Chapter Six -Daughters of Mothers

Diana sat in the library looking up different worlds of Krypton but so far she had not found anything. She had searched the databases for over two hours and no real information was recorded. It had been three days since the young Prince Arr came to the El palace and they hadn't been able to contact his family. Diana started thinking over everything the last three days. Perhaps this boy didn't want to be found by his parents, perhaps he is lying about his planet, but as far as Diana and the rest of Els knew, they had to trust his words. Kor seemed to be an honest young man so they didn't disbelieve him, but they are very cautious of his actions and words.

Helena decided she'd go back to Ammos with Hippolyta and the rest of the Amazons to get away from her family for a while. Diana and Kal realized they cannot control anything Helena was set out to do as she was a grown woman, but a stubborn one at that. She had established herself in another galaxy, another planet –she was known around most galaxies only because of her family. She was a smart woman, but had always caused chaos in the El home from her birth until the present. Everything she set out to do was for herself and only herself. Diana had come to the realization that Helena was nothing that she wanted she depicted she would be when she thought of raising her. Lara was right, she is a brat and needs to learn what the world has given her, not only for herself but for everyone else around her.

Helena had been right about one thing though, the alien prince needed to be watched constantly as he was not really their guest but Kal and Jor agreed that he should be treated as one since he was a Kryptonian as well…so he says. From here on out whenever he wanted to leave the room two guards would follow him wherever he went, although some sections were blocked off so he couldn't enter them unless he had permission from the Els.

Kal was in Kandor in his office conducting more plans for Faora to train their military. Although he didn't normally take calls during his work he noticed his screen was blinking and the signal was coming from his home. Thinking it was probably his parents or even Diana, since they knew to never call when he was working, but he accessed the call anyway.

Diana appeared on his screen and he smiled at her. "Hello, Diana."

She returned the smile, "Hello, Kal. I'm sorry to bother you, but Helena said she would be returning today."

His smiled died and he creased his brows. He was not in the mood to talk about his daughter right now, but he set his stylus pen down and sighed.

"And? Why did you have to tell me this while I am working? Did she do something?" he folded his arms. He saw his wife's eyes travel upwards at the ceiling then down the floor. "She did, didn't she?"

Shaking her head she continued, "My mother said she is sending her back, she phoned earlier this morning."

"Right, and why did she suddenly decide to send her back?" Kal pressed on knowing there was more to the story that Diana wasn't revealing.

Diana sighed heavily and mumbled a curse word which he could barely make out. "My mother is still a Queen, Kal, she gives orders as you know. She had asked Helena to train the students that come to Ammos every year. She refused and told Donna to do it, saying it is not her 'job'." She air quoted.

Kal rubbed his temples with his fingers. "That girl is going to give me grey hair."

Diana smiled, "Hardly, I'm sure that is why your mother has a silver streak in her hair. I'm sorry to bother you, but I thought you should know."

"Of course. Right, thanks, I think. Any word on that prince's family yet?" Changing the subject before a headache came on.

"No, we have not been able to contact them at all. I am going to question him as soon as Helena arrives. I will have to deal with her myself until you come home."

Kal shook his head and turned off the screen and went back to work. That girl, he thought.

Two hours later Helena walked in from the landing bay and carried her bags to her room. Diana was in the living room reading and saw Helena walk by and into the hallway. Setting the tablet down, she followed her daughter to her room floating a few inches above the ground so she wouldn't alarm her. It appeared she was listening to music and completely unaware of her surroundings. Perfect.

Helena waved her door open and set her bags by her bed and turned to see her mother floating in her doorway. She jumped and landed on her bed pulling her earphones out. "Gods, mother, what the hell?!" she put a hand to her chest to slow her breathing then she noticed a very, very, scary look on her mother's face. A face she hadn't seen since she was a little girl.

"What?" she asked in a confused tone.

Diana floated towards her daughter and Helena scooted away from her on the bed.

"Don't 'what' me, Helena. My mother told me what you did and I don't believe you apologized, did you?" she set her feet down on the ground and had her arms folded. She was looking down at her daughter with daggers in her eyes.

"Oh about the training thing. Yeah, I told her that wasn't my job."

"How could you say something like that to my mother, your grandmother, the Queen of Themyscira. What is the matter with you? Have you no shame? You are a princess of Krypton and Themyscira, you should know better than to do something as appalling as that in front of hundreds of students."

Helena scoffed, "Mother, that is not my job it is Aunt Donna's job, I shouldn't have to train aliens, I already work with them on Earth. They are bad enough to deal with."

Diana narrowed her eyes even more and took a step closer with Helena now standing. "You have been nothing but rude to everyone since you came back from Earth. You've been rude to your grandparents here and my mother, me, your father, shall I go on? What is bothering you?"

"I don't have to tell you anything, mother, you don't control me." Helena turned around and started unpacking her clothes.

"As long as you're staying here I do. Your attitude is nothing like a princess's attitude should be. You're disrespectful, snooty, snippy and very hard to talk to when you're in one of your moods." Diana rolled her eyes.

Helena spun around facing her mother eye level. "I'm not a little girl anymore, you can't control me. I can do whatever I please."

"If you're not a little girl anymore, then why do you act like one?" Diana stepped closer.

A few moments of silence passed between them. Diana sighed, "I didn't raise you like this, Helena. You're not the little girl I used to know."

Helena huffed, "That's just it mother, I'm not your little girl anymore and I will never be that little girl you knew! So just leave me alone, please." She threw her bag on the bed and left her room closing the door leaving Diana alone in her daughter's room.

Pacing down the hall Helena went up a few floors to their prayer rooms and made sure nobody was behind her. Waving the door open she walked in the dark room and grabbed a black cloak and draped it around her thin frame. Kneeling on the floor with a clap of her hands a circle of red lights surrounded her and a hologram of their planet's red sun appeared before her.

Placing her palms upwards at the ceiling and closing her eyes she prayed for guidance. Completely clearing her mind of everything she was unable to hear anything but her own whispers in prayer. Her father had educated her on Rao and many other Kryptonian deities such as Cythonna, goddess of death and Nightwing and Flamebird. Many of their deities that Kryptonians banned and do not worship anymore as they worship Rao, and only Rao. Remembering her childhood learning about Nightwing and Flamebird, are two gods from ancient Krypton. The two gods are partners but also opposite, Flamebird being a fiery dragon-like creature and Nightwing, a dark dragon. Such two opposites and they loved one another, but in each cycle of their deaths they are reborn and destined to find each other again –only to be betrayed by a dear friend of theirs and killed in each cycle.

It seems that whatever the two lovers did they were always at an odd with one another and everybody else. Helena could relate these two deities with her parents. They were so opposite from one another, yet they were very compatible. Hearing stories of when her parents first met, her mother was not liked upon by the El royals and vice-versa. Helena opened her eyes staring at the holographic sun in front of her.

Her father had always made sure he did the right thing for her and Jazan growing up. They had everything and she had realized she wasn't always grateful for what she had in her life at times. Her mother was sometimes at odds with her grandparents even after all these years. Her mother had educated her on Greek deities, which only she prayed to when she was on Ammos.

Both her parents had agreed that it was her decision to decide what deities to pray to or none at all if she wished. She had two different cultures in her home and in her blood, yet she can feel so alone, feeling like she needed to do something to make up for everything she had done over the years. Grandma El was right, I'm a brat, she thought to herself.

Outside in the hallway Kor was exploring more of the El palace. He had not been everywhere since their palace had several floors and maybe over a thousand different rooms, most guest rooms, but there were other rooms he hadn't seen before. Two guards following him he wasn't annoyed as he knew these Kryptonians weren't gaining his full trust, as they shouldn't. Very wise of the other Kryptonians.

He noticed a very large burgundy double door room at the end of the hall. Asking the guards to open it for him they did so and followed him inside. The room was pitch black but he could see in the front were a few red luminous lights. Hearing whispers he figured someone was in the room as well. scanning the body he saw it was Princess Helena.

Helena's eyes snapped open and turned around to see the alien prince standing at the entrance with two guardsmen.

"What are you doing in here?" she asked in a calm voice.

"I was just exploring the palace, I didn't know anybody was in here." There seemed to be some kind of lining in the walls not allowing him to see through them.

"You cannot just walk into any room you please, your highness. I was in the middle of prayer." Helena furrowed her eyebrows.

One of the guards spoke up, "Our apologies princess, we will escort him out." He grabbed Kor's arm and they started trailing out.

"No, leave him here." The two men stopped and looked confused. "Disperse." The guardsmen stood for a few seconds but left the room standing outside closing the doors.

She stood and walked towards the prince circling him, eyeing him all over. "Why are you on Krypton?"

Kor watched her carefully, but didn't move. "I already told you, princess, my planet is in trouble and no other planet will help us. My parents believe it to be a lie and a false fact. I have come here because I know you are all Kryptonian and may possibly help us."

Helena stopped in front of him staring at him warily. "Why do you need our help? What if my parents and grandparents decide not to help your people and planet?"

Kor sighed and looked her straight in the eye, "Then we will die."

"And this is my problem, why?" Helena smirked.

He scoffed, "You know, you're something else, your majesty. I can't seem to figure you out."

"It is not your job to figure me out, your highness. You are here as a runaway, you're not of my people even if you are Kryptonian."

"You're only half. A hybrid," he smiled and Helena narrowed her eyes.

"I am no such thing. Hybrid, what a terrible word," she snorted, "Just because my mother is Ammosian means nothing to my family."

"Is that so? Is that why your grandmother rejected her when she first came here and still has harsh feelings towards her regarding your bad behavior? Or how about when your father believes he was not a good enough parent to you and thinking he failed as a parent figure."

Helena's mouth gaped, "That…that is not true. My grandparents and my parents love my brother and I very much." Everything he was saying she would not believe only because he could be trying to get under her skin.

"I didn't say they didn't. I can tell they do and even when you make a complete fool of yourself they still love you but are very disappointed in you, I can see it in their eyes, in their minds."

Helena didn't say anything but turned her gaze elsewhere in the dark room.

"You were set to do great things; I read it in your journal in the library. You are disappointed in yourself, so you take your anger out on everyone else around you."

She eyed him and narrowed her eyes giving off her mother's look, "Who are you to tell me all of this anyway? You don't have the authority, I do not know why I'm even talking to you right now." She brushed passed him and hung the cloak up and opened the doors and stormed out.

"See, you're doing it again," Kor smirked and left the room watching her round the corner angrily.

Kal returned to Kryptonopolis later in the evening and found Diana in the living room by herself. His parents were in their room at this time he suspected. He came behind her and wrapped his arms around her shoulders.

"Why are you sitting here by yourself?" he kissed her cheek.

Diana shrugged. He stood straight and came around to sit next to her. He pulled her body close to his and she gazed at the floor not the least bit interested.

"Something is wrong, will you tell me or do I have to sit here for hours and guess?" he brought a smile to her face and she covered her mouth.

"Kal, stop it. Don't make me laugh," she sighed leaning into him sliding down a bit on the sofa.

Kal's smile dissipated as he saw there was something really bothering his wife, but didn't know what it was.

"Did you talk to Helena?"

She nodded.

"Okay…what did she say?" he saw her turn away. "Did she say something rude to you?"

Diana sighed, "I cannot simply say that she did or did not."

"Either she did, or she didn't, Diana," he pressed softly. She knew that Kryptonians don't really see the gray area of situations as she did. They were black or white, never in the middle.

"She said she wasn't my little girl anymore and she doesn't need me basically."

Kal frowned, "Diana, she is right, she's not a little girl, but she doesn't realize because she doesn't have children of her own, that she will always be your little girl. She may say she doesn't need you, but she will always need you."

"She didn't say it, she implied it," Diana corrected.

"Alright then, so don't assume such things, dear. She is just upset over something I am sure." He rubbed her arm.

Diana folded her arms, "I know something is bothering her, but she just won't tell me what it is! I don't want to have a relationship with my daughter like my mother had with me. It was not pleasant most times and I do not wish that on her or myself."

Kal rubbed his chin with his free hand. "Why doesn't Helena come with me to Kandor and train with Faora for a while?"

His wife shook her head, "She will need to return to Earth for her class she teaches soon. She has already stayed too long, although the time over there is far different than here. She will stay for another two days and then return for her job for the next two months Earth-time."

"Well never mind then." He then started thinking of his son, "Where's Jazan?"

"He went to the city to be with some of his friends two hours ago. I told him to be back by midnight."

Kal checked the time and it was only nine. He has three hours, alright. Nodding his head he stood and lend his out to his wife.

"Will you accompany me to bed, ambassador?" he smirked and Diana almost rolled her eyes.

"Only if you stop calling me that, Kal," she gladly took his hand.

He laughed, "No way, princess." And she slapped him.

An hour later Diana rolled off her husband with her hair sticking to her sweaty skin. They both thought it was best to line their bedroom with lead so nobody could see or hear them and it had been the best invention yet.

His hand travelled from her collar bone down to her breast and lower on her abdomen and in between her legs. She turned her head over at him and smiled.

"Stop teasing me, Kal, I'm exhausted."

He smiled teasingly, "Exhausted eh? Since when are you exhausted after an activity such as this?"

Rolling over onto her side leaning on her elbow and kissed the tip of his nose lightly, "Don't get too carried away now." She felt his hands wandering on her lower back. He grabbed her shapely behind and she yelped. "Kal, please."

"What?" he smirked, "Nobody can see us or hear us." His kisses travelled from her hand and up her arm to her neck.

Diana laughed leaning her head back on the pillow, "That's not it. This is how Jazan and Helena were made, and I really don't want another one….of those," she snickered.

Kal gasped, "One of those? Diana, how could you," smiling he brought her body closer to his.

She smiled and returned the kiss, "Don't get me wrong, I do love our children, but they're such a handful and I can't take another one, especially with the baby in the family right now."

Kal pulled back a little puzzled. Diana only smiled more at the funny look on his face. "Helena."

"Ah," he nodded his head at that. He could agree with that. Helena was being a baby at the moment. "Well at least we have one good child." He joked.

"One out of two is not good, Kal," she teased and rolled him onto his back. Adjusting her body to fit his mold she kissed his chest tenderly.

"Do you remember when you told Helena you were pregnant with Jazan?" Kal thought of the past and started laughing softly. He saw icy blue eyes staring at him from a lower view point.

Diana shook her head in remembrance of that day. "I remember. She called me fat." After that last comment he couldn't control himself and started laughing. She stopped and pulled herself up and folded her arms. "It's not funny, Kal."

"Ah…I've been waiting fifteen years to laugh out loud at that."

"Well I'm glad you think that it's very funny." She groaned.

His laugh died down a bit and could see Diana looked a bit upset but he stopped and cleared his throat. "Come on, Diana, it's a little bit funny."

He took hold of her hand and kissed the backside of it. "I'm sorry."

She smiled, "It was a little funny, I will admit." Sliding herself back into her previous position she smiled deviously.

"That will be the last time she ever calls me fat, hopefully."

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