Chapter 11


Wallace Duncan, Head Gamemaker.

I'm sitting on the side of my bed, looking straight towards the screen where the reapings are on. I was luckily able to convince Snow that I wanted to see it on my own, in the comfort of my room, where I "would get even more creative ideas for the outcome of the Games". I just really wanted to be alone the first time I see the faces of those whose life will be on my hands, those who in a few days will die. It starts with the emblem of Panem, and then the history of the Games, like every single year. After that, District One's shield appears, the mayor is giving his speech, and the camera moves towards the mentors.

I can see Alexandrite Thyst's face clearly, it is sweaty, his green eyes scanning the crowd, while he sits powerfully in his chair. He is one of the most loved tributes, Capitol women lose their minds for him, and yet he is one of the most feared. I remember his Games clearly, he was only fourteen at the time he became a victor. Now that I think about it, I remember there was an incident in one of the sponsorships party that involved him, not that I know much about that. Then, there is Agatha Lloyd sitting next to him. The brunette is looking as beautiful and stunning as she normally does, and wearing sunglasses, my guess being due to the sun, her face is sweaty too. It will be a pleasure to meet this to victors, they are legends basically. For some reason I can't hate them, even when they aren't my sort of people, there is some mystery behind these two that makes them intriguing.

The camera zooms out, and focus on the escort's hand as he picks this year's tributes. I smirk a little when I hear the female tribute's name... Ruby Schwarz once again. If she was in any other District she will be the epitome of bad luck, but its not the case. Of course there'll be a volunteer, it's District One after all. In less than ten seconds I can hear a girl shouting those common words, and the camera trying to get a look of her. A beautiful petite girl comes out of the seventeen's years old section, her light golden brown hair flowing against the wind as she proudly makes her way towards the stage. I focus my eyes on hers, and these are the second most stunning eyes I've seen, right after that sponsorship's hostess, in less than a week. This girl's eyes are different, they are rare. They are like the ocean's deepest zones, a dark blue. I shake my head, I really need to stop focusing in women's eyes for a change… I get too lost in them. She grabs the microphone and says her name… Peyton Hemmings.

With no time to waste, the good old Flannel Hindrance, District One's escort since forever, announces the male tribute. Cyan Diname gets reaped, but immediately the volunteer makes his move. He comes out of the seventeen years old section, his athletic body moving decidedly towards his place. He looks well-trained, he'll probably last long. Well, the careers normally do. This guy's name is Pryce Vexed Gardner, and as soon as they announce both of the tributes names officially, District Two's shield appears. Mayor Gneiss is giving his speech and I can see that his daughter is mentoring again. Mandy sits snobbily in her chair, with her chin up. I just decided that I will dislike her, she looks just like everyone in the Capitol, as if they thought they were better than anybody else, and I don't think so at all. By her side I can see Mason Linney, which is what I call the typical career, well they both are. Brutal, competitive and as proud as a person can be, which means they are quite popular in the Capitol. I'll make sure people like that are not able to win in this Games. If only one can survive, let it at least be someone better than these egomaniacs. Damn, I don't even know this two, I'm taking it too far. But, just looking at them makes me sick, I don't know why. Either way, the ceremony is fast, in career districts it normally is though. It's as simple as girl gets reaped, another one volunteers, and the same for the boys, year after year. The final tributes are Bianca Seabone, a tall brunette with a muscular body build, and Zander Brooke, a handsome and tall muscular eighteen years old. Two well-trained tributes, who so far seem like their mentors.

I like District Three, it's a normal district in the middle of the powerful career ones. But, it also means that I'll get to see the first pair of innocent people who will get reaped. I mean, the first ones that are not aware that they are going to the Games. I do have hopes in this District though, it might have few victors, but they have Ampere Elyot, who was just thirteen at the time of his Games. I admire this guy's intelligence. The camera focus him, District Three's reapings are on. He sits on his chair looking at the crowd through his glasses, he is quite muscular now, but when he won, he was a scrawny kid. Cali Farad, the other mentor, is also quite admirable, she is one of the youngest female tributes to ever win the Games, she became victor when she was fourteen. If I had to identify myself with a district, I'll definitely choose District Three. Then, the scene happens. I can see how a little blonde girl gets reaped, how her brother hits the peacekeeper, how the peacekeeper hits him, how Ampere steps forward to defend them, and how the boy gets reaped and takes the stage by his sister's side. Woah! My head is running wild, I'm probably thinking in a thousand things now. I feel how guilt builds inside of me, they will never come back alive, at least not both. I think that I was right about Ampere being an admirable person, and, about how lucky I was of having the privilege to watch the unedited and live video, because this will be surely edited. It is too much of an act of disobedience to show it to everybody, and this people can't be touched since they are Game material, so they cant be punished, at least not now... One of them can do it... One of this kids might win, District Three normally has young victors… But, even if one survived, I doubt life will be the same without each other. I can feel my stomach twisting, I'll have to kill them… I am truly a monster.

I can see the fishes of District Four's emblem and I remind myself that there are more tributes, that I must finish what I started. It is for a greater cause, it really is… I have to keep this in mind or I'll go insane, instead of doing what I must. I am suddenly grateful that next district is a career one. For some reason careers don't make me feel as bad as normal districts do, after all, they are choosing to come here, even when they know the risks. I try to leave the Giga twins out of my mind, instead I focus on the mentors who are now on the screen. I don't hate this two, they look nice. But, probably I feel this way because of the story they share. It changed them for the better, I believe. Before, they looked very much like Mandy and Mason, but now they seem more caring… More preoccupied. Its their job to help their tributes, even if they are volunteers, and I hope they do so, I hope every mentor does. They are holding hands, but instead of a romantic sign I see it more as in support. If I perceived it as romantically I will definitely despise both of them, but for some reason I see it as a symbol of strength. Maybe I'm getting soft, or I just don't want to add more people to my long hate list. This two are for me the best example of hope, they show me that there is still hope for evil people, they just need to know what they are doing… even if they have to suffer to learn the lesson. For this district there is a tanned, dark-haired good-looking girl called Cascade Maren, and a muscular guy with glasses named Current Hayes. The girl way of walking makes me think that she'll go for the flirtatious angle, if she does, she'll probably ace it. And, this is the first tribute of District Four that I see with glasses, it's peculiar, also if I was him… I'll go for the nice guy angle, he doesn't have the typical career face so that might work out for him. And, now… Let the torture of the remaining districts continue… It's just fair for me to suffer, they will all do at the end.

To be continued...

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