course. But I don't want to jump into anything that neither of us are alright with." He nods to himself. Relationships, for me, aren't something to just waltz into and expect everything to be peaches and sunshine. It's something to enjoy and take your time with, building that trust and feeling. "Of course I'm no prude, un," he turns red. "But no matter what the situation is, no matter where, I'm always willing to stop and listen to you if you aren't comfortable." He means... God, I hope he hasn't realized my inner thoughts are usually about him naked,

"I just really like you already and I know that's probably a little weird," I shake my head at that. I'm sure I like you much more. "but that's how it is and that's how it will stay." He reaches across the table, running his fingers across the back of my hand.

"Why do you like me?" I ask, watching his fingers slowly move to mine. I let him interwine out fingers for a moment, blushing furiously, before he takes his hand back.

"Smart, don't take shit from anyone, even though you're quiet, you have the best expressions, you're looking out for me, you make me laugh, and you take me to the best cafe's in town!" He smiles, winking at me. "You're really great, un."

"You don't think I'm..." I shift uncomfortably. "Scrawny? Weird looking? Asshole-ish?" He shakes his head, taking a short drink.

"Of course not, none of those things. Scrawny? Danna, I felt those hips and sides of yours, I know you're not just skin and bones. I'm sure there little discreet muscles just waiting to be found." He winks, sending shivers up my spine. "Besides that, I don't care how you look. You've got the brightest hair I think I've ever seen and I bet it's soft to the touch. It's a beautiful shade, un." He leans in close to me. "I'll have to find out if it's natural, someday, right?" He grins as I turn beet red, feeling like bashing my skull into a wall from embarrassment. "Anyways, asshole-ish? No way. You've got personality, I like that."

He reaches back over, pushing his plate of food out of the way. He grabs my hand fully this time, smiling softly. I can't help but warm when he gives my hand a squeeze.

"I want to know you, everything about you. I want to know your family, life, everything dealing with you. What makes you happy, sad, angry. Where you like to go on the weekends, what your favorite drink is to order at restaurants and your favorite music. I want to be apart of that, un. I like you, Sasori, I hope you're willing to put up with me from now on.

Even as he smiled and said those things that made me feel happy and warm, I couldn't help but think that he's stuck with me, too, because even though it's only been a week, a day since we've kissed for the first time, I already like him a lot. Maybe, just maybe, he'll be the one to show me the things in life I've yet to see or experience.

As he kissed me outside the cafe, his blonde hair falling on my shoulders, his hands resting gently on my waist, gorgeous blue eyes closed, I couldn't stop the butterflies that filled my stomach and the want to pull him close to me. He was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen, I knew that from the beginning, and I hoped that whatever we now had was beautiful in his eyes, as well.

My tip toes hurt as I stood on them, our height difference getting in the way of a simple 'boy leans down to kiss other participant'. I didn't care and he didn't seem to mind bending down the little way to help our lips meet again for a third time. I found my arms around his neck, not wanting to let go. Of course as his arms around me tightened, I knew that he didn't mind one bit.

When we walked home, hand in hand, both smiling and pink, I knew that this was the feeling Hidan always talked about when we discussed relationships. He said butterflies, the blushing, the new feeling of having someone take care of you was the best. He was right, for once, and I was glad to have this new feeling.

I've never been "taken care of" in this sense. In fact, with no parents and a grandma who acts like she could care less about me, I'm not too sure what the feeling of love is, family wise or relationship wise. Of course I didn't love the poor boy, and if we came that far in our relationship, great. That's fantastic. But it's not something that will happen anytime soon.

He smiled when we got to our street, tightening his grip on my hand, holding it to his mouth as he places little kisses on the back of my hand. He whispers that he's glad we got to talk, glad I'm with him (guess that answers our relationship status). He backs me up against another empty house, one at the other end of the street, smirking as I look up at him.

"Sasori," he breathes, tilting my chin up with his free hand. "You're blushing." No shit, Sherlock. You have an attractive guy back you into a wall for the second time and you tell me it's not going to make you blush! He captures my mouth in a short kiss before I can yell at him, then a longer one when he knows I won't knock his head around for teasing me about it.

Our lips, I've noticed, fit together really nicely.


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