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Fake Boyfriend

Chapter 1: Tigress's Rival

It was a beautiful day in the Jade Palace. Tigress, an orange and black tiger was training up a storm until the mail man came. No one was really around except Tigress. Shifu was training in the mountains, Viper and Crane were on a date, Mantis was mediating with Monkey at the Pool of Sacred Tears and Po was in the village helping his dad prepare for the Full Moon Festival which would be in three days. So, that left Tigress to get the mail. "Here you are Master Tigress, have a nice day," the mail man said with a grin then walked off. Tigress just opened the letter and read what it said and hissed an angry hiss.

Dear Master Shifu and Furious Five,

I decided to visit the Valley of Peace for this Moon Festival and to meet this wonderful Dragon Warrior. I missed all of you so much especially Tigress. It would be so nice to train with her again. I will be arriving tomorrow morning. Can't wait to see you all.



"Oh this is just perfect," Tigress muttered crinkling up the note and throwing it away. She went back to the training hall and began punching the dummies harder than normal.

"Tigress we are back," Viper called as she smiled at Crane. They saw Tigress growling as she punched the wooden dummies without mercy.

"Uh I think she is mad about something," Crane whispered softly.

"Hey guys we are back," Mantis said.

"What is wrong with Tigress?" Monkey asked.

"We don't know," Viper and Crane said together.

"Hey guys I am back," Po said and saw all of them standing a good distance away from Tigress who seemed angry for some reason. "What is wrong with Tigress?" he asked them.

"We don't know," they all said together. Po frowned for he hated when his best friend was upset. Ever since he defeated Shen he became closer to Tigress and he thought he would ask to see what was wrong. He took a step towards Tigress and everyone looked at him like he was insane.

"I am going to miss him," Mantis said sadly as the other boys shed a tear. Viper just glared at them and hoped Tigress wouldn't knock Po into Gongmen City.

"Hey Ti, are you okay?" Po called to her. Tigress glanced up and saw Po walking towards her. He was wearing his signature worried look and Tigress calmed down a bit.

"I am fine Po it is just I got some bad news today," she said softly trying to calm down. She was angry but didn't want to take it out on Po.

"Did something happen to Shifu? Are you sick or something?" he asked feeling her forehead with his paw.

"No I am not sick and Shifu is fine," Tigress said pulling his paw away from her.

"So why are you upset?" Po asked.

"Lucille is coming here tomorrow," Tigress grumbled.

"Oh Lucille is coming I haven't seen her in years," Viper said with a smile.

"She is so funny," Monkey said.

"And cute," Mantis said.

"She is a great fighter too," Crane said. Tigress growled when he did and he quickly said," Not as good as you though".

"I don't get it if this Lucille seems so nice why don't you like her?" Po asked.

"Because when I was a cub she came here with her mom and when we trained she became so competitive. Always having to show me up, I started punching the iron wood trees when I was six and she started a few months before I did. I did 100 jumping jacks she does 200. I run up the Jade Palace steps five times and she does it ten times. No matter what I did she always had to up me and I get so sick of it that is why I think I had to be the best fighter to prove to myself I could be a great warrior," Tigress said frowning.

"Tigress that is ridiculous you don't have to up this Lucille person or prove you are a good fighter. You already are, you are strong, a great leader, brave, loyal, smart and don't hit for me for saying this but you are beautiful," Po said placing a paw on her shoulder. Tigress was fighting back tears when Po said all those nice things to her especially her being beautiful for no one ever called her that.

"Come on guys let's go um see if Shifu is done training," Crane said and the others left leaving Po and Tigress alone.

"Thanks Po for saying those nice things but just the thought of her being here is going to drive me insane. I mean the only thing that I can up her on is if I have a boyfriend," Tigress said.

"You mean she never had a boyfriend before?" Po asked.

"Not a serious one and if I had one then she wouldn't be able to bug me and for once I have something she doesn't have but who would want to date me?" Tigress asked sadly.

I would, Po thought to himself. Just then Tigress smiled at him and said "Po would you pretend to be my boyfriend while Lucille is in town?"

"Wait what?" Po asked her in shock.

"Please Po if I had a serious boyfriend then she wouldn't be able to bug me," Tigress said in a pleading tone.

"Look Tigress I would love to be your pretend boyfriend but isn't this sort of dishonest and what if Shifu found out? He would kill me if I dated you without permission," Po said.

"Hey guys we got a note from Shifu he won't be back until after the Moon Festival," Monkey said quickly and left.

"Problem solved," Tigress said folding her arms smiling.

"Well I guess it couldn't hurt and hey it would be an honor to date you even if it was pretend," Po said. Again Tigress was taken aback by this and was grateful that Po was such a nice guy. "Only one problem how am I supposed to act I never had a girlfriend before," Po said frowning.

"And I never had a boyfriend before," Tigress said frowning.

"We need an expert on this," Po said. Then they both said at the same time," We need to find Viper". In a flash they both ran off to find her in order for Lucille to believe Po was dating Tigress.

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