Gale and Madge are married and living in a townhouse in District 2.

Madge set the table to perfection. She grabbed out candles, the finest plates, the polished silverware, and the special occasion glasses. It looked great. She stuffed the vacuum away in the closed, and dimmed the lights.

She dashed up the stairs and peeled off her dingy clothes. Madge let the water run over her hand and she sighed. Her nerves were starting to turn against her and her stomach bubbled with uncontrolled nausea.

Madge stepped into the shower and pulled the curtain. She set her head back in the water and felt the liquid roll down her face, shoulders, and stomach. She quickly shampooed, conditioned and rinsed before jumping out of the tiled shower.

She turned on the curler and hairdryer. She brushed through the snarls and dried her hair until it was smooth. She turned her hair through the curling iron until the curls sprung down to her shoulders.

Madge ran through the second floor, naked. She pushed open her bedroom door and pulled her closet open. Dresses and Gale's work shirts were hung up on bright colored hangers. She pulled out a red dress that showed off her curves and toned stomach.

She put on little gold earrings, a knotted pearl necklace with a gold chain, and a gold bracelet Gale had gotten her for Christmas last year. Madge did her make-up and clipped her bangs back with a black barrette. She smoothed her dress over her stomach and looked in the mirror. Madge heard the door unlocked downstairs and she slipped her heels on, meeting her husband in the foyer.

He greeted her with a deep kiss and a satisfied smile. Gale dropped his briefcase onto the bench and hung his coat up. "You look great." He smirked. She struck a little pose.

"Thanks!" She smiled, "I feel great." He chuckled and kissed her again. She led him into the living room and turned into the kitchen.

"What's this for?" Gale smiled down at the table, "it's not my birthday..." Madge giggled. "It's not your birthday." Madge shook her head, "it's not a holiday." He murmured, "not our anniversary."

Madge beamed, "no."

"You're pregnant." Madge's smile fell and she giggled awkwardly. "That's what it is!" Gale laughed loudly and dragged her over by her hips.

"I can't believe you guessed." Madge pouted. Gale took her fat bottom lip between his teeth and leaned his forehead against his.

"I'm sorry."

"Oh, it's alright." She sighed, and ran her hands over his pressed work shirt. "I just had these silly expectations of sitting through dinner nervously and then moving to the dessert and reaching over. I would sort of smile and then you would know..."

"Sorry I let down your expectations." Gale said and rubbed the back of his neck. Madge shook her head, letting a few tears fall. "Don't cry." He whispered, "hey.. shh."

"You were supposed to be surprised too and elated and all that... shit that happens in the movies." She stomped a foot down quickly, Gale chuckled and placed his hands on the side of her face.

"Madgey, I love you with all my heart. I am proud of you every day. I am surprised with everything you say and do. I am elated with every movement and look that you give me."

"I love you too." Madge murmured. Gale's hands moved over her hips and his thumb smoothed over her abdomen. He kissed her slowly, bringing her closer to his touch.

"And you know..." he kissed her jaw, "that I will love our baby with every ounce of my love." Madge smiled sweetly and looked away.

"I know." She sighed and rested her hands on his hands, "I know."

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