A/N: I HATED how the Ezria scene ended last night. It makes me sad. Really. I miss them. I came up with this in the top of my head, which is why it's short. As for my other story, I gave up on it and deleted everything. Sorry!

Anyways, enjoy. I also didn't proofread this.

Flashbacks. Regret.

"You know there isn't anything I wouldn't do for you right?"

11 words. If he had told her this 2 months ago, she wouldn't have hesitated. She would have kissed him when he leaned in. But she didn't. She turned away as discreetly as she could and marched out of Ezra's apartment building.


Because she was terrified of giving in to the man who was her comfort zone for so long.

For some odd reason, Aria regretted leaving his apartment. The rumors Connor had started still sunk deep into her gut, but Ezra had wanted to detach them and make her feel better. She couldn't figure out why. A million emotions raced through her mind; countless thoughts; dormant actions. She forgot about her conscious, and Aria stood up and left her room, heading back to her former boyfriend's apartment.

When she reached the door, Aria bent down to grab the spare key he always left under his apartment. But then she remembered- she couldn't do that anymore. So she knocked instead.

By now, she thought she was close to passing out, being a nervous wreck never worked out for Aria.

The door opened, revealing a casually dressed Ezra, who looked like he was already in bed.

Aria opened her mouth to speak. "I'm sorry, I didn't realize you uh, you were going to bed. Um, I can come back." She backed away, but Ezra interrupted her.

"No, it's fine. Come in, please." Ezra stepped back and gave her the space she needed to walk inside and when she did, he closed the door and turned to look at her.

Aria crossed her arms and looked around the apartment, unsure of what to say. "Why did you protect Mike? I mean, he's punched you in the face... I never thought you were a big fan of him."

He gave Aria a soothing look. "He's a good kid, Aria. When I protect him, I protect you. Can you sit down so we can talk, please?" Ezra didn't wait for her approval, he sat down and waited for her. It wasn't long before she slowly paced towards the couch and sat down beside him, avoiding eye contact.

"Aria.. The rumors hurt me. I know you said they're somewhat true, but how could anyone call you a slut? You're the exact opposite. You're an angel, you're gracious, dedicated. I couldn't stand what was being said about you. I won't let them get away with it." At this point Ezra had trailed off, and looked at Aria. Her expression was blank, and he couldn't read what she was thinking.

"You can't protect me anymore... But I want you to. It's a conflicting feeling." She shrugged, not sure of what to say.

"I wish we hadn't ended like we did." Ezra replied. Aria nodded, placing her hand on his leg.

"But we did, and we can't change it. I miss you, Ezra. It takes a lot in me to have to reject you, because I'm scared. You have Malcolm, you have a family. There isn't space for me anymore.. I'm not sure there ever will be." She closed her eyes, hoping she was doing a good job of acting nonchalant.


He nodded. "Will there ever be hope for us?"

Aria smiled softly and looked at him. "Yeah, I really hope so."