Paper White Smile

The last floor of the building is bathed by the moonlight, the open sky above everyone, and the music is playing, bodies moving graciously around the dance floor. Flashing all sorts of colors in their heads, yellow, blue, pink... Their clothing fighting to get the attention, as well as the makeup worn in their faces. They smile, and chat happily. Some look over the balcony to see the lights of the Capitol shining in the night's sky, making everything brighter, and festive. Today people gather and celebrate, in all sort of locations throughout the city. The excitement of what the tomorrow holds can't be hidden.

The golden door opens itself, to reveal a young woman, graceful and elegant. Some people gaze at her, while some keep on busy with the task at hand. I look at her, because she's hard to go unnoticed, especially by someone observant like me. Her long and straight blonde hair flows past her shoulders, dyed pink at the bottom. Her face features are thin, giving her a delicate look. Her eyes... Oh boy. It's as if the emerald green was fighting its way over the sky blue, but still the gray claimed it's domain over her iris. I get lost in them for a while, but I recover myself and keep observing. She's saluting some of the guests, giving them warm smiles and sharing some words. There's a small piercing in the left side of her nose, and I tend not to like this things. But, I get a look at her smile and forget about it. It's the sort of smile that makes one want to smile just as bright. I run my eyes down, breaking the spell her lips cast upon me, but getting immediately charmed by her well proportioned figure, her shiny black dress covering barely what needs to be covered. She definitely doesn't need bold colors to get the attention, at least not mine. She almost makes me forget about the people around me. About the reason they are all gathered in here having the time of their life, the reason why she is also in here, my guess being, hosting the party. The reapings are tomorrow, or today since it's already half past twelve.

I frown. I got lost over something so silly, almost forgetting how disgusting this people are. How they enjoy other's pain. I can see some putting packs of money over the table, betting on which district will have the best tribute. The bravest even dare to bet on who will become the victor, without knowing the tributes that will get to the arena. Not even by their appearance, because they will never know them really. Not the slightest will they be able to know what goes through their mind, what they think about this madness called the Hunger Games, and what they think when the life drains out of their bodies. Not that this bastards actually care.

I stop looking around when I see the man that brought me to this party. His paper white hair reflecting the moonlight, while his small and thin frame waved at someone. He is wearing a emerald green suit, a white rose in his lapel. I frown again, at the smile he makes, his thin lips pulling across his face upward. Of course he is enjoying this. Everyone is. Except me, I refuse to. I promised I wouldn't. The woman I saw before, the one that clouded my vision, is now next to him. Next to Coriolanus Snow. I look up to the sky, the stars are there, shining brightly, I wonder how much I will be able to pull this act together, and I know that for tonight, I've had enough. I turn around and leave.

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