To Love A Stomper


It had been sometime since the defeat of Mandrake and and the crowning of the new Queen. All was peaceful now in Moonhaven and MK and her father professor Bomba were allowed to live among the Jinn and Leafmen. Their house was put up for sale before leaving for their new home in the forest.

MK and Nod spent their days in the forest with Nod showing MK the ways of the forest while Bomba could observe the Leafmen to his hearts content. MK and Nod grew closer everyday and it wasn't unusual to see the two of them together when Nod wasn't on duty.

Ozzie the 3 legged Pug dog of MK and Bomba was unable to come with them and left in the care of the one in charge of the house with the hopes that whoever bought the house would like dogs and keep Ozzie.

Mub the slug and Grub the snail continued to watch over the the pods as they always did. Mub still flirted with MK and Grub still wore his Leafman helmet. Nothing really changed there.

What happened to Ronin you ask? Hold on I'm getting to that. You see while Ronin was happy that Mandrake had been defeated and the new Queen crowned, he couldn't help but feel sad. He had gotten to see Tara one last time before she truly left, leaving a hole in his heart. He had loved her but he had never said anything and now it was too late. He wondered if he would ever love again. He wasn't truly alone, as MK brought him and Nod meals and was always welcome to visit MK and her father.

No it wasn't that he was lacking friends, far from it, it was just that he felt a little jealous of the other Leafmen who had loving wives to greet them when they came home with a nice home-cooked meal waiting and little ones clambering into their arms.

No wife was there to greet him with a smile and a hug and kiss with a meal waiting and no children of his own were there running into his arms happy to see their papa. No, what awaited him was an empty house filled with silence. It was no wonder he spent so much time away from it. It reminded him of what could have been what and he could have had.

There were plenty of women in Moonhaven who would have loved to have been the wife of the famous General Ronin but none of them held his interest. He felt like that there was someone out there waiting for him.

Little did he know that that someone was really out there and she was buying the house at the edge of the forest, both unaware that their lives were about to change forever...