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He's coming back.

As much as she maintained a straight face and brushed off the subject with the wave of a hand, it was all an act. Bubbling underneath the rigid surface of indifference was a tidal wave of emotions: fear, unease, agony…love.

That last emotion was definitely the strongest of all, punching her in the gut every time she remembered those deep, beautiful blue eyes of his and his gentle touch against her skin.

But Callie Jacobs – now Callie Jacobs Foster, to be precise – was not going to back down. No, in all the troubling years of her past, this wasn't anything in comparison to what she had been through…or at least that was what she tried convincing herself.

As forbidden and secretive as it was, she never experienced anything like what she and Brandon Foster shared, the genuine love and care that they felt far surpassed platonic feelings of foster siblings, thus carefully hidden under wraps for the sake of Callie and Jude's stay. Of course, there was Liam…but what Brandon said on the porch that fateful night was true, that he wasn't anything like him. He was perfect, at least to her. And what they had shared was everything she ever wanted…but of course she had to mess things up.


She looked up, alarmed. Even though she never spoke her thoughts aloud, the sudden interruption made her feel exposed and insecure. Lena stood by the doorway, waiting.

"Are you ready yet? Brandon will be here soon."

Staring at the mirror, she shrugged. "In a bit," she murmured.

Lena nodded, leaving Callie to her thoughts. She reached over for Mariana's brush, agitatedly brushing over the imaginary tangles in her hair. Why does he have to come back now? She sighed as she placed the brush back on the dresser. Of course he would, right when I'm actually starting to heal.

After swiping away the smudged liner underneath her eyes and smoothing out her hair, Callie slowly stood up and made her way downstairs, the somersaults in her stomach increasing in intensity as she descended the stairs.

As if on cue (and to her complete horror), the doorbell rang. Squeals reverberated across the house, although exactly from whom she couldn't differentiate. Might as well have been Jesus for all she cared.

"Brandon's baaack," Jesus sang, sprinting from the kitchen. Yeah, it was definitely him.

Mariana shortly followed, laughing as she stood by Callie. "Someone is clearly excited," she sneered. Jude joined them, leaning against his older sister.

"Are you okay?" he whispered to her. She shrugged nonchalantly, placing a hand on his shoulder.

Stef swung open the door, arms extended for an immediate embrace.

"Hey," a familiar voice called out, "I'm home!"

Callie braced herself, arms crossed and expressionless shield ready.

And in stepped Brandon Foster, opening a once closed door and walking back into Callie's life…but he wasn't alone.

With an arm snaked around her waist, Brandon towed in a petite girl with him. She was clearly nervous; her hazel eyes were wide as she was tugging on a strand of her long dark hair.

"I want you guys to meet Abigail," he smiled, gesturing to the girl beside him. Abigail gave them a timid smile.

Before she could stop herself, Callie's eyes widened and her jaw dropped.

Out of all things to be expected from him, she was definitely not expecting that. Forget about the indifference. Now all she wanted to do was run.

"What?" she blurted out.

Oh, shit. She mentally slapped herself.

Everyone turned to stare at her – except Brandon, whose eyes were averted to the floor.

"She's my girlfriend," he replied quietly.

Callie glared at him. Well, now, isn't that obvious?

"Brandon!" Lena appeared from the kitchen, oblivious to the awkwardness in the room. She instantly gave him a swift hug. "It's so great to finally see you! And you must be Abigail," she turned to the girl, smiling warmly. Abigail nodded, blushing.

"She's beautiful, Brandon," Lena added with a wink. "Everyone come in, I just set everything up at the table."

Jesus and Mariana approached the pair, giving them hugs and chatting away as they joined their mothers.

"Callie," Jude murmured. He looked up at her, concern shining in his eyes. "Will you be okay?"

No. Far from it.

"Yeah, I will. Don't worry about it," she answered casually. She gave his hand a tight squeeze. He raised an eyebrow at her, clearly in disbelief despite her denial.

In all honesty, Callie had no idea how she was going to handle this. The butterflies in her stomach were now trampled, and she felt like an angry, shattered mess. But then again, he had the right to move on, didn't he? Especially after what happened…

She mentally berated herself.

Hell. This is going to be a long dinner…

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