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It was a wonderfully beautiful spring morning that day at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry.

One extremely famous young Wizard by the name of Harry Potter was just enjoying the sight of one of the extremely beautiful gardens that Professor Sprout had grown with love and care in one of the green houses.

Contrary to what people seemed to think of the young Wizard, Harry did so hate all the publicity and the fame that he had. He always wished he could just be Harry. And of course, it was quite hard to just be Harry when you had to be the Gryffindor Golden-Boy. So, of course some of the professors seemed to understand this.

Pomona Sprout was the first to realize this, so one day in Harry's first year of Hogwarts; Professor Sprout had pulled Harry aside after one of his Herbology Lessons' and had given him permission to visit any of the green houses that were on the Grounds should he ever need to get away from everyone and everything.

The second person to realize that Harry just wanted some space to be by him-self was Poppy Pomfrey, the Matron and Nurse of Hogwarts. So, contrary to popular belief, Harry did not hate the Hospital Wing of Hogwarts.

Poppy had, of course allowed Harry to hide in the Hospital Wing whenever he needed to feel safe or calm, most always after a very trying battle of wills with Professor Snape.

The third person to realize that Harry was smarter and far more irritated by all of his fame than cocky and arrogant as well as vain was Professor Filius Flitwick.

The tiny, sweet little man was very kind to Harry and allowed Harry to spend a lot of time in his office to talk often about Charms as well as any other magical thing that Harry asked about. Seeing as for the first eleven years, or rather ten years of his life -excluding the first year he was alive with his parents- he had grown up not knowing that magic was real.

Quite sorry, the story seems to be getting quite off track, hm?

Anyhow, there Harry was, walking between the rows of the flowers when he heard shouting. He turned slightly and sighed as he saw who the culprits were that had destroyed his peaceful morning.

It seemed as if a Ravenclaw student and a Hufflepuff student had gotten into an argument, and by the looks of it, they were both Third Years.

Harry got closer and soon heard the Ravenclaw cast a spell. A spell that sounded dangerously close to one that would turn the receiver into an elderly person.

Harry quickly pushed him-self to move faster and soon enough he was in front of the Hufflepuff. And as soon as he was, there was a blue light that engulfed him entirely.

The last thing that Harry heard was the Ravenclaw's cry of shock and the Hufflepuff's cry of dismay.