I lied! 'Tis not a one-shot~

5 am. (And... oh, look! Another coincidence; it happens to be 5 am right now. Go figure.)

Cyborg walked casually into Ops center, whistling a tuneless ditty as he carried his coffee mug from the kitchen to the couch, happy for once to be the first one up...

When he saw that it was already occupied.

There was Raven, reading her book as usual and sipping a mug of tea, with a... green cat across her lap? Cyborg rubbed his human eye with his fist to make sure he wasn't mistaken. But no; there was Beast Boy... as a cat... sprawled across Raven's lap.

"Uh... Raven?" his voice came out a mere squeak.

"Yes?" the resident empath had a patient tone.

"Who'ya got there with you?"

Raven moved her book to the side, glancing down at Beast Boy, then up at Cyborg.

"Who do you think?"

Cyborg rolled his eye. "Yeah; I know it's BB... But you're okay... with him... just sittin' there?"

Raven rolled her eyes soon after. "He is not sitting. The word is sleeping."

"Right. My bad... But you're okay with that?"

Raven was nearly glowering. "Yes; apparently we were both up all night."

Cyborg 'meeped' — slightly disturbed — and hurriedly left the room.

"Weirdo," Raven and Beast Boy mumbled in unison.

Later that morning, Robin casually asked Cyborg why he looked so disturbed.

"N-no reason." he said quickly, the images that Raven unintentionally implied flashing across his thoughts again, and shuddered.

Oh gosh this chapter sucked.