The next morning, Caputo and Fig were no closer to finding Piper's attacker had they been the night before. It was unnerving for the warden's assistant, mostly due to the countless scandals following up to this that she had managed to cover up. her job was becoming harder by the minute and frankly, she was getting really tired of the inmates causing her nothing but trouble.

Still, she knew this was serious. An almost-deadly attack on an inmate wasn't something to joke about. It wasn't taboo prisoner-CO sex or illegal contraband being smuggled in. This wasn't something that she could just make disappear. Hospital records and amulance logs were tangible, undeniable proof of something gone wrong in her warden's prison.

But all of the testimonies and stories and theories she had heard last night weren't enough to prove anything. "Fuck." She muttered as she wisped her hand through her long locks. Fig rose from her desk and made her way to the coffee machine outside of Caputo's office.

The vending wouldn't work and she took this as a sign that she needed to get some much-needed rest. She popped her head into the room next door, where Caputo had resigned the night before.

"I'm going to get a little rest in your office if that's okay." She said to the balding man, seated at a make-shift desk. He nodded politely, as if to silently say that he needed the same.

By lunch, the inmates still had no word on Piper's condition. Even those that didn't know her were on the lookout for any information. In the little time the blonde had been in Lichtfield, she had made a decent reputation for herself - enough for those in the bunks to care. That was something to be said amongst these women.

After the last of the lunch trays had been handed out, Red approached Nicky's normal table and sat down. Morello, Sister, Jones, and Bersette were with the blonde.

"How's Alex holding up?" Red asked as she placed a hand on Nichols's shoulder for comfort.

"Like shit. In her bunk, not eating" Nicky puched her food away from her. "This is such bullshit."

"I know." Jones agreed.

"Look, we all know who did this." Bersette said as she finished up the last of her juice. "And we may not know how Chapman is doing, but we are going to make this right. Somehow."

Red nodded. "Vell, I've talked to immigration and they are not feeding ze beech." She smiled, referring to Doggett. She looked over her shoulder to the browned-teeth girl and grinned. "But that is not enough, as far as I'm concerned."

Taystee sat down with the girls from the suburbs, having been one of the last to receive her lunch.

"This shit fucked up." She said with a whisper. "But look, Imma tell ya'll something. I like Chapman, she's a good girl. And Crazy Eyes came to me last night. She saw everything, yo. Healey let it happen."

"What?!" Red said softly. "What zoo you mean?"

"She saw it all. Healey let Tiffany out there and watched it all happen. She told Fig, but there's no way to prove it. This shit is whack. I gotta go, ya'll, but we on your girl's side. She's one of us too down there in the ghetto. You need something, let us know." Taystee got up as quietly as she has come and made her way to go sit with her friends.

"So, it seems that ve have two problems." Red said confidently before taking the last sip of her coffee. "And both, ve shall fix."

"Amen." Sister agreed deviously.

Piper took turns with visitors for the next two days, only being able to spend time for minutes here and there due to the tube in her throat and the medication that was keeping her sedated. But on the third day, the mechanics had been removed and painkillers reduced, allowing for more interaction with her visitors. On this day, Polly had been the first.

"Hey Pol," Piper managed with a hoarse voice.

"Hey you. You look better." The brunette took a seat in the chair next to her friend's bed. "God Piper, we were so worried about you."

The blonde smiled softly. "I've been worried about me too. Where's Larry?"

"Some radio thing." Polly waved her hands nonchalantly. "Oh, and your parents went to go pick up Cal to he could come see you so they will be here this evening. I didn't want you to be alone to day, so here I am."

"Thanks. I miss you. I miss everyone, but I feel like I've missed so much with you."

Polly smiled. "Welllll, I was hoping you'd feel that way. I brought someone to see you." Polly's husband came in seconds later, toting a small baby in his arms.

"Hey Piper," He said, handing his son off to his wife before taking a seat in the back corner.

"This is Wheeler." She said, handing her small baby to Piper.

When the blonde went to cup him in her arms, she realized her hands were cuffed to the bed. She frowned with embarrassment. "This isn't how out first meet was supposed to go."

"No, maybe not. But we will make do." Polly swaddled him in a blanket she had brought and placed him on Piper's chest.

"Seriously, you named your son Wheeler?" Piper asked.

"Hey. No judgement. You're a convicted criminal chained to a hospital bed."

Red and the others had wasted no time peeling away at Healey. With Fig and Caputo making no headway in anything, she had decided to expedite the counselor's inevitable exit from Litchfield. Being the 'mentor' for the D Block, nearly everyone in the dorm had gone to Fig to complain about him, per Taystee's request. To top it off, Red used her knowledge of Daya's forbidden pregnancy to 'persuade' Bennett into admitting that he had seen Healey allow the attack on Chapman to happen.

In the end, it still wasn't enough, according to Fig. When Alex learned of this, she took the forst moment she got to pay the elder brunette a visit to her temporary office upstairs.

"Oh, Miss Vause. Please come in."

Alex slammed the door behind her. "How many people have come to you with, who we all know, attacked Piper?!"

"I know how you feel and I-"

"No you don't," Alex was livid. 'Yes, we all did bad shit and made bad choices. But in here, we have to survive. And just because Piper did something not all that bad a long time ago doesn't mean she deserved to be left for dead. Hell, we don't even know how she is doing. I don't even know if my best friend is even alive. It's been two days and we don't-"


"No. Don't talk. I will take a few weeks in solitary for this, but you need to listen to me. I know for a FACT that almost all of Healey's inmates have complained about him. He has made all of their lives - especially Piper's - a living hell. You know this. And what? You can't do anything because you can't prove it?! What about the people who came to you about Tiffany's issue with Piper, huh? You know what, don't worry about that meth head - we will take care of her. But you are the warden's assistant. You are above everyone here. So why is it that you can't do shit about any of this?!"

"What do you want me to do, Miss Vause?" Fig sat back in her chair, a little impressed with the brunette's boldness.

"We all know you hate Healey and you know all of us think he is responsible for this, so do something about it."

"It's not that easy."

"Oh no?" Alex spoke up. "Well let me ask you this. Why is there no way to prove what happened outside on the night of the pageant, hmm? Aren't restricted areas supposed to be monitored by camera?"

Fig rose her left eyebrow.

"Makes no sense, does it? Lemme guess, budget cuts." The brunette sat back in her chair, satisfied she had struck a nerve in the woman sitting in front of her.

Fig paused for a moment before speaking. "Between me and you, I have authorized many cuts around here - some good, some bad. But I never authorized that."

Alex matched her previously-raised brow. "Well then, I hope I have been of assistance to you then."

"That you have. I will look into this. Thank you."

Alex got up and made her way out of the office, shutting the door behind her quietly. She completating going back in to ask if anyone had heard anything about Piper's condition, but she figured something would have been said in the conversation they just had. Knowing nothing more now than when she had arrived earlier, the brunette began to cry her way slowly back down the stairs to her dorm.

Everyone was at dinner. Alex curled up in her bed and ran her fingers across the gift Piper had left her earlier in the week. Through her tears, she smiled softly knowing she had just done her part, somehow, in making everything right.