I still remembered that day. The day that my best friend was revealed- not as a zombie, but as a ghost. It was odd indeed as society had trouble with dealing with everything as well, especially after me (a zombie) had married a live girl…my wonderful Phoebe- even if Adam never talked to her anymore, we had a happy life (haha).

We even made a cure for the differently biotic. We still were undead, but we could talk, we could walk, we could grow, we could…express ourselves (even if we never figured out why it only affected American teens, and why it suddenly stopped happening when I was in my twenties).

I looked over at my wife. I smiled at her playing with our daughter- not biologically, but adopted. She was my sweet little Angel. She had long blonde hair and bright blue eyes- like a mix of me and Phoebe.

I looked off to the sky- I never did find out what happened to Danny…but wherever he is…I hope he's okay.


I looked over at my daughter. She was happily playing with Cujo in my lair.
"Rosie," I called, "be careful!"
I chuckled as I shook my head. She was a sweetheart. I never did return to school or anything after the day I was revealed- actually, I just sent a fake death certificate out after I made a will for Danny Ateas. I left the house to Evan- so I knew he would have a home and everything. He had became a good friend in that small period of time. I still saw him every once in a while (I still used the lab and the portal).

Still…life was pretty good.