"And now, I think it's time for you to die." Doggett repositioned her make-shift jesus weapon in the both of her hands, contemplating her next move.

"Tiffany, you don't need to do this." Piper tried to reason with the girl in front of her. "We can settle this a different way. We can fight like prisoners fight, with our hands out and people watching, rooting for us or something. You know, like how they do it in the movies."

"This ain't Hollywood, Satan. This is God giving me the tools to do his job. He told me to kill you and now, you're at my mercy." She kicked the blonde to the ground. "Any last words, devil?"

Piper wanted to fight back and she knew that she had it in her. She was angry and mad and heartbroken. The blonde had lost the only two people she had ever loved within hours of one another. She had nothing left to lose at this point and for a moment, just a split moment, Piper could imagine herself getting up and beating the living shit out of the girl in front of her. But she just wasn't that person and if she did, she knew it would change her forever - in a way from which she could never come back.

Doggett hovered over her with the wooden shiv still in her hands, her face donned with the craziest look Piper had ever seen. The blonde shimmied backwards with her feet and hands, trying to back up from Tiffany as quickly as she could. Within seconds, Piper found herself cornered at the edge of the prison gates with no where to go. She tried pleading one last time. "Do you really think God would condone you killing someone, Tiffany?"

Doggett smirked. "Bitch, he SENT me here to kill you. I hear him, every day. I see things, you know. And yeah, he sent me here to do his glorious work. And so I will."

Piper saw the cross coming down to her leg. Stab. Doggett pulled up and the blonde cried out as she leaned in again for her stomach. Stab. And the last thing Piper muttered, in between her screams and the stabs - her last words before the shiv was slammed into her chest was, "Alex..."

The pageant was over and most of the inmates had undressed from their costumes, showered, and were moseying about before 'lights out.' Black Cindy and Poussey were in Taystee's bunk re-singing their number from the show for the rest of the dorm when Suzanne walked into the entrance. Her head was hung low and her eyes were aimlessly moving around and focused on the ground in front of her. She finally made an eye contact with whom she came to see.

Sensing this impromptu visit was important, Taystee nodded to her two friends. "Gimme a minute, ya'll." Poussey and Black Cindy left with question on their faces, but quickly at Taystee's request. Suzanne looked over both sides of her shoulder nervously as they exited.

"What is it, girl?" Taystee asked. Suzanne came further into the bunk, caustiously but with intent. She fiddled with her hands and shook her head.

"What is it, girl?"

Suzanne started crying. Taystee knew this bitch never cried. Something was up. She took Sue's arm to sit her down on the bed but the other girl backed up a bit before she spoke. "Dandelion is your bunk mate, right?"

"Who da fuck is Dandelion?" Taystee started picking her hair with her comb.

Sue shook her head as her eyes darted everywhere. "Chapman, I mean Chapman. She here, right?"

"She sleep here girl, but she's not back yet. Probably in the shower, she still got a few minutes - wait, you ain't come here to piss all over the place again have you? I'm not down with late-night showers, yo. So you can go on back to your-"

Suzanne cut her off. "No," She leaned in closer to Taystee and looked at the floor as she spoke. "You gotta get a message to her girl."

"Chapman ain't got no girl. Ain't you heard? Whitey picked her man, getting married and shit. Rocker lezzie wants nothing to do with her."

"Dandelion ain't in a good way. Angel got her outside. I seen it all," Sue's eyes were still darting back and forth on the ground. "I seen it all, it was the angel." She gathered herself and backed up to exit. Before leaving, Sue laid her eyes gently on Taystee's. "Her girl gonna wanna know." She looked back at the floor and smiled sincerely before making her way to her own part of Lichtfield.

Taystee gave the girl a weird smirk when she left and shrugged her shoulders. Black Cindy and Poussey looked from across the way, wondering what had gone down. She was just leaving her bunk to tell them when the light came on. Taystee backed up to set herself in front of the exit as the guards came through with their clickers. She looked at the spot beside her, where Piper would usually stand, knowing now that something really was wrong.

Twenty minutes later, the lights of the 'Ghetto' dorm turned on and everyone arose to see what was going on. The prison nurse and doctor, along with guards Bennett and Fischer, were rushing Chapman in a stretcher through the dorm. There was blood everywhere, all over Piper and dripping from the stretcher in a path through the main walkway. Apparently, whatever happened had taken place closest to their dorm.

Taystee's eyes went wide when she saw the wooden shiv still planted in her roomate's chest. She immediately grabbed some maxi pads from her bunk locker and started to clean up the path of blood on the floor.

Bennett saw this and held back for a moment. "Thank you, inmate,..." He was looking for a name, but couldn't recall it in the moment."

"Don't matter what my name is." She looked across the way to Poussey and Black Cindy. "We'll take care of this."

"Thank you." Bennett said before starting to walk away.

"Wait, officer." Taystee stood up. "I know this isn't exactly allowed or anything, but is there a way to get a message to Piper's friend. She, uh - she'd want to know."

Bennett looked around and landed his eyes back onto the woman in front of him. "There won't be many guards around right now because we are all tending to this - night shift and everything, not many guards on duty, but tomorrow is another story. I think you will be okay if you wanted to get the message to her. Just be careful and I will keep a lookout."

"Thank you, sir." Taystee smiled.

An hour later, after everything had been cleaned up, Poussey was weaving her way through the dorm and had finally landed herself in the 'suburbs' of Lichtfield. Bennett had made good on his word and had Fischer placed, somehow, on duty in this dorm. She smiled stoicly as Poussey sweeped herself softly by her and into Alex's bunk.

It was apparent that no one in this part of the prison knew what was going on. The lights were out and everyone was asleep. Poussey paid no mind to Vause's bunkmate and quickly knelt beside the brunette. She nudged her softly ane whispered. "Hey, Vause."

Alex hummed and turned over toward the girl.

"Yo, Vause. Wake up, yo."

The brunette stirred before opening her eyes. "What the fuck," She looked around before meeting the eyes in the girl in front of her. She grabbed her glasses and placed them on her nose with a sleepy gaze. "What the-"

Poussey cut her off. "I don't have a lot of time," She looked up and around the walls of the bunk before kneeling back down to Alex. "Chapman got shanked tonight. Stomach, chest - everywhere. Blood all over our dorm, yo."

The brunette shot up on her elbows. "What!?"

"Shhshh, girl. I ain't supposed to be here. You gonna get us in trouble. She's not good. Guards and doctors are taking her to the hospital I think. Taystee sent me, she thought you would want to know."

Alex shook her head. "Oh my God."

Poussey gave her a pat on the hand. "I gotta go girl." She exited as quickly as she had come, leaving Vause in her bed without anything to say back.

The brunette laid her head back down on her pillow as tears began to creep into the corners of her eyes. Ten minutes ago, she had wanted nothing to do with the blonde, ever again. Now, she was paralyzed with worry.

As she shuffled her arms under the pillow beneathe her, she suddenly felt something. She pulled out a small, modestly wrapped gift. Settling herself on her back, she began to unwrap the package vigorously until she unveiled a small piece of cardboard adorned with a picture of she and Piper on a beach in Cabo. And at the bottom was a quote,

"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count, it's the life in your years."

"Oh, Pipes." Alex whispered to herself before clutching the card close to her chest. Alex knew she couldn't sleep, but she would hold the small, modest gift that the love of her life had given her as close as she could because that is all that she had right now.