"Abby go and play with your toys me and your father need to talk." He said to the little girl, she nodded and was put down by Hannibal, she gave him a toothy grin before hugging Will,

"Can I watch TV?" she asked her blue eyes

"As long it isn't anything that will give you ideas or nightmares." He said with a soft smile

"B…But that leaves the baby channels." She pouted

"Go and watch cartoon network." He tells her, she hummed and ran into the living room turning on the TV, the minute the TV was put on all of their dogs piled into the living room with Abigail.

Hannibal watched from the kitchen with amusement at the group in the living room "TV Will?" he asked, the curly hair man shrugged

"It keep her happy, the only problem I have is when she watched Teen wolf or Supernatural." He said with a small shrug, the escaped prisoner looked at him waiting for him to continue "She will think she is a wolf or a demon, or even a hunter." He said with a small smile he then turned to Hannibal "Let's go out back, she has good ears."

They sat out on the porch looking out into the large open space, "I thought you would move somewhere safe." Hannibal said, Will looked out into the fields and gave a tight smile

"I like it here; it's open full of space, good clean air…"

"Middle of now where and any Psycho can walk in." Hannibal added, Will looked at him

"What like you?" he asked

"That is my point; any psycho can walk in it just so happens to me." He said, looked at the dark hair curly man, Will sighed and rubbed his face "Are you going to tell me about the dog Abigail killed?" he asked


"Will!" Hannibal warned as he touched his shoulder only to get a flinched out of him and a worried look on Will's face "Will." He whispered "You don't have to be afraid of me I will not hurt you, I promise I just want to take care of my family." He tells him

"I…it wasn't a dog it was a wolf, and it was already hurt and it attacked me when I was putting the washing out, Abigail saw this and from the kitchen door and came running out…"


"She picked up the small garden fork…" he stopped and bite his lip "… and stabbed the wolf." He said with a shaky breath, Hannibal can tell he was reliving the moment and he placed a hand on his knee

"Will what she did is a normal reaction, she saw her 'mother' being attacked by a wild animal and she came to defend you." He tells him, Will give him another tight smile

"What is your plan Hannibal?" Will asked, the dirty blonde ran his fingers though his own hair and smiled at the curly hair man.

"I want to live with my family, to take us somewhere where we can be out free and raise your little girl." Will watched him

"We're not moving." Will tells him, Hannibal looked at him with a smirk

"No of course not, not yet any way."

Still unsure about having a man who sliced him open in his house with his daughter, but he had to admit he has missed waking up to the smell of comforting food, he let out a shaky sigh as he turned the corner to find something red on the floor, panic started fill him as he see more deep red blobs on the floor "ABIGAIL!" He followed the red pattern on the floor until he found his baby girl sat in the bathroom coved in red paint

"Will are you alright?" Hannibal asked looking at the man

"I…I saw red on the floor and I thought…I thought…"

"You thought I did something unforgivable?" he asked looking at him, Will gave him a dark look as if say don't go there

"You did once." Will answered

"Daddy, I'm sorry for the mess, I wanted to paint a for you and father." She grinned, Will's face soften and smiled softly as he looked at her

"I'm sorry flower my mind sometimes runs away with fear, let your father bath you I will clean up the blood…PAINT I mean paint!" he said walking away shaking his head.

Abby turned to Hannibal and looked up at him with deep blue eyes as he tried to wash the red paint out of her hair "Is Daddy okay?" she asked

"Yes, he is a little stressed with having me back." He tells her, she hummed and looked at her hand

"Look my fingers are wrinkly." She giggled and she wiggled her fingers at him, Hannibal smiled at her and washed the last red out of her hair

"There we go, all squeaky clean." He smiled at her ash he pulled her out the bath tub


"Yes princess." He called her; she giggled again and looked at him as he dried her

"Are you and Daddy going to get me a brother or sister?" Hannibal stopped and looked at the innocent face that olds a faint scar on her cheek, he smiled at her and put a nighty on her

"Well me and your daddy will have to talk about that, would you like one?"