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It was a quiet day in Jump City, California. The sun was peeking from behind the white fluffy clouds that were floating across the light blue sky.

Across from the city on a tiny island was a not-so tiny 'T' tower. Five extraordinary teens were slumbering the morning away in their rooms.

However, one was not sleeping. Raven was fidgeting in her sleep. She mumbled unintelligible words and winced. Beads of sweat dripped down her face. She grinded her teeth and kicked off the covers.

"Ahhh!" Raven screamed. Raven looked around, examining her surroundings. She breathed heavily, her heart racing.

At least no one heard me.

Knock, knock ,knock.

Raven got up and slid her door open so that you could barely see her face.

Beastboy stood there, twiddling his green thumbs. "Well, I heard you scream an' I was wondering if you were okay…" he mumbled.

Raven blinked slowly. " I'm fine" she said in her normal deadpan voice.

Raven started to shut her door, but she saw a green bug fly under the door. Raven watched, annoyed, as the bug morphed into Beastboy.

"Get out of my room, Beastboy" Raven growled.

" No, Raven. Something is bothering you. Animals know when something is wrong. Your upset, I can sense it. I won't leave until you tell me whats wrong".

Raven huffed and stood her ground. After several minutes, Beastboy still stood there. Raven finally gave in.

" Fine Beastboy. I'll tell you. I had a nightmare. Happy?"

Beastboy blinked and slowly walked over to Raven. He put his bright green hand over Raven's pale gray hand.

Raven looked into Beastboy's eyes. Beastboy looked at Raven. No longer did he see a sarcastic half-demon empathy. This time he saw a fragile girl in need of comfort. Beastboy hugged Raven and she hugged him back.

Soft sobs were coming from Raven. She let out all her pain and frustration roll out of her body. Raven found comfort in Beastboy's arms. Tears stained Beastboy's sleeves, but he didn't care.

Raven looked up at him. " Thank you, Beastboy. I feel… better now that you're here". Raven smiled at Beastboy.

Beastboy blushed. "Well, I'll just be going now…" he said nervously.


Beastboy turned back to Raven.

"What if I have the nightmare again?"


If you were to look into Raven's room ( Without her killing you ) you would see Raven sleeping peacefully, with Beastboy by her side.

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