Chekov whipped past the princess, the makeup artist and the stylist. He was still pretending to be the enterprise, making one more lap around the chair before running at Sulu trilling "This is the Enterprise, ready for docking." and colliding with him, knocking the pair onto the floor. They giggled and rubbed noses.

Bones had fallen asleep in the captain's chair with Spock passed out on top of him. Scotty was hugging one of the helm control panels with his scotch glass full again.

"Main viewer on." Princess Jim commanded. Karu reached up to one of the helms from where he was laying on the floor with Pavel. The wall of the bridge become riddled with stars.

"It's beautiful, isn't it Princess Jim." Uhura admitted.

"Sure is."

Sulu got up and went over to the stereo and put on Celine Dion before grabbing Pavel's waist and hoisting him up on one of the helms. Karu climbed up behind him and nestled his chin into Pavel's neck. Chekov giggled and lifted his arms up, staring lovingly into their reflections before the stars on the viewer.

"Every night in my dreams, I see you, I feel you, That is how I know you go on..." They warbled to each other.

"Vhy is ther no vind machine?" Pavel joked before blowing air at Karu's hair and laughing.

"Near..." Hikaru sang.

"Var...!" Pavel screamed.

"Wherever you are...!" They sang.

Scotty, Uhura and Kirk just stared in amazement.

Pavel burst into to tears: "I jist love you so much, Karu."

Sulu began to sob and they continued wailing to the song.

"Are they okay?" Jim asked the others.

"I- I think so." Nyota replied.