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Chloe had gotten a call Sunday evening from the doctor's office she had visited the Friday prior. They had her test results and wanted to go over a few things with her. So she set up an appointment the following morning. She took Tori with her again wanting the support, and having a smart young woman who wasn't afraid to speak her mind and ask questions with her was really handy.

It didn't take them long to get into the doctor's office, and begin going over her results. The doc pulled up two pictures on her computer screen and turned it around to show the girls. Each picture was shown side by side, one a healthy looking sack while the other much smaller.

"This is what a normal uterus looks like, and this," she pointed to the picture on the right. "…is yours." She looked at Chloe. "Can you spot the difference?" she asked, and before Chloe could even pinpoint out the differences Tori spoke up.

"Why are her tubes so narrow?" Chloe's eyes squinted finally noticing the difference in the pictures. Tori was right, in her picture the tubes looked thinner than that of the opposite.

"It's an abnormality in the fallopian tubes. It pains me to say this, but it was most likely a condition you were born with." The doc said calmly and sympathetically.

"S-so," Chloe licked her lips her heart fallen into her stomach now. "So are y-you s-saying that I c-cant," she tried to keep her words from breaking, and her voice from cracking. She took a deep breath. "…that I can't g-get p-pregnant?"

Tori reached over and placed a hand on top of Chloe's. She could feel her hands shaking as the fear of the doctor's next words seeped into her. Chloe clutched onto her hand drawing on her friend's strength. This couldn't be happening, not to her. Why did any of this happen to her?

"No, I'm not saying that at all." The doctor shook her head and gave her a half-hearted smile. "There is a chance for you to have children."

"But?" Tori spoke again catching the tone in the doctor's words. The doc looked between the two girls starting to become concerned with their motives.

"You know there isn't any rush, you're still very young." The doc said speaking directly to Chloe.

Chloe wanted to strangle her. She didn't know. She didn't know all the expectation that was put on her shoulders. It wasn't any of her concern weather or not that she wanted to have children. That wasn't what she was paying her to do. She only needed this doctor to find out if she could have children.

It was like something clicked in Chloe's head just then. If she hadn't been in her current situation, if she wasn't being pressured into having kids she wouldn't have known about her so called birth defect. How old would she have been when she finally found out? Would it have been too late at that point? Does her condition get worse?

"It doesn't matter," Chloe found herself saying. "If I have a chance to fix it now I'd rather it is sooner rather than it too late."

Tori looked at her a bit surprised. It was the first time she had heard Chloe speak so clearly and firmly to the doctor. She wondered briefly where she had summoned up her sudden courage. With a squeeze of her hand, she figured out what her source of strength had been.

"Alright," the doc sighed. "We can go over some treatment plans and you can choose which course you would like to take." Chloe nodded saying no more.

Once they had gone over all their options, Chloe was given a few days to think about which way she wanted to go. Each procedure was common and proved to possibly increase chances of fertility…possibly. The whole thing left both girls exhausted.

"Do you want to go home?" Tori asked as they drove out of the parking lot. Chloe stared out at the road ahead of them thinking about it.

"No," She finally said. "Derek is expecting me to be in school."

Tori hesitated before asking her next question. She wasn't sure what Chloe's reaction would be. "Are you going to tell him?"

Chloe sighed running her fingers through her hair and slouched in her seat. It wasn't like she didn't want to tell him. She really wanted to tell him everything, cry into his chest and hear him tell her that everything will be alright. Except, she knew that was exactly what Derek would do. He would take this all onto himself and kill himself over finding a solution. This wasn't a problem for him to solve, it was hers.

"I just," she shook her head. "I just need to figure out how."

Tori turned up the street towards their school, coming to a stop at the next red light. She looked over at Chloe a little worried. There was an intense vibe coming off of her, and she wished for a short second for the ability to read her mind.

"I'm sure he will understand." She offered her in reassurance.

"I know he will." Chloe replied, but her expression didn't change.

"So why do you look so worried still?"

This was another fear Chloe didn't want to admit to. As wife to the next Dragonhead having children was her job. What would happen if in the end she really couldn't do it? What if she really couldn't have children?

"Because, even with the treatments it's not a 100% guarantee that I'll get pregnant." She nearly shouted. "One way or another Derek will have to produce an heir," she said more calmly. "And there's a large chance that it won't be with me." She choked up on the last few words.

Then, Tori understood. It was almost as if she was watching history being repeated. She suddenly pictured Chloe and Derek down the road a couple years later. Chloe stood off to the sidelines while she watched Derek raise his heir he had illegitimately, but none the less his heir, just as Diane had.

A car horn honked and brought Tori back to her task at hand. The light had turned green and she blinked before continuing to drive.

She didn't bother Chloe anymore having come to her realization. She doubted Derek would ever sideline Chloe knowing how much he loved her, but she couldn't say he wouldn't give into the Dragon head's orders and have children with a different woman. Derek also wouldn't have children with some other woman and block her completely out of their children's lives. He wasn't like that. Plus, with her new found suspicion of the Dragon head's obsession with Chloe, it made her believe that he wouldn't get rid of her so easily either.

For a brief moment she considered asking Chloe if she knew anything about Davidoff having a relationship with either of her parents, but then thought better of it. This wasn't the time for that, and she still had a bit of research to do before she completely accused him. If she was wrong she'd be in even more trouble with the Triads.

Tori got them back to school just as lunch was starting. The two of them made their way inside pushing their way passed crowds to find the others. Tori spotted Liz at her locker exchanging books, and Chloe decided to continue her search for Derek while Tori spoke to her best friend. Liz smiled as she saw Tori approach and stuffed her text book in her bag.

"Hey, how did the appointment go?" she asked her eyes darting around the hall as if expecting someone to be eavesdropping. Tori gave her a mild shrug and crossed her arms.

"I'm not exactly sure if it was good or bad. I promised I wouldn't say anything though."

"Okay, I won't press." Liz replied fixing the strap on her bag. "Are you hungry? I was thinking of going to,"

"What's that?" Tori interrupted. Her eyes were fixed on a spot on the side of Liz's neck. It was a dark tinted color, maybe purple? Liz stared at Tori confused looking down at herself.

"Is that a hickey?" Tori reached out to get a better look but Liz quickly covered her neck.

"What?" she nearly screamed and spun around quickly to get a look at it in her locker mirror.

There it was, clear as day near the curve of her neck. She felt rage surge up within her and she wanted to go and find Simon to kick his ass. He marked her? What the hell? What was he thinking?

"Fucking Bastard!" she growled and slammed her locker door shut.

"Whoa," Tori giggled. "Easy there tiger, don't act too hasty." She rubbed her friend's arm to try and calm her down. "You can always cover it up." She offered, and Liz's rage suddenly turned to fear.

Shit, what if Tori figured it out? No, there was no way a hickey would give her and Simon away. It wasn't like Tori knew how to distinct a certain person's hickey marks. Besides, Tori was right, she could just cover it up.

"Are you going to tell me who the lucky guy is?" Tori teased, but it only made Liz's anxiety sky rocket.

"Um, it's no one you know." She tried for a smile, but she could feel her lips tremor. She quickly looked away and began walking down the hall.

"Well, can I at least get a name?" Tori followed after her.

"Why? So you can run a background check on him?" Liz meant it as a joke, but Tori couldn't tell that by her tone.

"No," Tori said a bit taken aback. "Do you really think I'd do that?" she asked now hurt.

Liz stopped walking and turned to face Tori realizing what kind of affect her words had on Tori. She felt bad, but she couldn't just tell her that she was hooking up with her younger brother. That would hurt her even more, and most likely ruin their friendship.

"Sorry," Liz sighed rubbing her arm. "I just, I don't know his name, I never got it." She said quickly deciding that would have to be a good enough lie.

"Wait," Tori held her hand up with her eyes closed registering what Liz was telling her. "You mean to tell me…" she took a deep breath and opened her eyes to stare at her. "…you had a one night stand?"

"Ummmm," Liz looked around trying to come up with a better lie, but this seemed like the best option and the most sense. "Yes." She answered.

"Oh my God," Tori gasped dramatically placing her hand over her chest and gaping at her. "And you didn't even tell me?"

"Okay, it's not that big of a deal." Liz rolled her eyes continuing to walk down the hall.

"How did you meet him? What does he look like? Was he any good? How long did he last?" Tori began her endless list of questions.

"Oh my God, just leave it alone." Liz laughed awkwardly.

"Oh, that bad?" Tori teased her and Liz rolled her eyes and playfully nudged her. Tori laughed in response as she followed her bestie down to the cafeteria.

Meanwhile, Chloe was on her way to her locker. She was busily texting away on her phone to Derek to meet her, and didn't see where she was going. She gasped as someone rounded the corner and the two collided. Thanks to Young Do's training Chloe caught her balance, but heard the sound of books hitting the linoleum floor.

"S-s-sorry!" Chloe immediately said, but then saw the head of blonde hair leaning down to pick up her books. She groaned inwardly when she looked into Alexa's face. She was the last person she wanted to see today.

"Oh Chloe, just the person I was looking for." She smiled running her fingers through her perfect curled locks. "I wanted to talk to you." Chloe raised an eyebrow her alarms going off inside her head.

"Really, about what?" she asked already annoyed.

Alexa looked around before walking around and behind Chloe so that they could talk more privately. "It's about Derek." She said in a soft enough voice that she could be heard over the crowd of students making their way to lunch.

Chloe crossed her arms over her chest feeling her stomach drop. She wasn't sure if she wanted to have this conversation. Her heart began to pound harshly inside her chest while a thousand guesses swirled inside her head. Her hands balled into fists trying to keep calm.

"W-what about Derek?" she asked squeezing her fists to try and steel herself. She had to be stern and strong, not timid and shy. She couldn't allow herself to be intimidated by Alexa.

"Well, he's been acting strange lately." Alexa said with a sigh.

"W-what do y-you m-mean?" she questioned, her body going stiff.

Alexa shrugged one shoulder and shook her head. "I don't know, just out of the ordinary. The whole time we were working he kept to himself, and didn't really get involved with the project like he usually does."

Chloe stared at her not sure what to say. She was upset because Derek was being too distant with her? Alexa was complaining that someone else's boyfriend wasn't paying enough attention to her? Was she for real?

"He also hasn't replied to any of my texts." Alexa added. "And I haven't seen him all day."

"Okay?" Chloe wanted to roll her eyes and smack this girl, but she knew better than to cause a scene.

"I feel like he's avoiding me, so I was wondering if he has said anything to you about me. Did I do something to offend him?" Alexa asked hugging her books to her chest.

Chloe thought about telling her that Derek did indeed say that she was acting clingy, and he was getting tired of it, but she thought better of it. She didn't want to lie and have Derek take the blame. She also didn't want to reassure Alexa and have her continue to pursue him either. In the end she decided to tell her the truth.

"No, it's not you." Chloe answered and shifted her stance so that she was more grounded.

"Oh thank God," Alexa sighed in relief with a smile.

"It's me." Chloe then said watching Alexa's smile falter a bit.

"What?" she asked confused.

"I told Derek to stay away from you." Chloe held her head high, and breathed in evenly to calm herself.

"What? But why?" Alexa's smile was replaced with a confused frown and furrowed brows.

"You know why." Chloe said in a low voice.

"No I don't," she shook her head. "What exactly did I do to you?"

"Admit it Alexa, you've been after Derek since the moment you came back to town." Chloe's voice was calm, and gentle, but her anger was starting to burn with each look of confusion Alexa gave her.

"Excuse me?" Alexa scoffed taking a step towards Chloe. "I am not a boyfriend stealer."

Chloe took a step towards her as well. She wasn't going to let Alexa have the satisfaction of seeing her cower. She also had to keep in mind that she couldn't fight her either, not without drawing a crowd.

"I know that you have been using every excuse you can to get him alone with you. I see the way you look at him, and I see how you cling on to him as if he was still your play thing." Chloe shot back. "You can't look me in the eye and tell me you don't have feelings for Derek." She said in a low menacing tone.

Alexa stared down at her without blinking, her face turning pink with anger. That was her answer, Chloe knew it. That was all the conformation she needed, even if Alexa continued to deny it.

"Wow, I never pegged you for the manipulative type." Alexa shook her head while Chloe glared at her. "You have really twisted the story in your favor haven't you?"

"I didn't twist," Chloe began but Alexa interrupted her.

"You're jealous of what Derek and I have, so you convinced him that I have feelings for him to make him avoid me."

"I am not jealous," Chloe tried but Alexa laughed making her go quiet once again.

"How insecure do you have to be to spread lies about other people?" Alexa tsked at her and pushed a few strands of hair out of her face. "I honestly feel sorry for you Chloe,"

"You can lie all you want Alexa, but I know the truth." Chloe's voice had risen above the crowd getting a few lingering people to look at them.

"The truth?" she scoffed. "The truth is you're lucky that a guy like Derek even looked your way. Count your blessings, while you still have them."

"Is that a threat?" Chloe dropped her hands ready to go toe to toe with her, but as if to mock her Alexa squatted down low enough to meet Chloe's height.

"It's a promise." She whispered to her, and then patted her on the head like a child.

Something inside Chloe snapped and she grabbed Alexa's wrist and twisted it. Alexa screamed out in pain and dropped her books, as Chloe pinned her arm behind her and shoved her face first into the lockers. To Chloe's luck though, at that very moment a teacher appeared around the corner.

"What is going on here?" they demanded, and Chloe immediately let Alexa go. "Explain yourself young lady."

Chloe's chest started tightening up, and she couldn't breathe. Chloe had never been in trouble at school before. What was she supposed to do now? She looked around and saw everyone staring at her and whispering about her. The teacher was shouting something at her but she couldn't hear anything being said. Her world was spinning, and she suddenly felt sick. She knew she had to get out of there, and fast.

With her instincts taking over she spun around and ran as fast as she could. She pushed passed people in the halls and forced her legs to keep going. She slammed herself against the doors and basically jumped over the steps and continued to run. She didn't stop until she was a good distance between her and the school.

She leaned against a chain link fence that lined the sidewalk and tried to focus on her breathing. Her mind was racing as she gasped for air. What the hell had come over her? How in trouble was she in now? What would Alexa tell that teacher? What would Derek think of her?

The sudden thought of Derek brought a greater realization to her mind. Chloe stood up straight and looked around at her surroundings. Cars rushed passed her while people ignored her and walked around her. She was outside by herself for the first time in what felt like forever. No Derek, no bodyguards, no supervision.

Chloe's heart dropped at another realization. If she was found out in the world by herself by anyone in the Triads, that would be bad news for Derek. Not to mention herself. Her family's life was still on the line. If it looked like she had ran away they would definitely kill them. Chloe quickly reached for her phone but then began to panic when she couldn't find her it.

She checked all her pockets with no luck. She must have dropped it on her mad dash out of school. She sulked against the fence trying to figure out what to do. She looked down the sidewalk at a few strangers but her stomach twisted at the thought of asking to use their phone. Chloe bit her lip and looked out on the road.

Down the road she spotted Danny Boy's diner, and an idea came to mind. Surely they would let her use their phone. She was practically a regular face there. With her mind made up she made her way to the restaurant.

They indeed allowed her to use their phone, and Chloe only made one call. Twenty minutes later Adeline slid into the booth Chloe occupied. She gave Chloe a knowing look and Chloe glanced up at her guiltily. Adeline sighed folding her hands in front of her on top of the table.

"So you finally snapped."

Chloe sighed as well and slouched in her seat. She had relayed the event to Adeline over the phone. After venting it all out and having the time to think it over Chloe had come to a conclusion. She really should have just kept her cool.

"I don't know what came over me." She shook her head closing her eyes. "I'm not a violent person."

"Just because you got into one fight doesn't mean you are violent." Adeline assured her. "You felt threatened, so you defended yourself."

"She patted my head, that isn't really a knife to my throat." Chloe argued.

"She threatened your relationship." Adeline sat forward. "Love makes even the sanest of people do crazy things. When that love is threatened, there isn't anything they wouldn't do to protect it. So you lashing out at her don't make you crazy."

Chloe looked at her knowing she was right.

"Come on, let's get you home." Adeline said and the two of them began to leave.

"Did you tell Derek?" Chloe asked following her out. Adeline held the door open for her and nodded. "What did he say?" she asked walking out to Adeline's car, where surprisingly Young Do waited.

"After I calmed him down and explained the situation," Chloe winced at that, "he just ordered me to take you home, and to tell you that he will talk to you later."

Young Do had gotten out of the car and opened up the back door open for her. Chloe smiled at Young Do's friendly face in thanks but then looked back at Adeline.

"Did he sound mad?"

Adeline gave her an unsure shrug. "He sounded like Derek."

Chloe sighed and got into the car. That didn't tell her anything, and her anxiety began to eat away at her. If he was mad at her, was it because she ran out of school or because she hurt Alexa? She sighed trying to convince herself that he isn't mad just worried, but how likely would that be? They reached the house before she knew it.

"Young Do and I have to finish up some work, but Derek said to wait at the house for him." Adeline informed her. Chloe simply nodded and climbed out of the car. She smiled again at Young Do who had opened up her door for her again.

She made her way into the house hearing the car drive off as she closed the door. It was quiet inside and she sighed looking around the entrance hall. The double doors that lead into Kit's office were shut meaning that he was out for the day. Chloe looked into the empty sitting room wondering where Diane was, and immediately decided it was better if the Dragon Lady wasn't aware that she was home.

Chloe headed for the stairs as quietly as she could, but just as she reached the first step the left door to Kit's office opened up. Chloe paused seeing Diane coming out of the office, and watched as she closed the office door and walked down the hall towards the kitchen. Kit was home after all, and Chloe hoped that she wouldn't be getting an earful from Diane or Kit as well. She quickly headed to her room to avoid any contact with either of them.

A few hours had passed and Chloe had finally caught up with all of her homework. She stretched out her back and shoulders and heard sudden rushed footsteps coming to her room. She turned around just as her door burst open.

"Did you really fight Alexa?" Tori asked excitedly coming into her room.

"How did," Chloe asked confused watching Tori clap happily.

"You totally kicked her ass right?" she smiled brightly.

"I didn't really,"

"God I've wanted to tear that girl apart for forever, but Derek forbade me to ever touch her." Tori rolled her eyes and grabbed Chloe's hands. "How satisfying did it feel when you finally let her have it?"

"Tori," a deep voice sounded from the door. The girls looked over to find Derek standing there with his arms crossed and a displeased expression. "If you don't mind I would like to speak to my wife in private."

"Talk to her after I get the details." Tori brushed him off turning back to Chloe.

"Tori." His voice was stern and stoic. Chloe looked back at Tori who sighed irritably and let go of her hands.

"Fine. We'll talk later." She winked at Chloe and then walked out of the room all the while glaring at her brother.

Chloe stood in the middle of her room nervously as she watched Derek shut her door and then sit on her bed. He sighed, leaning forward putting his face in his hands. He then looked up at Chloe not knowing where to start.

"Don't give me that look." Chloe rolled her eyes and turned towards her desk not wanting to look at him.

"Just tell me what happened." He said calmly.

"You know what happened." She was sure Addy had given him the story when she talked to him.

"I want to hear it from you." He replied, and she looked over her shoulder at him. He was watching her and staying calm. This was different. She turned to face him, her arms crossed as if to shield herself from him.

"I-I-I conf-fronted her about her f-feelings f-f-for you." She paused wanting to get this out without her stutter getting in the way. She took a deep breath before she continued. "Sh-she came up to me and asked wh-why you were avoiding her. I told her that I was the one to tell you to st-stop being around her."

Derek continued to listen as his wife told her side of the story. He had already heard about it from Alexa, but her version had been a little different than Chloe's. He trusted his wife's version of course, but he was still trying to understand why any of it had to happen in the first place.

"Then I ran." Chloe finished and Derek sat up on the bed.

He looked around trying to put his thoughts to words. "I thought we had resolved this issue. I've stayed away from Alexa like you wanted."

"That's j-just it, y-you aren't the p-problem Derek." She licked her lips and explained herself better. "It's not you that needs to stay away from Alexa. Alexa needs to stay away from you."

"That's exactly what I'm doing." His voice began to rise as if Chloe needed to hear him better.

"No, you're not getting it." Chloe walked towards him. "You can keep running away from her, but she's just going to keep chasing you. That's what my problem is Derek. It's that she doesn't understand, or cares that you and I are together. She still thinks she has some kind of chance with you."

"But she doesn't." Derek said for what he felt was the millionth time.

"I know that." Chloe nearly shouted getting frustrated with him.

"Okay, then I don't see the problem." He shrugged and Chloe growled wanting to pull her hair out. "There's no way she's going to pull me away from you Chloe, so why are you worried?"

"Oh my god, are you even listening?" Chloe shouted at him. "I don't like her coming around us and acting like she has something with you that I don't."

Derek stared at her finally realizing something. A small smirk came to his lips which only caused her to get more upset.

"Is this funny to you?" she shouted, and his smirk grew. "I guess I'm just some kind of joke to you."

"You're possessive." He suddenly said. Chloe clenched her jaw looking like she wanted to hit him. "Yes you are," he chuckled. "You don't want Alexa thinking she can have what's yours."

Chloe opened her mouth to argue but then closed it not really having anything to say back. Yes, that's exactly how she felt. In one sentence he had summed up her whole problem with Alexa. She really was possessive. She frowned at the realization.

She never thought she would be the crazy possessive girlfriend. Was she really overreacting about Alexa? Was it really not that big of a deal? Maybe she really was crazy. Did normal girlfriends care that other girls liked their boyfriends? A thousand more questions blended in her mind and she suddenly hated herself for feeling this way.

Derek noticed the sudden change in her expression and became worried. His smirk was gone, and he reached out and grabbed her hand pulling her closer.

"Hey, what's wrong?" he asked, but she didn't say anything lost in her thoughts. "Chloe?"

"I-I-I'm not th-thi-this k-ki-kind of pers-s-son." She finally got out. "I-I d-d-don't get p-p-p-p-pos-pos" she couldn't say the word, and Derek's alarms went off.

"Chloe I didn't mean it in a bad way," he began to explain and began to panic when he saw the tears start to form in her eyes. "I actually love that you feel that way." He said and she blinked a tear escaping, but she had looked at him.

"Yeah, I want you to feel like I'm yours because I am. You've got me wrapped around your finger and I wouldn't have it any other way." He pulled her into his lap and cradled her to his chest.

"Maybe possessive was the wrong word to use." He rubbed her arm.

"Y-you are right though." Chloe sniffled leaning against him craving his warmth. "I can't st-stand the thought of any other woman even thinking th-they have a shot with you." Derek smiled.

"That just tells me how much you love me, and if it makes you feel any better," He looked down at her and she looked up to meet his eyes. "I want to drop kick every guy that looks your way."

Chloe giggled not taking him seriously, but when he didn't smile she frowned. She smacked his chest in protest and he grunted.

"What? No one can take you away from me, I'll kill them first." He said it so confidently that it made Chloe's heart stutter. She narrowed her eyes at him and tsked.

"Tough guy." She muttered making him chuckle.

"That's right, don't you forget it." He tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. "So what do you want to do about Alexa?"

Chloe looked away getting irritated by jus the mention of her, but she knew she would have to deal with her sooner or later. What could she do about her?

"I guess the only one that can get her to back off, is you." She sighed not liking the idea. "So you're going to have to talk to her, but I want to be there when you do." Chloe quickly added. Derek nodded agreeing.

"What was it that she said that made you fight?" he asked then, and Chloe shrugged not able to actually pinpoint the exact words.

"I don't know, I think it was just all the stress built up from the appointment that got to me." She explained.

"Stress?" Derek asked pulling back to get a better look at her. "What happened at the appointment?"

Chloe bit down on her bottom lip not meaning to have let that slip. She wasn't sure if she wanted to have this conversation with him now. But her silence only made him worry even more.

"Chloe, did something happen at the doctor office?" he asked his eyes hard and cold.

"N-not really." She looked away but he stood her up so that they were face to face. She couldn't look him in the eyes.

"Tell me." He demanded. She looked at their joined hands and she squeezed his. "Chloe," he called out her name and she felt the tears coming back.

"What would happen to us," her voice cracked and she sniffled her vision blurring. "What would happen," she let out a sob and couldn't finish her question.

Derek's heart began and he squeezed her hands to try and calm her, but he was freaking out. What the hell happened for her to act out this way?

"I might not be able to have kids." She finally got out and began to sob. Derek sat there stunned.

"Might? What do you mean might not?" he asked trying to understand everything.

Chloe then began to tell him everything. She told him about the appointments, her condition, and her fear of losing him and her life. Derek's stomach knotted up and brought her back to his chest and hugged her tightly.

She had been dealing with these feelings alone for so long and he had no idea. He couldn't begin to fathom what she had been going through, or the thoughts running through her mind. He hadn't been helping her either, and instead had been adding on to her stress and anxiety. He felt horrible and wished he could take their past fights back.

"Don't worry Chloe, we'll figure out what to do. We'll get through this together." He held her close letting her cry it out. She clung on to him believing his words.

Downstairs Tori was in the kitchen making a snack. She planned on getting more information on the Dragonhead's history with Chloe's family. Something about the whole situation didn't sit right with her. What was her father so worried about; and after finding those photos in Davidoff's desk she wanted to know if Chloe marrying Derek was a plan of his all along.

The door to the kitchen swung open and Simon walked in whistling a tune. Tori didn't care to look up at him and continued to make her snack as he walked to the pantry. As he passed her she got a whiff of a strong, brutal odor. She grimaced finally look up at the pantry door that Simon was now behind. He came back out with a small bag of goldfish crackers and Tori scowled at him.

"What the hell did you put on that stinks so badly?" she blurted.

Simon looked at her and then down at himself. "It's my new cologne." He stated not seeing the problem.

"How much of it did you put on? You smell like you just raided through Andrew's entire collection." Tori waved her hand in front of her face to fan away the fumes.

"Whatever, this is coming from the girl who bathes in smelly oils?" Simon scoffed and pulled out his phone feeling it vibrate in his pocket.

"That's different." Tori rolled her eyes watching as a smile spread across her brother's lips.

"Yeah okay, whatever, I'll be home late." He said and rushed out of the kitchen. Tori quirked an eyebrow as he left, the smell of his cologne still lingering.

She shook her head forgetting about Simon and focusing on her problem at hand. She needed to figure out what their dad was up to, she had the right to know. She risked her life getting him information. Her father's warning came to her mind again. "The less you know the safer you are."

She sighed no longer wanting her snack and leaned against the counter. How could she feel safe? Was there someone after their family? Did something happen with the Dragonhead? Why did her father need those files? She groaned and ran her fingers through her hair. She needed to find out. She couldn't stand being powerless and not in the know. She sighed standing straight after coming to her decision.

She quickly walked out of the kitchen and made her way to her father's office. Making sure no one could see her she slithered into the room as quietly as possible. The place was empty and she looked around wondering where she should start off. She knew her father was smart enough not to leave anything confidential in an easy hiding spot, so she would have to dig deep.

She walked over to his desk and thought about hacking his computer, but she quickly dismissed the idea. Having a skilled hacker as a daughter he probably didn't keep anything on it. She began to look around the desk in hopes that he had a similar hidden drawer like the one the Dragonhead had. She skimmed her hand up the sides of it and across the top. When she reached underneath her fingers brushed against a rounded object.

She stooped down underneath and checked to see what she had touched. There she saw a black dot with a blinking red light. Curious, she reached for it and pulled it off the desk. She examined the small item in the palm of her hand and suddenly realized what it was. Someone had bugged her father's office. Without another thought she grabbed the first thing she saw on her father's desk, which turned out to be his stapler, and smashed the bug implant breaking it.

She sat up quickly looking around the room. How many more of them were in here? She stood up and immediately started to look for more. Someone was listening in on her father's activity, which meant someone didn't trust him. Was this why her father wanted those files? She shook her head, focusing on the task at hand and searched the room.

She found another one on the side of one of the book cases hidden behind a potted plant. It was similar to the one underneath the desk, except smaller. She destroyed that one too and went back to searching.

Suddenly, the door swung open and she heard voices coming in. Tori spun around to face who had entered. Kit and Young Do paused at the door after seeing Tori. They both looked at her confused and on high alert. No one was allowed to be in the office alone aside from Derek.

"Hi Daddy!" Thinking on her feet Tori smiled and made her way over to Kit. She gave him a hug which he returned awkwardly. "Your office has been bugged." She whispered into his ear.

They both pulled away and she showed him the bug implants she had found. "I was just trying to look for a pen. I can't believe I actually ran out." She faked a laugh and Young Do quickly caught on.

"Oh, no problem I have plenty." Kit responded motioning for Young Do to begin searching. "Glad to hear you went to school today." He added searching his office as well.

"Yeah, I didn't want to put up with Mother's lectures today." Tori said just as Young Do found another one. He crushed it with the heel of his shoe while Tori and Kit kept up with the charade.

"Luckily for you, she will be out for the rest of the day." Kit said finding another one connected to the land line to his phone.

"Did she say where she was going?" Tori asked and raised her hand pointing to a camera set up on the corner of the room on top of a shelf. No one would ever notice it unless looking for it.

"No, just said it was business. I didn't bother to ask." Kit said watching Young Do climb up on the step stool and grabbed the camera. Much to their dismay they found that it was indeed recording. Tori reached out for it knowing she had the best chance to find anything on there.

"I think that's all of them." Kit said finishing on the search and turned to Tori. "How did you know about the implants?"

She looked up from the camera guiltily. "I found the first one underneath your desk." She admitted.

"And what, pray tell, where you doing underneath my desk?" Kit asked folding his arms, and Young Do took a step back not wanting to get into the middle of this.

"I was, um," Tori tried to think of a believable lie, but she couldn't think of one that would make sense. She looked over at Young Do wondering if he knew anything about what her father was up to.

"You where…what?" Kit asked frowning.

Tori sighed tossing her hair over her shoulder with a shake of her head and took her usual confident stance. "I was looking for files. I wanted to know what was going on with," she glanced at Young Do once again. "…with that project you had me do." She finished hoping that didn't give anything away.

Kit sighed and rubbed his chin where stubble was starting to form.

"Tori, I've already told you,"

"Yeah I know," Tori cut him off and straitened her posture to come off more demanding. "But I deserve to know why. I risked my life getting you that information, so I'm already in danger don't you think?"

Kit stared at her thinking about his decision. Young Do looked between the two not wanting to get in the middle of it, but he knew how persistent Tori could be. She wouldn't let it go and would get her answers one way or another. Young Do shrugged at his boss.

"She has a point there." Kit gave him a pointed look in reply.

Tori narrowed her eyes at Young Do. So he knew. Frustration started to bubble in her chest at this bit of news. How was it that Young Do knew, but she didn't? How did he know but Derek didn't? How could her father trust him over his own kids? She glared back at her father who nodded in agreement.

"I have a feeling that our family is in trouble." Kit began to explain walking over to his desk. Tori and Young Do followed him while listening. "And I don't mean the Triads, I mean us. You, your brothers, me," he pulled out a few files from the book shelf behind him and plopped them on the desk.

Tori picked one of them up and opened it revealing a long typed up report. She began reading as her father continued to speak. What she read couldn't be real. How did he get this information? Who would even be able to get it in the first place?

"At first I suspected that Davidoff may behind all of it. Forcing me to allow him to teach Derek directly, controlling Simon's every move, and then forcing Chloe into the mix." Kit sighed and placed both of his hands on the desk looking at the files. His expression seemed lost and confused, as if he had come to a dead end.

"But none of it is making sense to me. I have suspicion that's it, and when I try to find proof it's like it vanishes." He shook his head.

"Didn't you say Derek marrying Chloe was a last minute decision?" Tori asked her brows scrunching together as she read over another file.

"Yes." Kit sighed standing up straight.

"Did you see this right here?" Tori leaned over the desk to show him the file. Young Do leaned over too to get a look. "A few years ago Davidoff ordered a hit on a random civilian. Why?" she asked.

Young Do looked up at Kit and shrugged once again not sure what that was for. He hadn't been here. Kit blinked trying to remember what that order was. He nodded reading over the order again.

"It was to kill someone that did the Triads wrong. Why is that important?" Kit raised a brow at her.

Tori looked back at the report and took a deep breath. Time to come clean. She reached into her back pocket and took out her phone. With a few fast flicks she had the photos up on her screen. She handed her father her phone and began to explain.

"The date on these files matches the date on that newspaper clipping." She pointed at the date on the paper file that she laid out on the desk. "The victim in the hit was Jennifer Saunders."

Kit looked through the pictures his suspicion growing. His brows knit together as his body gradually became tense with each swipe. Tori explained where she found those photos while Young Do took a turn to look at her phone. Kit leaned against his desk with a hand over his mouth trying to fit the pieces together.

"I don't think it's us that Davidoff is after," Tori sighed having no trouble dropping the Dragonhead's formal title.

"I don't get it, why would he stalk this woman and her family? Why bring Chloe into the Triads?" Young Do asked.

Kit slumped into his chair now realizing what was happening. "It's our punishment." He looked over at the picture of Sofia on his desk. "He's going to take us all down with one hit."

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