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Gwen sat at the table, reading her book, occassionally glancing up at her cousin who was playing on his videogame, pure concentration on his face. Grandpa wasn't there again, and they had the Rust Bucket to themselves for at least 4 hours. And for July, it was damn hot in the Rust Bucket, even with the AC on full blast. As Gwen watched her cousin over the top of her book, she remembered what they were doing this time last year. I still can't believe I'm not longer a virgin. But holy fuck that was the best summer so far. "I know you're watching me, do I intrigue you so much that I distract you from your precious book?"

"Well, obviously I must be equally intriguing to take you focus away from your beloved game."

"Touche." Ben continued playing the level of his game while Gwen finished her book, reading the last page when Ben finished playing. She stood, closing her book and walking over to her bed, putting her book on the shelf oblivious to Ben's wandering gaze. He was now completely distracted from his game as he watched Gwen bend as she reached for another book. And what she was wearing definitely gave him more to stare at; a simple purple tank top and white short shorts. And he was loving it. "Its got to be above average temperatures all the time."

"Why?" Gwen asked, turning to meet his gaze, still bent over.

"Because the view is great." He smirked as Gwen's cheeks went bright red. She turned away, grabbing a book, a thought coming across her mind that she would have been shocked by two years ago. She sauntered over to the table, bending over, resting her hands on the chair, leaning forward and asking, "Can I sit here?" She noticed how Ben's cheeks went the same shade of red as her hair, his eyes flickering down to her breasts.

"Um, sure," Ben managed. Gwen smiled, sitting down on the chair, sliding up next to Ben, their thighs touching. Ben's mind wasn't thinking straight, not when Gwen was pressed against him. After only ten minutes, Ben gave up on his game, turning off the station and staring out the window, Gwen closing her book and leaning against her cousin. She whispered in his ear, her voice strung together with a seductive tone mingling with it, "Are you bored already?"

"Yeah," Ben tried to shrug off, talking past the lump now formed in his throat, his mind only comprehending the feel of his cousin's breasts pressed against his arm.

"Am I allowed to lighten your boredom?"

"Go ahead." Ben shrugged, not at all expectng what Gwen was about to do. She swung her leg over, now straddling Ben's waist, placing hot, enticing kisses on his neck, her hands slowly rolling his shirt up.

"Gwen, what the hell are you doing?"

"Having fun," she whispered, nibbling on his earlobe, soon followed by her pulling his top over his head. Gwen leant forward, her lips catching his in a passionate embrace. The second her lips crashed on to his, his mind became a whirlpool of disjointed thoughts, all of them drawn to Gwen. He couldn't control the sensations he got from Gwen, and definitely couldn't fight against her touch, her hands forming bundles of heat within him. Gwen knew exactly what she was doing to him, the way his shoulders tensed as her hands explored the dips and curves of his bare chest, the way his hands clenched and unclenched as she assaulted his neck, and the way he responded whole-heartedly to her kiss. Ice coursed through her veins, freezing her blood as Ben's inability to resist ignited her pleasure. She smirked against his lips, feeling the ice crack under her skin as Ben tried to lift her top over her head. She pulled away, shaking her head and moving his hands from her waist. "My seduction, I started it so I take the lead." She lifted her top over her head, throwing the article of clothing behind her, hands exploring his sculpted torso again, bundles of cold, frigid ice forming wherever Ben's hands touched. Fire sparked through his nerves, carrying through to every ending in his entire being. His mind blurred, a cloud of lust confusing his senses, his body fighting for dominance. Gwen slid to the floor, kneeling before removing Ben's trousers, revealing the throbbing bulge in his pants. A cold chill flodded through her body, building between her legs as she tugged the useless material from his body. Gwen stared at his stiffened member, hunger growing in her eyes, her shorts and bra joining the rest of the discarded clothing on the floor, want clouding Ben's eyes as he watched his cousin's half naked form. Hesitantly, Gwen leant forward, taking Ben in her hand, his body tensing, hands clenching, a quiet groan escaping his lips. Flames exploded from his core, sending messages to his brain, body unable to respond to any logic in his mind.

Spurred on by Ben's reaction, Gwen leant forward, cautiously twirling her tongue over the head of his member. Heat shot up his spine from his core as her tongue made contact, a breath leaving his mouth - half gasp, half groan - hips bucking, pushing him further into Gwen's mouth. Slowly, Gwen lowered her head, taking more of Ben in her mouth. Gwen squeezed her eyes shut, taking as much of Ben in her mouth as possible, an indescribable chill washing through her being, gathering and leaking from her wet sex. Ben's hands clawed at the seat as he watched his cousin tease him, her hair tickling his navel as her head bobbed, tempo increasing rapidly. As Gwen continued, she felt her cousin's hand in her hair, pushing her mouth further over him, her eyes widening. Ice cold frost exploded in her scalp at Ben's touch, the chill spreading to her core, a moan escaping her mouth as her hand slipped over her body, fingers plunged inside her wet folds. As Gwen teased herself, she continued to tease Ben, her tongue running up the length of him, before she took him in her mouth again. Gwen unconsciously slid another finger inside herself, giving off a throaty moan, hollowing her cheeks and creating suction around Ben. Ice cold water leaked and built in her tight sex as she quickened the pace, coating her fingers in warm, sticky fluids, heat forming in bundles in his core, his back arching as he gasped, trying to catch his breath.

With one last thrust, Ben released, creamy, white liquid streaming into the back of Gwen's throat, her fluids spilling over her fingers, dripping on to the carpet. She swallowed, licking the remains off the head, cleaning off her fingers and ripping off her underwear. She stood, straddling Ben's waist, wrapping her arms around his neck and pressing her chest against his, whispering, "Do you want to have fun with me now?" Gwen didn't even have time to register before Ben grabbed her waist lifted her onto her knees, teasing her perky chest. Licking up the valley between her breasts, his tongue flicked her hardened nipple, his other hand teasing the neglected breast. The cold engulfed Gwen's being, frost collecting at her chest, spreading down her spine and building in her sex, a shiver running through her.

Ben, pleased by Gwen's reaction, took it one step further. Biting down on Gwen's erect nipple, his hand traveled down past her navel, pressing on her sensitive nub. Her back arched in him, her hips rolling, a throaty moan escaping her lips, ice erupting from her tight sex, pooling in her stomach. Ben continued to tease her sensitive clit as he suckled on her breast, a freezing entity forming within Gwen's being. She arched into Ben's touch, her hands in his hair pushing his mouth further over her breast, her hand sliding to rest over his as she willed him to tease her more. Suddenly, Gwen capturing his lips in a passionate kiss, seizing his wrists and placing them on her waist as she shifted to hover above Ben. As her tight sex brushed over the head of his stiffened shaft, she broke the kiss and moaned, her back arching.

She bit her lip, holding tightly to Ben's wrists, stopping him from moving further as she rubbed her clit over him, whimpering in ecstasy. She continued to rub over him, feeling Ben's hands grasp her waist, a groan escaping his lips as she whimpered again, her body urging her to continue. She couldn't resist any longer as slow flakes of ice floated up from her core, merging with the freezing pit in her stomach. She slowly shifted, feeling Ben rub over her folds, before postioning her entrance above him, slamming down, her head flying back as she moaned.

Ben groaned as she slid over him, feeling her tight, warm sex around him, her chest pressed against his, feeling it heave against him. Gwen lifted her waist, slamming back down on Ben, her head flying back, a scream of pleasure escaping her mouth as she felt him fill her, hitting her sensitive spot. Wave after burning wave coursed through Ben as he watched his red headed cousin tease herself with her prolonged thrusts, thereby pleasing him as she surrounded his hardened member, her walls clenching and unclenching as she moved. He didn't know how much longer he could keep from cumming if she kept moving at this rate.

Wave after wave of ice spread through Gwen as she slowly slid over Ben, feeling him fill her, feeling him deep inside her, teasing herself and Ben with her slow thrusts, unsure she would be able to contain herself any longer if she kept denying her body what it wanted. "Gwen..?" Ben managed, his hands clutching her waist so hard, she could feel bruises starting to form under his hands, but she didn't care.

"Yeah..?" Gwen let out in a shaky gasp, her body struggling to contain, control and talk at the same time.

"How are..?"

"Shh, me a second." Gwen slowly shifted, with Ben still inside her, both of them moaning at the sudden movement. She moved her hands from Ben's wrists to rest on his shoulders, another shiver running through her as that indescribable chill washed into her from three sources now; her hands, her waist and her core. Gwen lifted her hips, slamming down again before lifting instantly, a bundle of frost bursting from inside her.

Ben pushed Gwen's hips down, helping her increase the tempo and maintain balance, his teeth gritted as he kept himself from releasing now. He gazed at his cousin's face, her cheeks were flushed, her eyes squeezed shut, mouth open as she gasped and panted, her long red hair cascading past her shoulders like a wild fire, resting on her perky breasts. As Gwen slammed down again, Ben's lips caught hers in a passionate embrace, a moan vibrating through her chest and into him, another source of pleasure added to her previous three.

As their tongues battles for dominance, Gwen continued sliding up and down Ben, cracks slowly forming within the entity of ice inside her as tendrils of fire formed inside every single nerve in Ben's body, those bundles turning into a wildfire as he approached his climax.

With one last push, the ice within Gwen shattered, the fire inside Ben exploding inside him, her liquids leaking over him, his seed filling her. His fire melted her ice, their tongues still engaged in their heated battle, moans reverberating through them. Gwen was overpowered, Ben celebrating his victory as he rubbed his tongue along the side of hers, breaking the lip lock and staring into his cousin's eyes, that gazed back, the cloud of lust dissipating slowly. "Still bored?" Gwen asked, taking Ben out of her and sitting on his lap, burying her face in his neck.

Ben wrapped his arms around his cousin's petite form, tracing patterns on her waist with his thumb, replying, "Not anymore."

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