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Chapter 2

Sarah Lyons nodded at the guards as they opened the door for her to pass through. Her fellow members of the Lyons Pride flanked her on both sides, they still felt very protective of their leader, ever since she had almost died activating the water purifier. She entered the main room of the GNR Plaza (Galaxy News Radio) and found Three Dog with his feet up, with a bag of snacks between his legs. He turned his head and smiled at Sarah, before turning back towards his equipment.

"Well hello there princess, what ya got for me?" Three Dog said, not even bothering to make eye contact.

Sarah walked forward and threw down a small bundle of paper "News from South DC and Rivet City. Not much going on, to tell the truth."

Three Dog sat up straight in his chair and began to flick through the papers. "What you don't find notable princess, I'm sure many of us will. We don't all live the exciting life of the Brotherhood Of Steel."

Sarah rolled her eyes and looked around the room "Evidently." She said turning to exit the room. "oh before I leave, anything going on up north, Megatons way?"

Three Dog shrugged "Not much, although I hear Vault 101 has sent a trading mission to Megaton." He said, not even turning from his papers.

Sarah paused for a minute. "Vault 101...101...where have I heard that before?"

Three Dog paused and turned to face Sarah "You're kidding right? That's old Lucas's vault."

Sarah's eyes widened. She was one of the very few people who knew of the nature of Lucas's last visit. He had told her after blowing up an Enclave base of seemed like a long time ago since he had shared that small piece of information. "Jesus. Lucas is in Megaton isn't he?"

Three Dog shrugged and carried on flicking through his papers. Sarah sighed and signalled for her men to leave. "Thanks Three Dog, it's been a pleasure, as usual." Sarah said turning for the door.

"Don't be a stranger, princess. Perhaps you should go up and visit the new arrivals to our fair wasteland? I know you Brotherhood types like to keep a lid on what's going on."

Sarah didn't respond, she just waved over her shoulder, without turning around.

Part 2

Amata waved another group of her brahmin through the gates of Megaton. It turned out that the surplus food supplies from the recycling plant in Vault 101 were highly desirable on the surface world. Lucas had introduced Amata to several traders, who had snapped up hoards of her supplies. They were selling so many Amata was considering setting up a permanent stall in the city, after all these particular supplies were practically limitless. She had been so worried, that first day they arrived in Megaton, that she would find none willing to trade with her. But Lucas, and even Butch for that matter, seemed to know exactly what to do. Since they had declared their involvement things had begun to move very fast for the group. Trading was at all time high, and people were actually seeking them out. And not only that, Lucas seemed to have forgiven her, for the most part at least. They had spent a night together about a week ago now. She still found him placing himself next to her, putting an arm around her waist or squeezing her hand in difficult situations. Now Amata thought about it, the two had always been in love. But love was complicated in a vault, there were rules, regulations and status's to uphold. Up here though...things were different, things were more relaxed...people were free. Officer Gomez entered the city with the Brahmin and handed Amata a clipboard.

"Five hundred tins of processed crap. I can't believe they love this stuff so much up here."

Amata smiled and looked over the clip board. "Good work, put the goods in Lucas's house, he said we can keep them safe there until we need them."

Officer Gomez nodded and motioned to his helpers to move the Brahmin to the outside of Lucas's house. "Where is the Lone Wonderer anyway?"

Amata giggled "I don't think he likes us calling him that. Last I checked he was talking to some blonde thing about setting up trading connections with a little settlement outside of town."

Officer Gomez raised an eyebrow "A blonde thing? Wow, Amata, never had you down as the jealous type."

Amata smiled and rolled her eyes "I'm not jealous, and I have no idea what you're talking about."

Officer Gomez winked and with a smile turned to help his men unpack the Brahmin. They weren't together, not really anyway. They were just...Amata didn't know. She had never done any of this before, everything about the surface world was new and exciting, and she loved every minute of it.

She turned back toward Moriarty's bar and found Lucas waving at the blonde girl he had told her about. He was stood next to the atom bomb, after which the town was named. With a slight hop in her step she approached Lucas who turned and smiled when he noticed her. He greeted her with a tight hug and small peck on the cheek.

"So, who was that?"

Lucas jabbed a thumb over his shoulder. "That? Lucy West her name is. She's from a small village to the north-west of here called Arefu. And they want a hundred cans off what you're selling."

Amata's eyes widened "A-A hundred? Christ if they keep going at this rate we'll run out again. I only brought five hundred with me."

"Yeah, but that stuff is practically limitless in the vault isn't it? People love it up here. I know its bland and tasteless but it's also quick, simple and filling. Perfect for life in the Wasteland."

Amata nodded, and grabbed his hand. She didn't ask how he knew this Lucy, but he seemed to know her well. He had been talking about her family to Amata, which made Amata weary of the nature of their past relationship. But she didn't bring it up, she didn't want to seem jealous...part of her felt she hadn't the right to. The two of them began to move back to Moriarty's bar to discuss how to better engage themselves out in Wasteland politics. Lucas said it was essential they become good traders, it means people rely on them for goods and when people rely on you, you have more influence. He believed that if Amata was willing to let outside traders inside the Vault, Vault 101 could become another key settlement in the capital wasteland, just like Megaton and Rivet City. This was something Amata was hesitant to do and so, every night, a whole bunch of them would discuss how to implement such reforms without stirring up trouble in the Vault.

Tonight was different though, as they approached the entrance to the bar they found Butch waiting for them outside, lighting a cigarette. When Amata and Lucas got closer to him Butch shoved the box of cigarettes into Lucas's hand. Lucas raised an eyebrow.

"I'm okay man, I don't fancy a smoke right now." Lucas said, shrugging to Amata.

"Not yet you don't, you will in a second."

"Why? What's happened?" Amata asked, stepping forward a bit. Although successful her trading mission was still rather fragile, anything could shake it of course.

Butch shook his head "Lyons is in there."

Lucas rolled his eyes "What she doing this far north? Brotherhood types usually keep to the city ruins."

Amata waved her hand in Lucas's face. "Sorry to interrupt but did you just say lions were in the bar?!"

Lucas and Butch giggled to each other as Lucas placed a cigarette in his mouth and lit it. "Sarah Lyons my dear. She's the head of The Brotherhood Of Steel's special forces."

" I've heard of that Brotherhood thing."

Butch leant in a little closer "Its okay, we're all good friends but she tends to make Lucas...smoke. She's a little intense."

Amata raised an eyebrow. "O...kay then..."

"What does she want? Help with something?" Lucas asked

"She didn't say." Butch replied, flicking his cigarette into the unknown. "She's just drinking in there like she's a normal person, with three other of those Pride people. Its creepy."

"She's drinking like a normal person?...yikes. That is creepy."

Butch and Lucas laughed but Amata didn't quite understand what was happening. Lucas motioned for her to follow them inside the bar. So she did, not quite knowing what to expect. But she grabbed Lucas's hand and he gave her a little squeeze. It made her smile, that he was willing to do this public meant he wasn't embarrassed of his naive friend. Suddenly this Special Forces Lyons person didn't seem so daunting.

That was until she saw her. Sarah Lyons was strikingly beautiful. Her hair was straw blond and she was obviously in good shape. I guess she would be, in her job and all. She was sat at the bar, with two others in similar clothing. Strange leather tunics, trousers and boots, it looked like a uniform of some kind. Lucas sighed heavily before approaching. Sarah turned to and saw them enter, before smiling and giving them a small wave. The two men turned and pumped a fist into their chests.

"Pride and honour, brother." They said before turning back to their drinks.

To Amata's surprise Lucas put his hand to his chest and said "Pride and Honour brothers" in return.

Amata raised an eyebrow "um...what was that?"

Sarah stood up from her stall "Didn't the moron tell you? He's part of the Lyons Pride team."

Lucas turned to Amata and scratched the back of his head "Technically I'm only part time. Like a step brother."

Amata didn't understand but the two men laughed to themselves as he said it. Sarah walked forward and embraced Lucas in a massive hug. To Amata's surprise, given everything she had seen and heard, Lucas hugged her back.

"No power armour?" Lucas said as he let go of her "That makes a change."

"Oh please." Sarah said standing up straight "You've seen me in a lot less."

Amata's eyes widened What the hell did she mean by that?

Lucas fidgeted a little "Um..well..."

"And Butch , not drunk. That really does make a change."

"We'll soon fix that." Butch said as he approached the bar. Lucas and Sarah rolled their eyes in unison.

"Just need Sydney and Fawkes and we'd have the whole gang." Sarah said before turning to Amata "And this must be the legendary Amata. Nice to finally meet you. Although a little surprising, from what I heard you vault types are a reclusive bunch."

Amata bowed her head slightly "Nice to meet you to." I think

Lucas waved a hand "Okay, okay. Pleasantries out of the way. Not to seem rude Sarah, but why are you this far north? I haven't seen you in Megaton since...well after the celebrations."

Amata tilted her head "celebrations?"

Lucas turned to her "After we defeated the Enclave forces."

Butch laughed at the bar "Oh yeah. We partied for like a month. Sheriff here even put on what passes for a parade in these parts. We're all god damn heroes, remember?"

Sarah smiled and looked back to Amata. "I'm here to do you a favour Lucas. We're about to patrol the North-South trade route, we don't normally allow traders to come with us but I thought...well, I owe you. I thought your vault 101 pals would like to join us."

Lucas's eyes widened "You would let them come with you?!"

Amata waved her hands "Wait, wait, what? Whats that mean?"

Lucas turned to Amata "It means you would be given the opportunity to trade with most of the big settlements in the capital a trading caravan. You could form links with the Underworld, The Citadel, Rivet City..."

"Make a good enough impression and traders would start to seek you out here in Megaton." Sarah interrupted

Lucas nodded enthusiastically "It would be an economic steam press. Vault 101 could become a major player over night...but..."

Amata raised an eyebrow "But what?"

Lucas waved a hand dismissively "You're not ready for that Amata. Travelling across the capital wasteland? You've barely got to grips with Megaton. It may be too much, too fast."

Sarah shrugged and went to sit back at the bar "Its up to you, but most merchant caravans would kill to travel with us. We'd be the best bodyguards in the business, if we were bodyguards that is."

Amata turned to Lucas "This would help us right? Make us major players?"

Lucas squinted his eyes "Depends if you survive the experience. I could go with you..."

Sarah turned from the bar "That may be tricky. You and Butch are needed at monument tower. They've been under siege for days and the Brotherhood is putting together a team to lift the siege. I've been asked to request your assistance in the matter."

Lucas scratched his chin "Why can't the Lyons Pride do it?"

"We're patrolling the North-South trading route for a month, haven't you been listening?"

Lucas sighed before turning back to face Amata "You really think you can do this?"

Amata looked across to Sarah, who sat at the bar, sipping her drink. Whoever she was she seemed to know Lucas well, and they seemed to be friends. She couldn't help but feel jealous of her, Sarah hadn't known the Lucas from this world long. Amata was still new, inexperienced, naive. She couldn't connect with him when he and Butch talked about the issues affecting the big wide world. But she wanted to, she began to realise she didn't just want Lucas's affection, she wanted his respect as well. She didn't want him to coddle her, she wanted to be able to walk and talk with same confidence he had...the same confidence this Lyons woman had.

"I'll put together a small team. Three people, that okay?" Amata asked Sarah

Sarah shrugged "Seems fine to me."

Lucas put his head in his hands. "I'm going to need to teach you a few things."

Butch laughed and raised his drink "And the Overseer steps up to the real world! Thats our girl!"

Amata smiled but only outwardly. On the inside she began to scream. What the hell am I doing?