Starfox Resurrection

Part 1: Lifting Kurse

'…'= Character says

"…"= Name/title/quote

*…*= Thought/sound/other

Prologue: Phantom

Star Phantom Audio Log; date 17 ALW, 19th September…

'Phantom here, *sigh*, G-Diffuser system malfunctions more and more and fuel shortages are high. Left wing is partially broken and the main hull has a lot of chunks in it. It's been six months since I set foot on an actual planet and two years since, *takes time to compose himself*, the accident. Disbanded, literally. Sounds rather amusing than actually painful and sad isn't it? *Angers himself* 'Who cares!? End of log!'

He closes the screen and lets out a small tear, only to wipe it away and smash into a screen with his fist.


'Argh, ouch, darn it! Well, I didn't need that screen anyway.'

He looks at the controls, only to find it messy and full of warning signals. As he looks down, he sees some scrap papers and used takeaway bags. *Hey, a candy bar* He then sees his own silver pants, ripped apart and with some blood. His rusty white fur was full of scars and infections that just look plain awful. *Jegh, it smells disgusting. Not that it hurts or anything. I don't feel a firkin' thing* His grey shirt looks exactly like his pants. He peeks at his leather gloves. They're surprisingly unscratched. He forms his hands into a fist and puts it over his eyes.

*Radar beeps*

'What the heck!? PAL, what's going on?'

'Unknown vessels approaching from behind'

'Finally, some action!'

He adjusts his G-Diffuser and turns around. While flying around the signal, he can't spot anything.

'PAL, what's going on? I can't see a vessel!'

'Recalibrating… Identity confirmed. Vessel is an unarmed Cornerain transport ship using Visual Jammers for protection against pirates.'

Phantom smiles, almost manically; 'Well, I'm not a pirate.'

'Your suggestion…'

His smile turned into an evil grin, and he feels a hollow laughter coming up. He can nearly condemn himself.

'Sir, you are frightening me, this is not the fox I used to know.'

'That's exactly the point PAL, he's been gone never since, well, you know. Now shut up and fly will ya!?'

'Y…yes sir.'

'Thank you'

As his ship moved in to the transport ship's location, Phantom leans into his chair and pulls his left glove off. He closes his eyes and rubs his chin, thinking.