Title: About That Time...

Author: Alysia

Couple(s): At this time, I can only guarantee Elejah.

Summary: When Elena and Elijah share an afternoon together, it becomes more than either thought imaginable.

Disclaimer: I don't own any characters familiar to the show, I'm only borrowing them for my story.

Author's Note: I'm sorry this has taken me so long to get out. It is in no way affiliated to my last multi-chapter story. I meant to make this a one shot smut piece, but as a fellow poster of mine (Sarah) observed, I can't do that without setting up a backstory of some sort. Nearly a hundred pages later (at this point) I'm still not anywhere close to completing this, so I hope you guys enjoy! Also, I was inspired to write this after going on a Buffy/Angel binge, and while I've clearly made this my own Elejah work of art, it wouldn't have been possible without that week (or several).

Chapter 1

"Mmmm," Elena Gilbert wasn't sure if it was a moan or gasp. It didn't even matter. All that mattered to her was the fact that it had been way too long since his mouth had claimed hers. Either way; her mouth opened wider and her partner took advantage of it, plunging his tongue into her mouth. She eagerly responded to the plunder, caressing his mouth with her tongue.

Realizing his partner needed to breathe, he kissed his way across her cheek until he reached the sensitive spot below her ear. He nipped the area, enjoying her reaction when she thrust herself against his growing length. He growled against her skin, kissing down towards the mark he left months earlier. It was faint, an action he'd done on purpose; not wanting it to be too obvious for anyone else to see. He kissed the area before nipping against her skin.

"Ooohhh!" Her hands caressed his shoulders, wishing that he wasn't wearing so many layers.

Using his body as leverage; he pinned her to the wall as his hands roamed down her body, before settling on her nipples. He pinched and rolled the hard nubs through her shirt and bra, delighting when she moaned loudly.

As his hands continued to work over her body, Elena threw his tie over his shoulder before her hands moved towards his shirt. The assault against her neck made unbuttoning the garment more difficult than she'd expected, but she pushed on; eager to feel his chest against her hands. It had been far too long since she'd felt his skin against hers!

Smiling against her neck, Elijah continued to lick and tongue the area. He felt her fumbling with the buttons of his shirt, but he'd taken far too much pleasure in distracting her.

After living as long as he did, he preferred sexual partners that were experienced who bowed down to his desire of domination. Yet, the moment he'd kissed Elena Gilbert, he knew he was lost. While she'd known the touch of other guys, she was still relatively inexperienced, and he loved that. He relished in the way that her body responded to his and the fact that she was so eager in his skilled hands.

As soon as she parted his shirt enough, her hands moved across his chest before traveling down his stomach. In response to her actions, she felt his body quiver against his. "Someone enjoyed that…" she preened.

Ripping his mouth away from her neck, his eyes darkened when he took notice of her satisfied smirk. In that moment, he wanted nothing more than to wipe that smirk off her face by forcing her to submit to his ministrations, but it had been far too long since he'd felt her tight little body against his. He knew that there would be no battle of wills, at least not then. They would both submit to the other, and he planned to enjoy it. "Someone has forgotten her place…" he replied. His teeth pulled on her ear and he breathed. "Tell me, lover, have you been with anyone since me? Since that day?" He cooed, making sure to nuzzle the area. "Do you remember that day? The day that you submitted to me fully?" He ran his nose down the length of her neck, stopping at the faded mark he'd left and licking it once again. She whimpered in reaction and he nearly groaned.

"Elijah…" With as much force as she could muster, she framed his head in her hands, pulling his mouth away from her neck. As soon as she could, she captured his mouth, thrusting her tongue in his mouth.

He dominated her mouth, kissing her as deeply as he could. He'd been able to smell her arousal as soon as he ripped his sister away from her, but in that moment…he swore he could taste it. His hands moved to her waist and he began unbuckling her jeans.

"I've missed you…this…" she moaned out, helping him to remove her jeans. He set her down on the ground long enough to remove the offending material.

"Are you sure about that, lover?" He demanded, his eyes flashing. He didn't even notice as her pants dangled off of one leg before he eagerly grabbed her hips in his and hauled her up his body. "Don't think that I didn't hear about your kiss with that boy." Once he had her body secured between his and the wall, his hands moved to her nipples and he pinched the sensitive nubs harder than he should have.

Elena whimpered in response. She felt a tingle in her lower belly and a rush of heat shoot through her. Neither Matt nor Stefan had been rough with her, so the first time that she fell into bed with Elijah had been an eye opening experience for her. Even then, his touches were both pleasurable and demanding. It had been a good thing that they'd been dealing with so much, far too much to be intimate with one another; because she doubted she'd be able to hide the bruises that the Original left on her body from Stefan.

"You've been a very naughty girl," Elijah growled, slipping a hand between their bodies. Expertly, he undid his pants and pulled out his cock. He rubbed it against her sex. "Fuck…you're so wet…even through your panties."

Elena mewled in pleasure. Just the feel of his length rubbing against her…she was more than eager to feel him fill her.

"Tell me, Elena. Were you this wet for him when he kissed you? Did you enjoy it when his mouth was on yours?" He tapped his hard-on against her, relishing in her cries of pleasure. He didn't like the thought of Elena with anyone, but he certainly hated the thought of her with Damon Salvatore.

"Don't tease me, Elijah," she panted, attempting to kiss him. Her lips landed against his cheeks and his neck, but never his mouth. She knew he was attempting to punish her for the kiss she'd shared with Damon weeks earlier, but she'd be damned if she let him succeed! "It wasn't as though I asked for it," she replied with a small pout.

He thrust against her again, enjoying when she shuddered against him. He stilled then, staring into her gaze. "Did you respond?" He asked then. He stilled her hips as she attempted to wiggle against his him. "Did you respond, Elena?" He demanded then, clamping his hands around her hips and stilling her movements completely.

"I…I did," she confessed in a whisper. She'd never intended to kiss Damon, let alone respond to him. After months of absence from Stefan both emotionally and physically, she'd missed the attention. She missed feeling desired and she missed the physical side of having a romance. For one brief second, it all felt right, even if it was the wrong set of lips.

"And our time, it meant nothing to you?" Elijah asked with a fire in his eyes. For the first time…in a very long time, he felt a sense of jealousy wash over him. Stefan Salvatore was one thing; after all Elena had technically been 'dating' him the afternoon that he'd seduced her. However, Damon was another matter altogether.

Elena shook her head and frowned. "It was one time," she denied weakly. At the time, she hadn't though much of it. She didn't think it would head anywhere.

Elijah Smith…or well, Mikaelson; as she had learned, had taken her by surprise. Even upon their first meeting, she'd been enthralled by his presence. He exuded sex appeal and power, and she had not been blind. However, it wasn't until the afternoon that they spent at the Lockwood mansion that things had changed. He'd touched her in a way that no one else had done before him. His mouth and tongue were like liquid fire that consumed every inch of her body that they caressed. His fingers ghosted over oh so willing body as if teasing her…and he had. Even with the light caresses, it was both too much and not enough. He'd touched her deeper than anyone else before, his thrusts both demanding and coaxing. He'd managed to do things to her body that she'd only heard about until then.

As soon as the moment ended, they'd both showered and by the end of the afternoon, they were back at the Salvatore residence. They'd walked in on Stefan and Damon arguing over her…as usual. She hadn't even noticed at the time, but she stood closer to Elijah as she made her decision to follow the Original. Within twenty-four hours, her life had turned upside down and he'd been daggered and she didn't have time to focus on what could have been. Not that what she and Elijah could have ever turned into anything. He'd made it clear by the way he treated her afterwards, that it had been nothing more than a fling.

"Was I so forgettable that you would willingly submit to… that child?" Elijah demanded, using one hand to tweak her nipple.

Leaning up, Elena grasped his hair in her hands and placed a kiss against his mouth. "Never!" She swore. He made a half-hearted attempt to break the hold she had on him, but she fought against him. The brunette knew that he could have pulled his mouth away from her if he really wanted to. She knew he was challenging her, and she was not about to disappoint him. She thrust her tongue in his mouth, pouring every emotion she could into the kiss. Panting, she broke the kiss and stared at him.

He allowed her to kiss him, appreciating her desire to prove him wrong. He gazed at her, she'd never looked so beautiful or temping in that moment with her lips read and swollen from their kisses…except maybe when she submitted to him in bed.

"I never forgot you…or that afternoon," she said softly. It was part of the reason why she fought so hard to regain Stefan. Her guilt had gotten the best of her, and she felt that if she wasn't fighting for him, then someone would discover what had taken place that afternoon. "It was on my mind more than it should have been." She didn't consciously focus on the memory, but it was there; always there.

He shook his head. "No it wasn't," he denied in an equally soft voice. In his thoughts, if it had, she never would have kissed Damon Salvatore whether she initiated it or not!

"I didn't think you wanted me," she mumbled then, looking down at his naked chest, fighting not to blush in embarrassment. "I just thought you left town…I didn't know that Klaus had daggered you."

Elijah frowned upon hearing her words. Ignoring whatever she was going to say next, he captured her mouth in a searing kiss.

Not expecting his actions, Elena's eyes widened as he plundered her mouth with a demanding kiss. It only took a moment before her eyes closed and she fell into the kiss with complete abandon.

"How could I not want you?" Elijah asked when he broke the kiss. Belatedly, he'd realized that he had her pressed against a dirty wall in an alley not far from where he rescued her from his sister. At the time, he'd been too aroused to think clearly. His evening with the Salvatores had opened his eyes, and he was ready to reclaim what he felt was his. He'd wanted nothing more than to fuck her into submission and make her forget that she ever heard of Stefan or Damon. He nuzzled her neck to the side and immediately found his mark. He tongued the skin beneath his mouth, and nibbled against it.

Elena moaned in response to his actions. She wasn't sure what it was about that spot, but every time he brushed against it or bit into it, she felt her body tingle.

"You bear my mark," he said, kissing the spot once before he pulled away and looked into her almond shaped eyes. He took notice of the confusion swimming on her face and sighed; not at her, but at the idiots he'd once trusted to keep her alive. "You have no idea what that means do you?"

Elena shook her head, suddenly feeling more young and inexperienced than ever before.

He thought about telling her, explaining it to her. Then he realized that it would have been more fun to show her. Kissing her again, he swallowed her protest of surprise as his hands once again traveled over her body. "Oh, lover," he smirked at her when he pulled away from her decadent mouth. "We are going to have so much fun," he said in a near purr. He caressed her chest, paying extra attention to her nipples.

Her mind stumbled as it attempted to catch up with him. From the moment that he grabbed her into his embrace and carried her to the alleyway, she'd experienced a plethora of emotions. Between relief and arousal to demure and sad and then back to arousal. However, she was willing to follow along. Elena gasped when he pulled down her shirt and exposed her bra.

"Have you missed me?" Elijah inquired, pulling down the cups of her bra and exposing her breasts to the night air. Her nipples were already primed and ready but when they hardened even more, he felt his cock twitch in response. Bringing his mouth down to one, he took the pebbled peak into his mouth and sucked on it.

Elena responded by thrusting against the appendage that rested against the apex of her thighs. She threw her head back, not even minding the harsh impact of the brick wall behind her. His hand moved towards her exposed breast and tweaked it between his thumb and pointer finger.

"That's my girl," he cooed against her nipple. He both felt and smelled her arousal increase. "I love the way you respond to me." His kissed her again, his hand moving back to his cock as he ran it against her sex. "It's been far too long, Elena."


He groaned against her mouth, delighting in the sound of her voice as she called out his name. Using his free hand, he pushed her underwear to the side as his thick length teased the opening of her entrance. "Do you want me, lover?" He may have been too eager in his use of the word 'lover' but he planned on making it a reality.

"Yes!" Her hips undulated against him, hoping to coerce him into plunging into her.

Elijah dipped his tip inside her before pulling back out. "Are you sure?" He watched as she nodded in response before he repeated the action. "Yeah…I bet you are…" He leaned in and nipped at her ear once again. "See, I know that you kissed Damon, but your body is still untouched."

She wondered how he knew that fact, but decided to tuck it away for later. Instead, she concentrated on the way he played her body. "I haven't," she confessed unnecessarily.

Elijah's eyes flashed with an overall sense of male satisfaction. "I'm glad." He dipped his tip inside her once again, but instead of pulling out, he stilled inside her. He felt her walls clamp around him and he groaned. "Do you have any idea how it pleases me to know that you have remained untouched since our union?" He swore that her body began to hum and tremble against him. "Do you know why that is, Elena?" He took a deep breath, blowing into her ear as his mouth traveled down her neck and settled over his scar once again.

Elena blinked, attempting to clear away the sexual cloud that settled over her. He was doing such delicious things to her body, she couldn't concentrate on his words…she didn't want to. All she wanted to do was lose herself in him. He nibbled on that particular area and she felt her stomach quiver in response. "You like that spot…"

He smiled against her neck before pulling his head far enough away so that he could meet her gaze. "Oh, I more than like that spot," he returned gruffly.

She attempted to move her hips and pull his penis further inside her, but his hands immediately settled on them and stilled all movement. She squeezed her walls around him and nearly smirked when his eyes closed and he tossed his head back. "You like that, you want me. I want you. Let go and take me the way you want."

Her words pulled his attention and Elijah met her gaze once again. "Oh, I will," he purred then. "Do you know why I like that spot?"

Elena frowned. "You said it was your mark…"

He nodded. "Yes," he acknowledged. "It puts you under my protection and warns off all others." In all the years that he'd existed in his un-life, he'd never had the urge to do that to another being. Yet in that moment, it had been instinctual for him. Just the idea that she bore his scar was enough to harden his cock even further. "You're mine, Elena," he growled then. He had essentially claimed ownership over her upon branding her with his mark; at least that was how others of his kind would view it. He was surprised that she had gone so long without someone noticing it. Focusing on the wound, he toyed with the idea of marking her again. The scar had healed well, too well for him. The mark was barely obvious for even supernatural beings; and unless they were to specifically look for it, it could be passed over.

Her heart fluttered at his words. Elijah wasn't always dominant with her, but when it came to sex, he was…or had been. It had only been the one afternoon, but Elena found herself enjoying it. If it had been anyone else who proclaimed her as his, she would have argued. Yet as she stared at the man who held her in his embrace in that moment, she couldn't find it in herself to fight against him or his words.

Giving her a moment to think over his words, as if daring her to argue with him, Elijah gazed into her eyes. He watched her process point before giving in to the notion. He smiled then, pleased with her reaction to the observation; glad that she wasn't fighting him over it. There would be time for talking later, at that moment; he wanted nothing more than to become reacquainted with her body! Without warning, he thrust fully into her, groaning when he was fully sheathed inside her.

Throwing her head back in pleasure, Elena screamed. She paid no mind to the location they were in, and she remained uncaring about the idea that someone might happen upon them. Her body had been primed for him and when he thrust up into her, she was not left disappointed.

Staring at his partner, Elijah pulled out before slamming back into her. He set a near brutal pace, his strokes long and deep. He was rewarded with her moans and mewls of pleasure as her small body accepted everything he gave her.

She felt her back scrape against the brick wall with every thrust. She knew that her body would bear scrapes and bruises by the time they finished, but she couldn't find it in herself to care. She attempted to thrust down against him, but his movements were too quick for her to match.

Leaning into her body, his pace never faltered as he captured her mouth in a searing kiss. He felt a tingle creep up his spine and he knew that it his orgasm wasn't far off. Silently, he vowed that the next time they were intimate; he'd last longer…much longer.

Elena eagerly responded to his kiss. Her body was humming and she felt her stomach tighten. When she felt his hand snake in between their bodies and begin to pinch and pull at her clit, she moaned into the kiss; her walls clamping around his thick length.

He swallowed her cries of pleasure as her body coaxed his into sweet oblivion. His body shuddered and he tore his mouth away from hers as he continued to thrust into her tight heat. When his orgasm ripped through him, he thrust into her one last time; his cold seed shooting deep inside her.

Holding his head against her neck, she attempted to catch her breath as he orgasmed. Once spent, he nearly fell into her body as he tried to calm himself. When he pulled away, Elena stared at him with a half-smile.

"You know, when you said 'catch-up,' I didn't think you meant that," she teased softly.

Thankful for her attempt at keeping the mood light, Elijah felt his body uncoil from unnecessary stress. He hadn't been sure what to expect after their post-orgasm states. He worried that he'd gone too fast for her, revealed too much for her. Saying things during the moment was one thing, but he had dropped a bombshell on her… "I didn't," he replied, smiling himself. "I approached you under honest pretenses." He pulled away from Elena and began to fix himself up.

It was at that moment that Elena realized where they were and she cast a look around before she bent over to pull her pants back on. Had she really just had sex in an alley? Had she really just had sex in a public place? She'd never done that before, keeping the act in bed or in the privacy of someone's residence. Even when she was Stefan, she'd never ventured doing that in public; though he had tried to entice her to broaden her locations. She'd just never had the inclination to do it in public. Not only had she been afraid of the chance that someone may happen upon them, but she thought it would have tarnished the act. As if it would have made it dirty in some way; yet she didn't feel that way about her recent activities with Elijah. Instead, she felt excited, desired and even a little brave.

Watching her, Elijah fought to bite back the smile that he felt forming. He'd taken her against the wall of an unnamed building in an alley! He found it sweet and endearing that she would find hesitation after all of that. He knew that he'd managed to work her up into a frenzy, and he relished in the fact that he'd affected her in such a way.

Ignoring his attention, Elena shimmied into her pants and fixed her shoes before she dared to look at him again. "So at what point was it that your intentions became less than honorable?"

He shrugged into his jacket and ran his hands through his hair in attempt to tame it. He smirked at his companion. "When you begged me with your eyes to fuck you," he answered. His voice held a casual air, but he gave her a smoldering gaze.

Her eyes narrowed at his choice of words and she scoffed. "When I what?" She was no longer surprised by any words that fell from his lips, instead, she found her arousal growing in that moment. Just the thought that he used the word 'fuck' as he spoke about what took place between them… "Please tell me, when was that? I…am I doing it now?" She knew that he was merely playing with her, but she didn't want to be the one who 'caved in' first!

He shook his head, the smirk never falling from his mouth. "Not yet…"

"Well, please, let me know when I do. I wouldn't want to make you uncomfortable," she teased back, knowing that he very well could seduce her one more time before they even made it back into public view.

"Oh, you won't." He couldn't remember the last time he'd been in an uncomfortable position regarding a sexual partner. "Others may find themselves uncomfortable," he eluded, knowing that he'd take her anywhere he could, and she would let him. "Maybe even yourself, but not I."

She stared at her companion, knowing full well he meant what he said. She wasn't sure what situation she'd just put herself in, but she knew that things had changed. "I should get home…" she trailed off quietly. After the night that she'd had, she wanted nothing more than to curl up in bed.

He nodded with her assessment. "Then allow me to escort you home," he offered, holding out his arm. He was not yet ready to be parted from her, but more than that, he worried about his sister and her intentions towards Elena. She had only just been released from her slumbered state and she was already gunning for the human. He wouldn't put it past his sister to make another attempt on Elena that night. Not only was she still gunning for revenge, but her pride was hurt.

Elena locked her arm through his as he led her to her vehicle. He seemed to be finished with his seduction and teasing words and he'd slipped back into the gentleman that she'd become acquainted with. Even as they walked closely together, he kept his hands in respectable places. Other than slipping a hand over the arm she had entwined with his, he didn't touch her.

Of course if she had known the significance of his hand resting over hers, she may have had different thoughts. She was unaware in that moment, but Elijah was ready to announce his intention for her in public. And while she may have missed the meaning behind his action, an angry set of eyes did not.