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Chapter One: Can You Not Lie To Me!

The Doctor and Rose walked through the streets of New New York. The Doctor had regenerated into a new Doctor. Instead of his classic leather jacket, shirt, black pants and boots, he wore a suit with a tie and a trench jacket, at times when he's reading; he wears fake glasses because according to him it makes him look cleaver. Instead of his short dark brown hair, he had longer light brown hair which sat around his head. Rose hadn't changed at all except for her hair and the fact that she still didn't understand if the Doctor loved her or now. She hoped every night that he'd come into her room at night and cuddle with her like he used to do in his last life.

The Doctor and Rose just cured a shit load of people from every disease in the universe. Rose hated seeing the people locked away in the little cells. They had small clear warts like things on their skin and could barely have a conversation. All those people really said was 'Help Me' and want to know what it felt like to touch another person. Luckily, the Doctor's idea helped the people with the cure and now there's a new race of people.

"What do we do now?" Rose asked. The Doctor had his hands in his pockets as they walked very slowly. "Do you want to look around or get something to eat?"

"Oh I wouldn't mind a look around." The Doctor replied with his new smile. He took Rose's hand and dragged her around the shops telling her all these amazing things about the past and meanings of some items. Rose wasn't even remotely interested to be honest, all she wanted to do right now was sleep but she also want to run and get lost in the massive crowd of people old and new.

A couple of minutes later, Rose made up her mind of what she wanted to do. She watched the Doctor go into full detail of the spaceship figurine making hand gestures and sound effects. "Hey, what's that?" Rose said and pointed. She put on a fake smile and ran into the crowd. It was a very large crowd, perfect to get lost in. Rose kept running until she couldn't hear the Doctor's voice calling her name anymore, and after that she ran around some corners. Rose stopped in an alley way and went into the shadows. She looked around herself, there was nothing but sadness. What did the Doctor mean? I love you too but . . . Rule One: The Doctor Lies. Was he talking about her life? That she's not allowed to spend her whole life with him because it was against Time Lord Laws or was it about him loving her. She really hoped it wasn't about the love that she thought he was going to give to her. The more Rose thought about it, the more depressed she came.

Her head hurt so much, it felt like it was about to explode. After a couple of seconds of silence, she broke down into tears. She slid down the alley wall and hugged her knees to her chest.

Hours later, the Doctor found her asleep. There was a homeless man with her who had given Rose his jacket for a blanket. The Doctor walked up to the man and gave him fifty dollars. "Spend it wisely." The Doctor said. The homeless man gave the money back and quickly took his jacket before running off. "Wait! I wanted to say thank you!"

The man didn't stop running and the Doctor couldn't leave Rose. He looked down at Rose then back at the homeless man who had disappeared. The Doctor crouched down and picked up Rose bridal style. He slowly walked her back to the TARDIS. Rose muttered a few words on the way back to the TARDIS but when he arrived, Rose said something that made the Doctor stopped and think about her. "I love you . . . Doctor."

The Doctor stroked her cheeks with his fingers and lay down with her, cuddling her up to his chest. He snaked his arms around her waist and pulled her closer.

"Oh, if you only knew how I felt about you, Rose Tyler." The Doctor said resting his chin on the top of her head.

"You love me," Rose replied. She was dreaming that she and the Doctor were having a conversation about their actions when the alien space ship was in her head, all the cuddling, holding hands even more, occasional kisses on the cheeks and the big one, when she ran up to him, wrapped her legs around his waist and kissed him. That was the worse memory ever but it was also the best memory ever.

"But you lied to me!" Rose started to shiver. "Why do you lie to me?!"

"Because I sometimes have to, Rose."

"Don't lie to me, Doctor!" She started thrashing around trying to get out of the Doctor's grip. What she didn't know was that she was having a nightmare and that the Doctor was trying to calm her down. He said calming words, whispered in her ear but nothing was working. "Why are you lying to me?!"

The Doctor didn't know what to do, so he kissed her forehead. He let his lips stay on her forehead for about twenty to forty seconds and she finally calmed down and sunk right back into his arms. A tear trickled down her eye and landed on the pillow.

"Please don't lie to me about love," Rose muttered.

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