It is said that before time itself, there were powerful beings who watched over the universe. These beings were descended from an ancient race that were gifted with unimaginable power and strength. Some had the power of people-speaking, others the tactical knowledge of the battlefield. The rarest, though, were the Benders, beings who could literally bend the fabric of time and space to their will. However, with their great powers came great responsibility. They had the power over life and death, over good and evil.

This power was originally intended to be used for the good of the people. Some time passed, and these beings lived peacefully with the simple-minded races who recognised them as their protectors. However, not all of the Benders used their powers for good.

A few Benders, known as the Dark Ones, were out-casted by their brothers for their use of the black arts-such that could only bring death and destruction. Angered, they joined forces and lay waste to the universe, enslaving countless galaxies and either slaughtering the inhabitants they were supposed to protect or turning them into un-dead minions who would obey every word and order of their new masters. Eventually, their power became so great they could destroy every planet with its entire population in a blink of an eye. These were truly the dark days of existence.

But somehow, one day, the universe woke up to discovering that all the Dark Ones were gone. Along with the remaining Benders, they had vanished. It was as if all records of them were erased from existence. But their deeds were not forgotten.

After their disappearance, the people of the many enslaved galaxies regained control over their planets again, and what was once the peaceful race who sought to bring justice and compassion to the galaxy were regarded as the most evil beings that had ever set foot in this dimension. If you asked anyone today about these beings, they would tell you forests of lies, passed down from generation to generation spreading the eternal stories of fear and hate. Why would they do this you say? People fear what they do not know. And boy, it is best if they never knew.

You must be wondering why I am telling you this. Why is this so important to me you ask? I shall tell you why. My name is Jinx, Daughter of High Priestess Astraea of the Pyxkiz, and I am the last Bender.

Okay, this is my first fan-fic, so please go easy on me-I'm new to all of this .