A/N - This story addresses many aspects of both Human and Vulcan sexuality, and therefore it is rated a strong T. Proceed accordingly. Strong content/spoiler warnings will appear as needed. Nothing will be graphic, and as always this is a slash-free zone. There will be notes in the epilogue for disclaimers and sources.

The Tides of Vulcan

"Omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in darkness and in miseries. In such a great desert do we now set forth. And we must take the winds when they serve, or lose our ventures."

- From "A Shakespeare Paraphrase" edited by Amanda Grayson


Vulcan has no moon.

It is a simple fact, long established. No one questions it.

Vulcan wants no moon.

Plainly stated, its few shallow oceans have only a small solar tide, its "months" are measured by stellar patterns and solar drift, its axial tilt is stabilized by the system's unusually large and stable complement of comets, and the biological cycles of its inhabitants are ruled, not by gravitational powers, but by an intricate balance of hormonal and mental imperatives that bind the males and females into an ancient ritualistic dance that incorporates physical and mental need so securely, that the flow of it may truly be said to have a tidal force. It is natural, elemental, and regular. It is also unstoppable.

Yet it is necessary - both men and women would die without it.

Vulcan needs no moon. . .