One morning in June Will woke up, he didn't right he sat up and looked over at Hannibal who was a sleep and Abigail sleeping in-between the two of them, he let out a smile and the dropped it again, he could feel his stomach move and churn "Oooh no." Will thought as he got out of bed and ran to the loo. Hannibal woke up just as well said 'Oooh no' and then watched him make the mad dash t to the bathroom, their little girl was still a sleep in the bed so he gently got out of the bed and padded after Will, when he heard retching sounds as he reached the bath room he gave a slight frown as he walked into the room to see Will on his knees in front of the toilet throwing up, Hannibal knelt beside him

"How long has this being going on for?" he asked

"Ju…Just the last we…ek." He said gagging a bite

"Oh Will why didn't you say anything?" he asked as he watched the dark curly hair man sit back against the bath, Hannibal flushed the toilet then sat down both looking at each other, well Hannibal is trying to burn holes with his gaze at Will, while Will has his eyes closed "Will?" Hannibal says softly

"I'm scared, after what happen last time I'm scared." He said opening his eyes and looking at Hannibal

"I understand but it will be different this time around." He says

"Will it Hannibal; Abigail could have died because of you." He said to him as he stands up to clean his teeth

"And I am sorry for that Will, I think about my actions and what I've done to both of you and I regret them both." He tells Will as he warps his arms around him and watches Will brush his teen.

After spitting out the toothpaste, Will throw water onto his face "What will you do?" Hannibal ask

"Go to the doctors to get it conformed I don't want to get my hopes up for our flower's hopes." He finished saying as he turned around to look at the dirty blonde man,

"Of course."

"Daddy, Father!" came the little voice, both turned around to see the young dark hair girl standing there with her teddy looking up at her

"Flower its 5am why don't you go back to bed?"Will said softly

"Hi heard talking." She said

"We're sorry Will and I were so loud." Hannibal said with a small smile

"No not you two outside, I heard voices outside." She said, Hannibal and Will looked at each other as Will picked up Abigail.

Hannibal went to look at the window and saw three men standing outside the house "Polices?" Will asked

"No, not sure who they are, you and Abigail find somewhere to hid and stay there!" Hannibal said


"Will do you understand me!" the blue eye man nodded and moved away to find somewhere save with his little girl

"Daddy what is going on?" she said holding onto his tightly

"Shhhh it will be okay just hold onto me and keep your eyes closed." Will whispers to her as he climbs into the attic.

Hannibal closed the attic door behind them and walked down stairs to where he front door busted open "What are you doing in my house!" Hannibal said, the three men work mask and looked at the older man

"Where is Will Graham." The tallest of the three asked

"He moved out a week ago, I live here now." Hannibal replied as he moved into the kitchen and behind the counter

"Don't be smart ass hole all we want is Will Graham!" the other said, Hannibal cocked his head to side and looked at them

"And what do you want from him to make you break into my house at 5am?"

"We're going to kill him and his kid to." Hannibal's eyes turned to the shortest one, his eye now dark with this new information

"Kill them why?" he said, one of the masked men pulled out a gun and shot Hannibal in the arm, he fell to the floor as he held his arm, breath out heavy bursts of air, the taller on walked over to him and pressed his foot onto Hannibal's wounded arm

"It is none of your business now tells us where they are!" the taller one shouted

"They are in the shed!" He said, the three men looked at each other and then back at the ex-doctor.

They dragged Hannibal out to the shed which was as far from the house as it could be, the dirty blonde fumbled with the lock and open the door, the three men walked inside where Hannibal locked the door behind them, he let out a dark smiled as he pressed a couple of buttons and walked away, he could hear muffled tries to get out of the large walk in freezer, he walked inside and went to the attic where Will and Abigail was hiding, he pulled the cored and moved out the way of falling object placed there by Will, some looked like could do some real damage "Will it's me it's okay I got them trapped in the freezer." He said "Will's head poked out and looked down

"You're hurt!" Will said as he climbed down with Abigail

"I'm find it was only my arm."

"Only your arm my arse."

"Daddy?" Abigail said Will looked down at her

"Flower go and get me father's medical bag." The brown hair girl nods and runs off "You should go to the hospital." He said

"And have them find out where I have been living?" Hannibal said "You know they will take Abigail from us." Will shook his head and smiled at him

"I would have to kill them first."