For future reference:


"blah"=out loud


Blah= emphasis

As they stepped (read: fell) out of the fire place in the Leaky Cauldron, James pulled his sister off to see the new broomsticks. Hermione still didn't like flying much but apparently flying was natural for all Potters, and so she was better than Ron ever was.

°Ooh, look at the new cleansweep!° James startrd ranting on about the broom. °

°Mia, you think I could convince Dad to let me have one?° He asked her.

°Doubt it, but you could always try...°

"Dad, can I have the new Cleansweep? Please?" He begged of their father.

"James, you can get it next year. You know that first years aren't allowed brooms, and during winter break you wont have enough time to need one." Their father chastised him.

"Go get your books, you two. And Hermione, no more than twenty books for now. I know," He said as she groaned. "But we need to get all your stuff today, not just books."

She dragged James to Flourish and Blotts to get their books, him resisting every step of the way. Although they were twins, James enjoyed flying and pranking more than her, and she books more than him.

°Mia,° He mindspoke, as they had gotten into the habit of doing when talking to each other. °Cant we please go to Florean Fortescue's before we go to the bookstore?°

°Nope.° she replied to hime smiling nastily. °I knew you would say that, and so I told Sirius we'd meet him at Flourish and Blotts.°

°Evil sister° he muttered.

°I heard that°

°Of course you did, I meant for you to. °


They walked into the bookstore to find Sirius sitting at a table 'reading' a book.

"Mia," he said hurriedly as they walked in. "See, I'm reading a book. Please don't kill me?"

"Sirius, I know you aren't reading."

"Why do you say that?" Sirius asked her.

"Well, for one, the book is upside down..."

He looked away, defeated, before looking at James.

"So, James, want to go get an ice cream?"

°James…° Hermione growled silently to him.

"Fine Mia. We'll get our books then we'll get ice cream.

When they walked out of the bookstore, Hermione was carrying 20 books, and Sirius was carrying her other 17 for when they got to school, so that her parents wouldn't know she got so many.

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