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Kira's pov

My life sucks. Why am I being shipped off to an all girls' school in Texas? I'm going to get an accent. I'm going to turn into a country bumpkin. This is not happening. I cried and screamed all the way to the airport.

Somehow my dad got hold of heaps of photos of me kissing heaps of different guys, and he thought sending me off to an all girls' school would 'get me away from reality for a while so I can clean up my act.' Stupid parents, I'm not going to have anyone to have fun with on Friday nights. Sucks to be me.

Ally's pov

It's been about 3 months since Austin and I have gotten back together, and today is the last day of year eleven.

Oh, and I've heard that Kira has been sent off to an all girls school in Texas, something about her dad receiving photos of her in all her slutty glory.

So that's good, but it wasn't me or Trish, so I have no idea who ended up sending them.

I was at my locker, taking out all of my textbooks and school supplies, and cleaning it up for next year. I felt a familiar presence behind me and smiled when I felt those warm soft lips come and connect with my neck, leaving a trail of warmth in their wake.

"Morning Alligato-" he was cut shot mid-sentence by me turning and pulling his face towards mine, kissing him softly.

"Mmm well, that was a nice greeting." He said smirking after we'd finished. "I'd like to be greeted like that every day."

"Oh please, I already do greet you like that every day." I say rolling my eyes.

"Yeah, true, but everyday it feels like the first time. So I guess you might have to get used to be doing it every day, because I'm never going to have enough." He whispered suddenly, pulling me in by my waist.

"And what if I don't?" I whisper back, looking up into his eyes.

"Well then I'd just do this." He said before leaning in so our lips were just millimeters apart, before pulling away and walking off down the hall.

He knew I wasn't going to like that, so he wasn't surprised when I suddenly appeared in front of him and yanked him down by his collar.

"Hmm, I guess I will have to do it every day." I say slowly in a low voice, tracing his jawline with my index finger, making him shiver.

"Mmm Hmm." He nodded, his eyes already drooping slightly. I could tell I was having an effect on him, so I thought I'd have some fun. I leaned forward and kissed his sweet spot, glancing up briefly to find his eyes had turned dark.

I loved how I could do this to him so easily.

"Ally, you'd better stop, I don't know if sex in the janitors closet will be very comfortable." He said in a low husky voice.

"Well, it was pretty comfortable in your bed the other night, so I guess we could have a change in surroundings." I murmur into his neck while I continue kissing him.

Yes, you heard right. Last Saturday night… in Austin's amazingly soft bed.

Well of course. His parents own a mattress store.

There was nobody in the deserted hallways yet, and we had to come to school 4 hours early (I don't even know why they wanted us that early, it's ridiculous if you ask me) to serve a detention for kissing… intensely… in class. The detention teacher was ill though, so we had to stay at school for 4 hours before everyone else arrived.

"Maybe we could have a change of surroundings, we still have three and a half hours." He said hopefully.

"No Austin. I'm not having sex with you in the janitors closet." I say rolling my eyes, smirking as I stepped away. "As much fun as I had on Saturday, I don't plan on getting dishwashing liquid stuck in my hair all day."

"Aww, damn." He said pouting back at me, feigning disappointment.

"But, since you said we have three and a half hours until school starts, and your parents aren't home for a week, we could just, you know, stop off at your house for an hour or two." I say winking.

As soon as he realized what I meant, and grabbed me by the hand, pulling me out of school and into the parking lot. We got in the car and drove all they way to his house, stopping to kiss at every red light.

The second we got out of the car, our lips were attached and we were moving towards the front door. Austin fumbled around trying to stick the key into the lock while we were still kissing, but he managed to open it. He scooped me up and ran up the stairs, carrying me bridal style before dropping me down on the bed while he yanked off his shoes.

Once he got on his amazingly soft cloud-bed, I straddled him while I unbuttoned his shirt. I threw it away and it landed somewhere in his big room, I didn't even bother to check before I was flipped over, and in the blink of an eye Austin was balancing his weight on top of me. I looked into his eyes.

Needless to say, we ended up skipping school that day.

One, because we were kinda busy… all day…

And two, because when we were finished being… busy… I wasn't capable of movement, so there wasn't really any point of going back to school at 1pm, which was after we'd finished being… busy…

"Ally Dawson, I love you and I always will." Austin said after we'd rested for a while.

"Austin Moon, I love you too, and I always will." i say back simply.

Of course, this triggered another make out session, leading to more… buisiness.

I didn't know what my future held, but I knew that this amazing, wonderful, sexy ass boy would be in it, and that made me veryhappy.

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