Young Orel Puppington, was in Nurse Bendy's office he was coming down with a fever feeling a little sick, Nurse Bendy
who was now feeling his forehead says to sick Orel.

"Yep, you have a fever all right, I guess you should call home or something?"

Orel, said to her.

"Gee, Nurse Bendy, aren't you going to get me some medical first?"

She told him while painting her toenails.

"That shit never works."

A second later... Bendy drops her toenail polish, as she was picking it up Orel, caught a glimpse at her cleavage
he was now feeling something weird in his pants, Orel now tells Nurse bendy.

"Hey Nurse, I think i'm having another fever in my underware!"

At first she looked confused? but she then told him.

"Oh, Orel that's just an erection it makes your penis get bigger & bigger."

Still a little confused? Orel, then said.

"What, does that mean Nurse Bendy?"

She tells him.

"It means your a horny pervert."

Orel, who was now holding on to his pelvis area, now said to her.

"Well, is there a cure for it?"

She, then got out a magzine with a pretty lady on the cover, and whisperd into his ear, he was now in the
boys room ready to do well you know what, while sitting on the toilet he says to himself.

"Gee, I never did this before sometimes I think Bendy is making stuff up."

The End.