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"You really remind me of someone, you know."

Cool grey eyes glanced upwards, not too surprised to find a pretty cheerful face not too far from his own, "Oh?" He raised a brow, rather disinterested as she leaned over his desk and attempted to gain back his attention from his paperwork.

"You're like the Shinigami version of Sesshoumaru," Kagome nodded as she crossed her arms, not noticing as his eyes slowly looked back up, "All work and no play! You need to lighten up every once in a while, Kuchiki-Taichou!"

"Sesshoumaru," Byakuya murmured, not exactly liking the comparison, "The Inu Taiyoukai of the Shikon Legends?"

"That's right!" Kagome smiled excitedly, "It's kind of a pain that a lot of Shinigami seem to forget everyone else who helped to collect the Shikon shards! They act like I did everything myself!" She pouted, "I don't even know why everyone holds me in such high esteem." She admitted.

"The Soul Society has been largely shaped in the last five hundred years by your very actions," Byakuya answered, "Do not take it so lightly."

Kagome sighed, blowing her bangs from her eyes, "I think I'd rather just be a normal Shinigami," She said quietly, "I hate having everything handed to me on a silver platter. I want to earn something by my own hard work." She said with a passion that had Byakuya slightly surprised.

"You earned the title of Third Seat of the Sixth Division with your own power, Higurashi," Byakuya stated and Kagome looked at him with wide blue eyes, "Despite what you might think. I would never name you as such just by your past title when you were alive."

The former Miko found herself growing redder and redder with each passing second and she looked at the stoic Captain with grateful and appreciate eyes, "That means so much to me, Kuchiki-Taichou," She said so lowly that he couldn't hear her, "I'm so happy that I was placed in the Sixth Division!"

Byakuya went back to his paperwork, but stiffened in shock when he felt very soft lips press lightly up against his cheek, "Thank you, Kuchiki-Taichou!" He stared into mischievous blue eyes before she disappeared in a flash.

"You cannot beat me with your Shunpo in one hundred years, Higurashi." Byakura murmured before disappearing himself in a black and white blur.

The Sixth Division was always lively with Higurashi around.