A very brief little birthday mathom written in 2009 for our beloved Shirebound! Happy birthday, dear!

A Moment of Tranquility

"Sam!" Rose called softly.

Sam came from the kitchen where he had been putting away their purchases from the market. He and Rose had taken advantage of Mr. Frodo's offer to watch baby Elanor for a while, to go down and pick up a few needed items.

"What is it?" he asked.

She put her finger to her lips, and gestured towards the sitting room; Sam glanced in and smiled.

Mr. Frodo was reclined in the big armchair, his feet upon the footstool, with little Elanor snuggled in his arms. His face was relaxed in peaceful sleep, as was hers, her little thumb in her mouth; and his dark curls mingled with the golden curls of the baby on his shoulder.

Rose walked over and took a coverlet from the back of the settee, and turned to tuck it carefully over both the sleepers, giving each a gentle kiss on the forehead before turning to meet Sam's shining eyes.