The door of the house explodes into shards of flying wood, then slams into the wall opposite it. Well, that wasn't exactly what he planned. Tom turned the corner into the house, stifling a sigh, and exploded the door that led into the main home. By that point, James was up and standing behind the door, already transfiguring the it, and entire wall, into solid metal. In hindsight, that wasn't the best decision.

With one accidentally taken care off, Tom continued up the stairs. Halfway up, the stairs exploded into fire as his foot onto a rune embedded into one of the steps, He hastily turned himself flame-proof, but not before losing most of his hair to the blast. Sighing again, he continues climbing. Ice spears erupt from the walls and narrowly avoid shredding the man between them. Eyes twitching, he remembers he can fly, so he begins hovering a foot off the stairs. Then his head trips a rune embedded into the cobwebs on the ceiling, sending arcs of electricity through his body, flinging him back to the bottom of the stairs. Tom blasts a severely overpowered water conjuration up the stairs, sanding the entire corridor to the bare wood of the houses foundations. Tons of stone, earth, and ice tumble down the stairs. He side steps and waits for it all to fall before taking himself the rest of the way up, and towards the boys bedroom.

His heart nearly explodes in his chest when a stag Patronus comes rumbling down the hallway and through him, doing nothing. Tom takes a second to let his heart reset before kicking in the door of the boy's room, and getting smashed in the face with at least six different spells. Luckily for him, Dumbledore trains all his people to cast non-lethal, so he simply dispells it all, props his best shield in front of him, and walks in the door way.

The woman is in front of the crib, yelling about taking her instead of the boy. In hindsight, creating a freezing charm named Abra Kadabra wasn't one of Tom's best ideas. Her body hits the floor. Severus is going to be pissed. Rolling his shoulders, Tom steps over the body, and sticks his wand inbetween the boys eyes. Finally. Aveda Kedavra!

Thou Art I

And I am thou.

From the sea of thy soul I cometh.

I am Veles

Trickster God of Magics and Musics.

Endure Dark.

The boy's head splits into a lightning bolt scar, but nothing else happens. Voldemort laments doing it the rough way, and conjures the most powerful wave of force he can muster, hoping to kill the boy quickly.


When Dumbledoor arrives at the scene, all he sees is a baby bleeding from the forehead, and a room that used to be blue, but is now a deep red. The dark lord is nowhere to be found.