It was that time of the month again: the bridge crew sleepover. 1 night only of spin the bottle, cake and as much Romulan Ale as they could manage. Early evening and the prep had already started. Sulu and Chekov were laying out sleeping bags and pinning up balloons complete with streamers, they did not take this event lightly as it was the one night that the two could spend the night together without any questions being asked.

"I eem so exciteed Sulu!" Chekov beamed.

"As am I. But, you know you got pretty drunk last time. You should probably just stick to the vodka instead of mixing it with bloodwine and god knows what." Hikaru replied.

"Ay, I know, I know: but it would nat be compleet without a beet of wodka! And ze bloodvine is scrumptious." Pavel admitted happily.

"I've got some work to do. I'll see you tonight, yeah?" Sulu said as he planted a kiss on Chekov's cheek. He giggled in response and watched Hikaru as he walked off the bridge.