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Sequel to Caught

It's been years since Hannibal seen the outside world, the only images he's ever seen was from his own memory and the photo's Will sent him, 8 years since he's seen him and his little girl Abigail, she a photos very month, she grew into a beautiful young girl, her dark curly hair and bright blue eyes, hidden behind glasses, his favourite photo was of Abigail standing there with a huge grin on her face holding her missing tooth, it was the only photo that had Will in it and it was the only photo he looked at, at night before he slept.

Will sat up reading a book with his dog's at his feet, it was gone 9 and Abby was in bed a sleep he hoped, the little girl had a habit of turning on the tv to watched things she was not allowed to, he worried about his little girl sometimes, sometimes he can see Hannibal looking though her eyes when Abigail is thinking about something or when she chews her food, but he had to remember one he's locked up two she was as much his daughter as she his. A scream started Will making him jump dropping his book on the floor; he ran out the room and headed up the stairs "DADDY DADDY!" Abigail was screaming, he started running into the bed room and stopped.

She sat on the bed crying covered in sweat her eyes wide, Will walked over to her and pulled her close "Shhhh it's only a nightmare." He tells her letting his run though her damp locks "Just nightmare." He coos at her, she sniffed and cried onto his shoulder

"D…Daddy can I sleep next you." She looked up at him it broke his heart to see her like this."

"Of course sweety, but let's get you of these wet cloths." He said as he stood and let her stand "Go and get changed I will clean the bed." She sniffed and rubbed he red puffy eyes, she gets some new clothes and goes into the bathroom as Will stripped her bed of the damp sheets, he left the bed bare to dry, he was glad he brought a humidifier for times like this, he brought it into the room and turned it on before he turned to look at the little girl looking back at him.

They sat in his bed, she curled up against him holding onto him like he might disappear…Oooh so it was that dream…he thought, over the last year she been having nightmares where he gets killed, he is not sure how this thought got into her head but it has and many nights she wakes up screaming, the dark hair girl sniffed and curled closer to him "Shhhh I'm here Daddy is not going anywhere."

The next day brought unwelcome surprised, in the form of someone is cooking breakfast in his home, h woke up to find Abigail still curled next to him, he could smell bacon and eggs, "Ummm Daddy that smells good." She said looking up at him

"Yeah it does honey." He said, he picked her up not wanting to leave her alone and walked down the stairs. His heart was beating a hundred miles an hour and it was stuck in his throat, he got into the hall away at leads to the kitchen and living room, he carried on walking until he stood and looked at the man making scrambled eggs.

Hannibal looked up to see his two favour people looking back at him, Will had a stun scared look on his face will little Abigail buried her face in Will's neck "Good morning you two sleep like the dead, how does little Abigail makes it to school on time is beyond me." He said as he plated up the egg on to the plates

"Is that meat from my fridge?" Will asked

"Of course." Will set Abby down

"Go and eat your breakfast Flower."

"Yes Daddy." She walked over to the table with Will and sits next to him, Will watched as the escaped prisoner placed bacon on the plate and then sits down

"Hope you don't mind that borrowed some clothes." Hannibal said as he looked at Will,

"It's fine." He said as he picked up the fork and started eating, the curly hair girl sat there munching her breakfast,

"This good sir." She said smiling

"Thank you Abigail." Hannibal said with a smiled as he took a fork full and ate it, Will started eating as well his eyes never leaving the man next to him.

When they were finished Will turned to Abby and smiled softly "Flower why don't you go and have wash and get changed in to your clothes." He tells her, she looked at him and blinked

"Can I draw?" she said

"Of course once you are washed and dressed." She stood up and kissed Will on the cheek "Don't forget to brush his cheek." He tells her watching her run out the room, he turns to Hannibal

"Shall we do the dishes." He said, Will nods and helps him clear the dishes, Hannibal was washing and Will was drying, he picked up the plate and started drying it in circular patterns "She doesn't know who I am?" he asked

"She does but she never seem an image of you." The curly hair man said placing the plate on the counter

"You don't have any photo of me?" he asked

"The only image I have of you is in my mind." He said in a dead pan voice, Hannibal nods in agreement

"Understandable I did leave an ever lasting impression didn't I?" Will gave him a dark look as he place the another plate on the counter

"What is you plan Hannibal?" he asked

"The photos were not leaving me satisfied." He said looking at him with his dark brown eyes watching the man dry a cup

"So you thought you will play happy families until what your caught again or you kill and eat us?" Will asked putting the cup in the cupboard before facing Hannibal

"I don't plan on getting caught Will nor do I plan on Killing and eating you and Abigail." He said cupping Will's cheek "I like the new look, you shaved it's different." He tells him "Tho I am glad you kept the curly hair I do miss running hand though it." He said

"Hannibal, you tried to kill me and our daughter how can I trust you." He said, the dirty blonde shifted closer to him and pressed himself against Will's front

"I will never kill any where you two, I promise." He kissed Will's neck making the man shudder, he cursed himself for letting his body reacted the way it was, pulling away Hannibal smiles "I can smell you fear Will, you're scared of me?"

"I'm scared of what you will do." He answered back, cupping both his cheeks Hannibal leaned in and kissed Will on the lips, the curly hair man sucked in his breath and found himself kissing back.

"DADDY!" came the yell as Abigail came down the sitars, Hannibal pulled away with a lazy smile

"What are you going to do Will call the police or shoot me." He whispered in his ear, Will swallowed and moved out of Hannibal's gip and walked over to Abigail who stood here in pig tails and a pink dress, she looked up at her Daddy

"Are you okay Daddy?" she asked as he picked her up, Will looked at her and smiled as he pushed her glasses up her nose

"Flower I would like you to met your father." Hannibal smiled as he walked over to them, the curly hair girl looked at Will and then back at Hannibal

"Father? But you said he lived Afri…kar and that is why you sad?" She said

"I came back because Daddy was sad; I've come to make him happy again." She gave Hannibal and looked, looking him up and down and then held her hands out for a hug, Hannibal took her from Will's arms and held her close looking at the man who still hand worried eyes, Abigail looked at him

"If you up set Daddy again I will hurt you like that mean doggy." Will pinched the bridged of his nose and sighed before looking at Hannibal

"She is your daughter and she is mine there was bound to be problems."