Hermione was in the headmaster's office after the final battle. Voldemort was gone, but so was everyone she cared about. Harry died killing Voldemort. Ron and Ginny were killed dueling Bellatrix Lestrange. Her parents didnt even remember her... Dumbledore dead the year before... She froze as she heard footsteps coming near the door.

Where to hide, that is more important than brooding, come on Hermione, snap out of it.

Hidden behind the desk, she listened as the footsteps entered the couldn't see who it was, though, and so after a minute or so cautiously poked her head out. Suddenly there was a bright light, and then it all went dark.


Hermione opened her eyes and immediately closed them again, flinching at the pure whiteness of the place she was in. After another minute, she opened her eyes, squinting. She looked around her and saw three beautiful women. One had golden curly hair halfway down her back, with bright blue eyes and a small smile. The second had slightly wavy golden-brown hair in a bun with hazel eyes, a fierce look, and a slight frown. The third had red hair, emerald green eyes, and looked slightly bored. The 3 women walked up to her, and started to argue between themselves.

"I still think we shouldn't do this!" The second one said.

"It will be too dangerous to give her the memories, even if it is to create another universe where the people will live."

"But Eilis, we have to. The people need to live. You forget that we have to watch all that is going on down there, and that it is rather boring watching Voldemort rule." The first one shot back

"Eilis, Lillian, stop arguing. In case you had forgotten, she is right in front of us."

The third one hissed at the other two. "Now, either we drop her there with or without a cover, since we already took her. It is her or nothing."

"But Fiona-" Eilis and Lillian protested at the redhead.

"No buts. Since you two can't decide, I will. And I decide that she goes back with a cover. "

"Now, sweetie,"

This was directed towards Hermione.

"You will be placed back in time with memories of a life as the sister of James Potter. You will need to prevent Voldemort from rising as high into power, and this time, we will provide you with where all the Horcruxes are. Good luck!"

With that she turned around and started walking away.

"No! But..."

Hermione didn't have a chance to finish protesting before she was swept away in another flash of white light.


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