Jinx Erupts

The Blarg soldiers glanced at each other for orders. One of them suddenly yelled out in anger. "I don't care what are orders are!" He aimed his gun at Jinx. "This Exo's dead. Dead!" A hail of bullets sprang out towards Jinx. As they reached her though, they stopped in mid-air, as it they'd hit an invisible wall. The bullets bounced back against the invisible obstacle, which made small crackles of white light as they did. One by one, they all fell to the ground.

Several frightened murmurs were exchanged. Jinx looked at the Blarg with the itchy trigger finger. He stared at her in horror.

"I didn't sign up for this!" The Blarg threw his gun away and made a break for it. He sprinted for the nearest piece of cover he could see. Everyone watched his desperate attempt for freedom; except for Jinx.

Suddenly, a trail of white light swarmed into the space ahead of him. Before he could react, he hit something invisible. In the same way as his bullets, there was a flash of white light and he was pushed back onto the floor. The soldier rolled onto his stomach got to his feet, only for his knees to give way and he collapsed to the ground again.

Jinx sighed and rolled her eyes. As if something reacted to her action, an invisible force started to drag the soldier towards her and away from the wall. He cried and lashed out; trying to grab whatever was pulling him back.

Ratchet could feel some of the Blarg on top of him slowly climbing off the pile as they started distancing themselves from the girl before them. The force finally let go of the soldier, and he clambered to his feet. Now he was directly between Jinx and the rest of the Blarg.

Jinx finally moved. She brought her hands out in front of her, faced her palms towards each other, and clapped. The single sound echoed in the grove. The soldier was suddenly thrown back onto the ground with a loud WHOOSH, his skin now pale white with intricate blue symbols covering every inch of his body. He stared into the distance with his mouth slightly open. He was very much dead.

The silence was broken. Soldiers yelled and ran in all directions, all with the sole intention to save their own skin. When it seemed that they were clear of the danger they all hit the invisible wall and were thrown back onto each other. The other half started firing at Jinx, but all their bullets hit the wall around her and fell to the forest floor, just as before.

Jinx took a deep breath in, raised her arms again, and screamed. Flashes of the white light shot out from her and hit random soldiers. Each one of them fell with blue symbols, pale skin and distant expression.

The soldiers still on top of Ratchet now clambered over each other and tried to get away. Ratchet held his arms over his head in an attempt to avoid being trampled to death. He looked back at Jinx, who was facing the crushing pile on top of him. With a small grunt she pushed her arms out at them.

The soldiers were pushed off Ratchet in an instant. They lay on the ground and howled in agony, clutching parts of their bodies which were now coloured like their fallen comrades.

Jinx turned away from the sight and now watched a Blarg charge at her. He took out a machine gun and swung it at her. With a lazy swish of her arm, the soldier was stopped in his tracks and flew backwards into the air-directly into the invisible dome. Ratchet watched in horror as the wall pushed the soldier back again and straight into the opposite side over and over again, each time a loud CRUNCH coming from his bones.

His gun mimicked his actions, hitting the wall and bouncing off again; but not before discharging. Bullets fired out of the gun barrel as it recoiled against the wall sides, ripping into oblivious soldiers who squealed like mad pigs before becoming deathly silent.

Two thirds of the soldiers were now dead. A third remained trapped inside. They were either trying to dodge the bursts of bullets or still launching themselves at the wall in desperation. Ratchet got onto his hands and feet and started to crawl.

"I've got to find Clank." He thought.

More of the soldiers fell with mysterious skin pattern as Jinx let out another piercing scream. As if on cue, Ratchet saw Clank sprawled out by a tree root. He pushed himself onto his feet and ran. "Clank!" he yelled, as he became closer and closer towards the robot.

Just metres away from Clank's battered body, Ratchet hit the wall. In an instant, he was flung onto his back and gave out a small groan in pain. "No." He thought, "Please no." He got back up and slammed his fist into the abnormal shield. The white light pushed his fist back. He kept hammering his fists into the wall.

He tried calling Clank's name again. "Clank! Clank can you hear me?" A faint light flickered in the robot's eyes. He looked at Ratchet.

"Yes!" Ratchet smiled with relief. "Clank, are you alright?"

The robot suddenly looked over Ratchet's shoulder in alarm. Ratchet leaped to the side as a soldier tried to tackle into him. Instead he grabbed into thin air and crashed into the wall. Ratchet was certain he heard the guy's neck snap as he was forced back and into a small group of his team.

Finished screaming, Jinx looked at Ratchet. Her face was twisted in fury. She lifted her arm at him. Ratchet could suddenly feel a tight grip around his body and was taken off the ground. Several sparks of light flickered around Jinx's arm. The air around Ratchet was slowly starting to vibrate. A sudden flash of heat soared around him. He shook his head at her.

"Don't do it Jinx." He whispered, almost pleadingly. The heat intensified. As did the angry expression on Jinx's face.

"I know you're still in there Jinx." He started again, "Look around you. You've already won." Her face softened slightly and she looked at the madness she'd caused. "Please Jinx, you have to stop this."

Jinx slowly met Ratchet's gaze again. She looked at him up and down. He gave her a small comforting smile. "It'll be alright. I promise."

Suddenly, Jinx's face screwed up again. The moment was gone. She pushed her arm out at him, sending him backwards into the wall. Ratchet closed his eyes for the pain to come. For him to bounce back and forth across Jinx's prison. But it never came. Instead, he toppled backwards and hit something hard. As he opened his eyes, he saw he was in a bush. Not too far away was Clank's body. He was out of the dome.

He could barely make out the screams inside. There was only the sound of the ships high above, small bursts of gunfire, and the groaning of Clank's clogs.

On the other side of the invisible wall, Jinx hovered on the spot. She watched Ratchet in curious delight, before turning back to her prisoners. She delicately moved to the centre of the carnage and looked up at the sky. There was a small ripple in the air above her. Jinx brought her hands up and started to make a ripping action.

Ratchet, along with some of the soldiers, watched her continue to pull at what seemed to be nothing. All of a sudden, something formed above her. High above, a jagged rip became visible. Small bits of dried leaves and twigs from the floor started to rise up until they were sucked into the tear and disappeared into a thick darkness inside. As Jinx pulled harder, the rip became larger and more fallen debris was sucked up.

One of the Blarg yelped out as a small knife flew out of his pocket and into the rip. Another as several hand grenades proceeded shortly after. Rifles shot up into the air and vanished into oblivion. That was the moment a group of Blarg corpses started to shuffle. Their bodies were slowly raised up and small weapons flew off them and into the rip. As they entered the darkness, they disappeared. The Blarg suddenly realised what would happen next.

One of the soldiers screamed as his body rose towards the rip. He waved his arms around and tried to grab onto several other soldiers. Then another went up. And another, and another. The Blarg desperately tried to stay on the ground. They dug their fingers into the soil and held on as the vacuum tugged on their legs. The soldiers who began their entrance into the ghastly tear made final cries for help, before being cut short as they vanished inside.

Jinx ripped the tear even harder, and more of the pitch black inside was exposed. The vacuum became stronger and tore soldiers of the ground.

"R-Ratchet?" Ratchet looked towards Clank, who was looking up at Jinx in amazement.

"What is it?" He whispered.

"What d-do you think will hap-pen when she's f-finished with those soldiers?"

Ratchet sighed as the last of the soldiers was sucked into the rip. Jinx finally stopped pulling and let her arms fall to her sides. In turn, the sides of the tear pulled together and it disappeared from sight, as if it was never there.

"I think we're gonna find out, pal."

Jinx smiled in sick pleasure. She could feel it, all that power. She could do anything she wanted. Absolutely anything.

"Can you feel it?" The voice purred, "Can you feel the energy coursing through your veins?"

Jinx clenched her fists. "I can." She breathed.

"Then let it go."


"Let it all out and you'll be free of your miserable life!"

Jinx stopped. "What?" She tensed up. The energy inside started to die out. Her head spun, blurring her vision. She gasped for air. "What...what's going on?"

"No!" The voice cried, "Don't think about it! Embrace it."

Jinx clutched her head in pain and crumbled onto the ground. "What happened? What did you do?!" The voice started to fade away.

"Stop! You can't stop now! Listen to me. Listen to me!" The voice went silent. Jinx curled up and rocked herself back and forth.

"Control the fear Jinx." She murmured to herself, "Remember what mum said. Control the fear."

Something crept up from behind her. A steady hand touched her shoulder. Jinx gasped and scrambled away. She picked out her knife-edged tail and started slashing it around blindly.

"Stay back! Just stay back!" she cried.

"Jinx calm down." Her vision started to return. She was lying on the ground holding her tail end at Ratchet. Slowly, he grabbed her tail and pushed it away. "It's just me."

"Ratchet?" He extended a hand to her. She held it and was pulled to her feet. "What...why are we here? What just happened?" Something gleamed behind him. Jinx pushed him away and stared at it. Clank was trying to hoist himself into a sitting position using part of a tree trunk.

"Clank!" Jinx sprinted towards him. His exterior was badly dented all over. Instead of his usual bright green eyes greeting her as she came over, there was only a small flicker in one eye.

"Clank." Jinx bent down and helped him sit against the tree. "What happened to you?"

He titled his head at her. "You do not remember anything?"

"No! Please tell me what happened! Tell me who did this to you!"

"Jinx, enough!" Ratchet shouted. He walked over to her and sat her down beside Clank. She stared at him, shocked by his outburst.

"Jinx." He repeated in a softer voice. "It was the Blarg. They pinned us down after we extended the bridge."

She blinked then snarled with furrowed eyebrows. "Then where are they?" she yelled, "They're gonna pay for hurting Clank like that! They-"

"Jinx please," Ratchet interjected. "The Blarg are dead. You killed them all."

Jinx stared at him. Did he just say what she think he said? The colour in her face drained away. "What?" she faintly whispered.

Ratchet sighed as he repeated himself. "You killed the Blarg. Every last one of them."

Jinx slowly rose to her feet and backed away. "No." She clutched her head. Scenes were playing out before her. She could suddenly see exactly what had just happened. How she killed all those soldiers. How she opened that rift into a dimension she never even knew existed. Worst of all, she did it. Not that stupid voice; it just pushed her along. No, she did this, not the voice. It was her doing.

Jinx started to hyperventilate. A sharp breeze suddenly came out from nowhere. Ratchet raised his arm at her in caution.

"Jinx..." he said in a warning tone.

"No!" she cried, the breeze becoming even stronger. "No, no, no, no NO!" The winds blew around all three of them. She pressed her hands harder against her ears to block out the sound. She could hear the soldiers screaming. Crying. Begging for mercy.

"Jinx!" Ratchet yelled. The winds soon turned into a fierce gale, and put considerable strain on both the Lombax and the robot. Ratchet kept and arm over his face and bent closer to the ground to keep from blowing away.

"Jinx, calm down!"

"NO!" She was completely oblivious to the gales she was causing. All she could hear was the screams of the Blarg all around her.

Ratchet walked blindly towards Jinx. The symbols on her arms were starting to glow again. He had to do something before she got them all killed. He grabbed hold of Jinx's shoulder, lifted his free hand up, and slapped her across the face.

The winds retreated instantly. The glowing on Jinx's arms faded away. She slowly brought herself to look into Ratchet's eyes. His expression was angry; his arm was still raised from where it slapped her cheek.

"Would you quit it already!" he shouted at her. He was practically shaking from anger.

Jinx lifted her hand to her face. Something was building up in her eyes. Something she taught herself to hide ever since she was held in that bunker.

Ratchet's expression quickly went from mad, to confusion, to guilt. "Jinx? Are...are you crying?"

More tears trickled down her red cheek. Ratchet lowered his arm and started to panic. He had never dealt with something like this back in Veldin. At least never up close.

"No, no Jinx. I didn't mean..." He trailed off. Jinx stood staring at him and sobbed silently. Tears were now gushing out.

Ratchet mentally cursed himself. He'd never thought that anything was wrong with her when he picked her up from the bunker. She just seemed distant, but he'd passed that off as uneasiness from travelling with two strangers. But now...

Ratchet wrapped his arms around her and pulled her in. Jinx stopped crying for a moment and just froze up. What was he doing?

"I'm sorry." He whispered. "I didn't mean to hurt you. But you could have hurt Clank back there. Please, if I had known before..."

Jinx hugged him back. She sniffed loudly as more tears poured out.

"Apology accepted."

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