Author Notes: Hello to everyone! I am having a bit of writer's block on TMS (what else is new? :)) and thought I would finish this first - Harry's reply to Severus' protests. It has been eight months since the first part was posted so you might want to re-read Nothing Much of Me before this one. Enjoy my amateurish attempt and please review :)

Summary: Severus is in denial, Harry Potter is a trial, one tries so hard to resist, one does nothing but insist. Pre-Snarry... in rhyme. Harry's reply.

Appreciation: Thank you to KneazleGriff, talented Snarry writer, for her suggestion in getting Harry to reply. Hope you find it good!

Rating: 'T' (although K would still be fine)

Disclaimer: Harry Potter is the brainchild of JK Rowlings.

- Start -

There is something about you
That steals my fascination
There is something within you
That demands my attention

I've told you why I say this
And why it isn't a farce
I don't care how much you hiss
I will not make myself scarce

Yes, I do know of what you think
That I want to pay my dues
Shall I write a vow in ink
That it's my choice, what I choose?

Hah - me stubborn and so bold?
Who are you trying to fool?
You frown, you glare and you scold
Every act is just... a tool!

I just can't help but admire
Your talents, knowledge and skills
You incite and inspire
But not to run for the hills

Someone special like you are
Deserves nothing but the best
I don't want you to look far
I'm here, put me to the test!

Although I do think you shy
I would never laugh at you
But since you keep asking why
I'll tell you, and I won't lie

There is something about you
When darkness gives way to dawn
In secret, I have watched you
Rub your eyes and stretch and yawn

Oh, not coffee - noxious brew!
Here, I've made toast, tea and jam
That's right, take a bite and chew
How about some eggs and ham?

I won't let you skip your lunch
I'll pull you from your brewing
Yes, I want to see you munch
A rare sight so worth viewing

Tea and scones are for later
I'll sit here and watch you eat
I'll spread each scone with butter
Yes, it's you I want to feed

Every time I look and see
I find something new in you
Trust me, listen to my plea
Don't you feel the same way too?

No? Just stop it, that's enough!
All your protests are just lies
You act stoic and so tough
Nothing more than a disguise

I won't listen any more
Merely stop you with a kiss
There now, was that such a chore?
Oh, you're smiling, utter bliss!

So I've won, as you insist
You're mine now, Sev, to treasure
But true worth was, I insist
Always yours... beyond measure.

- End -

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