I don't own the Ever After High characters. Just Moon Kitty.

"So, what's your favorite colors?" Cerise Hood asked.

"Red, Green, Blue, Silver, and Black." Moon replied.

"Wow. So what's your favorite animal?" Cerise Hood asked.

"Cats. They're the cutest things ever." Moon said.

"What's your least favorite color?" Cerise asked.

"Gold." Moon answered. They were getting to know one another by asking questions about each other. "So what's your favorite color?" Moon asked.

"Red." Cerise Hood.

"Cool! So what's your favorite animal?" Moon said.

"Bobcats, wolves, and coyotes. They are amazing." Cerise Hood said.

"Hi! You must be Moon. My name is Briar Beauty." Briar said.

"Hi. You're the daughter of Sleeping Beauty, right?" Moon said.

"Yes." Briar answered.

"Do you want a tour of the school?" Raven asked.

"Sure." Moon said.

"This is the castletera. And there is the balcony that we sometimes go out to when the days are really great." Raven said. "Um, Moon just out of curiosity which fairy tale are you from?" Raven asked.

"Um, I, er, I don't have a tale." Moon answered.

"Then how did you come here?" Raven asked.

"My parents. They wanted me to come here. To find out what my story is. They were consitered to be unwrittens. Well, they were written but they didn't get published. So the author gave up her life in order for her characters to be alive. It's a bit sad though. When they had me though, they decided that I should try to find my tale/make one on my own and make friends, other than my imaginary ones." Moon said.

"So what was the story about? Your story that didn't get written?" Raven asked.

"It was about this girl who had powers. She had a lot of powers. At night, she was a hero. At day, she was a schoolgirl with social and bully issues.