Chapter Twenty-Two

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It had been exactly three days since Viktor had sent the letter and Port Key to Harry, in those three days Aiden had been watching the meddlesome old goat known as Albus Dumbledore and he had finally managed to get the old man's schedule down.

Now it was time to make his move.

Aiden sauntered up to the stone gargoyle that would lead the way to Dumbledore's office and merely snarled and swiped his claws. With a cry of indignation, the gargoyle jumped out of the way and revealed the entrance to the walk way that led to the tower.

He quickly scrambled his way up the stairs and used his magic to open the door. Aiden stopped however, when he saw Fawkes staring at him with interest in his black eyes as he ruffled his golden and red feathers.

"Who are you and why are you here, Half-ling?" Fawkes cooed quietly as he fluttered from his stand to sit on one of the arm chairs that Albus had.

"I'm looking for something to help Harry, you can't tell the old man or Harry will never return to normal." Aiden yipped softly as he padded around the room and went to look behind the large desk that sat in the middle of the room.

"Half-ling, show your-self too me, do not worry. I would never jeopardize the safety of the one of those who bears the blood of my true owner." Fawkes whispered as Aiden took a chance and transformed back.

Fox tossed his long blood-red hair behind his back and riffled through a couple of the drawers in the desk before he looked at the Phoenix with sharp eyes.

"What do you mean by that?" He asked with glowing golden eyes.

"Harry descends from the one who I first called my master. The very person who was there when I hatched from my egg is Harry's ancestor. Perhaps you should ask Harry, he knows his line very well, despite those who think him ignorant of our world; he is the one who truly knows far much more than it seems." The Phoenix spoke in a gentle tone and then asked, "What are you looking for?"

"A journal that once belonged to Salazar Slytherin." Fox said simply. To his astonishment, the very journal that he had been looking for appeared right in front of him and he didn't waste a moment before he had grabbed it and secured the journal in his arms.

"Thank you." He said to the Phoenix who merely waved his head from side to side.

"No thanks is needed, Young One." Fawkes sang a few notes before he cut him-self off.

"You have to hurry now. Dumbledore is coming, if he catches you, you'll never see Harry again! Now grab my wing, I'll take you somewhere safe!" He cried urgently and urged Fox to grab the tip of the wing he placed out.

When Fox grabbed it, the old Phoenix cooed softly and they were gone. Exactly five seconds before Dumbledore strolled into his office, as it so happens.

Tom , Narcissa and Lucius were just sitting down to have tea when they were interrupted in the form of Fox and that damned fire bird that Severus had told them about so many times before.

"What is this all about?" Tom asked as he tried to restrain his anger just so he wouldn't have the displeasure of inciting Harry's anger if he were to accidentally harm one of his oldest friends.

"I found it!" Fox cried with a grin as he waved the journal up in the air while span around in a circle with joy.

"The journal? You found it?! Really?!" Tom nearly shouted as he jumped- sorry, hm, hm, gracefully stood from his chair and just as gracefully walked over to Fox and stopped him from spinning to look at the half-Vampire with serious eyes.

"Yes, with help from Fawkes of course. Did you know that he knew Harry's ancestor, in fact, was his ancestor's familiar?" He asked as he placed the journal on the table.

"Well, we can get to that later; we need to get this to Harry before the old fool finds out that it's missing." Fox said seriously as he quickly shifted from happy and outgoing to serious and alert.

"Yes, I agree, but how?" Lucius finally spoke up.

All three of the men were at an impasse and just didn't know what to do. Until Narcissa spoke up, that is.

"Oh Dearest, I think I know someone who would be more than happy to oblige." She said as Fawkes trilled to get their attention.

"Hm, well he could get to Harry quickly without alerting Dumbledore, besides, if anyone who wasn't supposed to see anything saw Harry and Fawkes, they wouldn't dare turn on Harry. Most the school loves him because of his gentleness and his kindness and his surprising wisdom.

"Hell, even most of the Slytherin's will turn a blind eye to them because they respect his slyness. Those who don't like Harry won't say anything because they most likely know someone who absolutely adores him." Fox said with a wry grin as he handed the journal to Fawkes and watched the bird slip away from them all.

Harry was just on his way to visit his favorite professor and Draco when Fawkes appeared on his slim shoulder.

And within his talons was a journal.

Harry recognized it immediately a smiled brightly at the thought of having his true form back. The enchantment was good and all, but he wanted his true body back.

With Fawkes still secured to his shoulder he practically flew down the halls and to Severus' rooms.

"Harry, are you okay?" Draco asked worriedly after Severus had opened the door just before Harry shot through the door way as if something was after him.

"Oh yes, perfectly fine. Fox found the journal, most likely with Fawkes' help as he is the one to have given it to me just a few moments ago." Harry said happily as he collapsed on to the couch that had quickly become Harry's favorite.

"He found it, are you sure? If so, when are you going to reverse the spell?" Severus asked as he handed Harry a cup of tea.

"Hm, I was thinking of doing it before we go to the castle." He answered with a smile before he took a sip of the tea.

"That does sound good. So where are you going to do it?" Draco asked next as he sat down next to Harry.

"At your manor, of course." The smaller teen said with a nod of his head, making the announcement final.

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