Author Note: Well, this is a very… strange crossover, but as long as I know the shows/books/game/cartoon or whatever I can make anything work! J I do not own nor claim Danny Phantom. I do not own nor claim Generation Dead.


Title: He's something else…

Genre: Drama(?)/Adventure/Friendship

Rated: T for Teen Dead

Summary: Danny's parents and friends are dead. He decides to start a new life in new city, where the dead are among the living. They aren't ghosts either. Suddenly, Danny gets a rather odd idea to blend in…..

Timeline: During the first book of Generation Dead, because I can't find the second one to read it. DP- this happens after two years after D-Stabilized, Phantom Planet never happened. It's gonna be AU. After all, Danny is in it. And I had to….tweak…it a little.

Disclaimer: I do not own nor claim Danny Phantom. I do not own nor claim Generation Dead.


Danny's P.O.V:

They're gone. They're all gone. And it my fault. I couldn't save them. Their new weapon backfired and exploded. I was fighting Skulker, and I saw the house aflame. They're dead. Mom, dad, Jazz, Tucker…Sam… All gone, and it's my fault. I couldn't save them.

I defeated Skulker. But all I could do afterwards was watch. I reverted back to human form when I went inside the house. They had to still be alive. But no, they were dead. I saw them. I saw them dead. The paramedics pulled me out of the house, but I could only hear some of the things.

"-In shock-"

"-I-poor kid. –dead."

I snapped out of my daze when I saw someone's hand waving in front of my face. It was a paramedic.

"-you hear me?"

I dully nodded. She seemed a bit relived, "You seem in fine condition. Do you know where you can stay?"

I was shocked, "I can't leave! They're dead! I WON'T LEAVE!"

She seemed surprised, "Oh no- your family. I'm sorry for your loss."

Two years later:

I remember that day vividly. The day my life fell apart. They sent me to Vlad's and when he was on a business trip (which was only a day later), I snuck into the Ghost Zone to go to Clockwork. He said that he couldn't do anything, he was sorry, but he did say that he would help me make a new life for myself. He created all the documents needed, and when Vlad came back he tragically found a Daniel Fenton in a puddle of his own blood in a suicide.

It was a fake though, made from the help of Clockwork. I am now Daniel Aetas. Clockwork signed himself (Charles W. Aetas), as my uncle. My name isn't the only thing that's changed though. I am taller, and I have more muscle. Clockwork also taught me a trick, I combined my ghost half and human half. Before I had to concentrate to change forms, now they are more…mushed… together. It's cool thing, since no one will recognize me. I have white, snowy hair, and blue eyes. A mix of the two forms. I don't have to change forms at all. I don't need to breath, and I have no heartbeat now. I am pale too. I've also changed my 'look' and I now adorn a dark red shirt, black jeans, and black combat boots. I also wear a chain necklace with a ghost logo. A very typical bed-sheet ghost. Ironic, but I love it.

I'm more powerful too. I can duplicate up to four, teleport, create a shield, and my ghostly wail is more powerful.

I decided to move to an old house in the woods in Winford. It's a nice place, but it's strange. Stranger than Amity. Tons of teen, only American teens, have been coming back to life. And they aren't ghosts either. I'm not sure what they are, but I do know that they are people.

Hehe, I remember when I first got here. Several people mistook me for an undead living impaired. Because I didn't walk that fast, had pale skin, white hair, I guess my eyes are a bit dull, and because I didn't talk much. Hmm… you know what… that gives me an idea for when I start school tomorrow at Oakvale High, the same school where many living impaired live…. This is gonna be good….