Chapter 1
Transformation and Teleportation

The library was just a small little thing with books that had seen way too much use from the little rascals that used them. In the corner was a little boy around 9 years old that was using the place as a sanctuary from his cousin and his friends that had made it their personal mission in life to add to the woes of the child. His only solace was in the books of the library that he used since entering elementary school. Today's selection was a book on different types of wolves, from mythical to the real ones that still roamed the world.

One of the wolves that stood out the most to him was the notes about the Dire Wolf. In the book it detailed how it looked almost exactly like the Timber Wolf of North America only several times larger making it easier for them to protect their pack. The characteristics of the wolves were extreme loyalty and protectiveness for the pack along with the strength and size to back it up.

This particular attributes being exceptionally important to the youth for you see his name was Harry Potter, Freak, and Boy. Ever since he could remember his "pack" had been mean, distant, and abusive towards him and he longed for the comfort that he saw others enjoying.

It had taken him a long time to figure out why his family hated him so much but in the last year he had slowly pieced it together on his own. Every time that something unexplainable had happened anywhere in his vicinity the beatings had come down even harsher than normal. They had initially started out as small things but things had changed one day when Dudley had ended up chasing him around two months ago and he had suddenly ended up on the top of the school roof.

Since then he had figured he had some sort of power and had worked on relentlessly practicing reciprocating the same events so that he could teleport whenever he needed today. It wasn't finished yet, but he was slowly able to do it more often than he could originally.

# # # # #

The reason for Harry's current anxious anticipation was that he had totally trounced Dudley in a test that was being administrated based upon general knowledge that they had taken a few weeks back. Harry had thought that because it was a governmental test and wouldn't come back to them, but when the tests came back saying that Dudley was dead last for the class and that Harry probably should have been advanced four grade levels he knew that he would be in trouble.

Looking down at the book in his hand he couldn't help but think of how much he wished that he had a true pack of his own that would be that loyal and protective of him.

He felt his eyes slowly fall down in tiredness as he continued to contemplate how much better his life would be if he had been born as a little Dire Wolf cub with a family that actually care upon him...

As he fell asleep, Harry's accidental magic reacted strongly with his most fervent wish and a bright light slowly enclosed around the small child as his childish wish for understanding was heard by magic herself and pity was taken on this poor soul as she took him from where he lay.

She knew his role in this world and what was expected of him, but even more strongly she felt his strong need for acceptance and love. Using his magic she transported him away from the library to a place where his desires could be reached. Unfortunately these would not be met right away so playing with his magic she activated his animagous form years ahead of schedule and activated it as she placed him in his new place. When he next awoke he would be a Dire Wolf in a completely different world than he was used too.

# # # # # #

Harry slowly came too, and noticed that everything looked larger than what he was used too. The next thing to grab his attention was that he was standing on four legs rather than the normal two that he was used to. Looking around he noticed that there were little wolf cubs that were all around him. He couldn't believe his luck, finally whatever made him special had finally done something to truly help him, since he assumed that he had become his favorite animal, which had been proven when he had looked down and noted that he was truly in the form of a four legged animal.

Slowly the other wolf pups had yelped in a way that Harry had understood and had been able to work out an understanding of what they meant between himself and the other wolves.

# # # # # #

It had been a couple of days since the greatest thing to happen to Harry had occurred and he was enjoying the time that he was allowed to spend with his new mother and brother and sisters. He couldn't remember a time when he had felt this good about being around a select group of beings.

This unfortunately ended three days later when a male stag had entered too close to his mother's resting area, which was still recovering from the difficult birth of her cubs. They fought for a couple of minutes before his mother was able to grip the neck of the stag at the cost of taking an antler into her stomach.

Seeing the amount of pain that she was in Harry had slowly made his way over to her with a slight whimper in his voice. While she had not been with him long, the fact that she had been there at all and had been so quickly torn from his grasp again had made him extremely sensitive to the issue.

He was not sure how long he stood there leaning against the slowly freezing body of his second mother, but eventually he heard a group of people approach his mother from horse back. He turned and gathered his brothers and sisters that were near him, closer to him so that he could keep track of where everyone was at the same time, as the pack leader.

The big man approached first with sword drawn, he came over and knelt in front of his dead mother looking at it with sad and perplexed eyes. He was followed by three younger boys that smelled like him, a boy that smelled of salty water and two others that smelt of steel.

"It's a freak." Said the salty one. Harry immediately narrowed his eyes at him.

"It's a dire wolf," said the big man as he reached and pulled the antler still stuck in Harry's new mother, "tough old beast."

"There are no dire wolves south of the wall." Said the oldest of the boys that smelled like the big man.

"Now there are five." Said the second oldest. He reached down and picked up one of Harry's brothers and held him up to the youngest and asked, "Do you want to hold it?"

My brother squeaked in protest as he was passed but quickly nuzzled into the little boy's arms, seeking comfort. "Where will they go? Their mothers dead." The youngest asked.

"They don't belong down here." said the oldest of the group.

"Better a quick death. They won't last long without their mother." The big man said with regret in his eyes. The salty one stepped forward with knife ready. "Right give it here."

"NO!" the youngest one said as he tried to take him back to no avail. My brother whimpered as I growled at him, not moving for fear of what would happen to the rest of them.

"Put away your blade." Said the oldest of the children Harry guessed.

"I take orders from your father not you Stark." The salty one replied snidely.

"Please father." Pleaded the youngest.

"I'm sorry Bran it's for the best." Lord Stark replied as he turned away.

The middle child turned back to Lord Stark. "Lord Stark! There are five pups, one for each of the Stark children. The dire wolf is the sigil of your house, they were meant to have them."

Lord Stark pondered for a moment before saying, "You will train them yourselves, you will feed them yourselves, and if they die you shall bury them yourselves."

The salty one handed my brother back to Bran where he quickly snuggled in as the two other children walked over and gathered us up. My sister and one of my brothers were handed to the salty one to carry while I and my other brother where given to the eldest. Looking around I became worried as I couldn't see the last of our litter.

"What about you?" asked bran when the middle one didn't take one for himself.

"I'm not a Stark" he stated despondently. "Get on."

As we were walking back he stopped when he heard a whimper. The oldest carrying me turned around as Harry hoped that they had found his missing brother. "Well what is it?" asked the eldest.

"Ah, the runt of the litter, that one's yours snow." Said the salty one as Snow held my last brother aloft which was coincidentally the same color as the person's namesake. Harry snorted to himself at the irony.

With that we were taken back with our new family. Harry really hoped that this one would last longer.

# # # # # #

(Attempting 1st person perspective from Harry's point of view, in review tell me how I did)

As we reached the castle Robb and Theon walked into the keep behind Lord Stark, while Bran took my brother to his room to play with him, and Snow wondered off with my other brother.

"Cat look at what we found on the road." Lord Stark said as he greeted a woman that looked to be the same age as Lord Stark. I got the impression that she was his wife.

"Why did you think it a good idea to bring wolves into my house?" Cat replied. I whimpered in Robb's arms at the tone she was using thinking we were going to be thrown out. Cat turned to me and looked me in the eyes as hers started to lose some of their hostility.

"There mother was killed on the road and there was enough for each of the children. It will be good for them to learn responsibility and gain a loyal companion out of it." Lord Stark replied not backing down. Cat finally nodded and sent a servant to go and fetch someone called Sansa, Arya and Rickon.

When the other children arrived the situation was once again explained to them. Then Robb set me down while keeping my brother in his arms. "I'll keep this one. His name shall be Grey Wind."

Theon set the others down as well and the other children started coming closer before choosing one of us. My sister went to Sansa and was named Lady. I snorted at the originality of the name. Sansa looked at me oddly while Arya laughed saying, "See even the wolves think you have bad taste in names."

Sansa sniffed derisively and scooped up Lady and said she was going to give her a bath. Arya quickly picked me, seeing another person willing to bother her sister. Rickon grabbed the last one and named him Shaggydog, before running off with him to go play.

Arya looked at me and said, "Your name is Nymeria."

I looked up at her affronted and shook my head side to side in the negative furiously causing Arya to laugh and those still there to chuckle as well.

Cat kneeled down next to Arya, "You my dear have probably the smartest one of the litter, how about Lyanna after your aunt?" Arya looked thoughtful but I immediately whined to get her attention before shaking my head violently again.

"I think the problem might be in the names." Robb stated. "You keep saying girl's names when he might be a boy." I nodded my head emphatically getting another chuckle out of everyone.

Arya took a thoughtful pose, "How about Rickard after my grandfather."

I cocked my head to the side before looking her in the eye and nodding once. Arya leaned down and gathered me in her arms, where I quickly snuggled up to her and licked her face getting a laugh from her.

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