Locked inside your head
Do you realize the things you said
Never made sense?
- Funnyman, KT Tunstall

Closing the door, lock, he places the keys on his pocket and turns around. Sighs. With one look, he already knows what he'll have to deal with today.

Slowly, but making sure his footsteps can be hear by the other man, he aproaches the opposing wall, standing next to the window, and tries to take a look into the space between the makeshift barricade and the corner of the room. It's a bit dark there, but he can see the outlines of a head, covered with dark, curly hair.

"Hello, Sirius," the tall man greets. The head trembles notoriously, then, slow, emerges from the shadows. Silvery eyes stare, wide and frightened, at him.

"Remus," whispers, with alarm, the man to whom belong the eyes. "Remus! Hide! The dementors, they're here!"

Remus goes to the corner of the room and does his best to get into and kneel behind the 'barricade'. It's a bit tight, and the man next to him trembles like they're in the North Pole with not enough clothes on.

"Where are they, Sirius?" Remus asks, peering into the rest of the room from behind the mattress, though he knows, always has, there's nothing there.

"There," answers Sirius, pointing a thin, long finger to somewhere between the window and the bathroom door, "behind the bars."

"What are they doing?"

All of his colleagues believe him crazy, even some of their most lucid patients.

"I'm not sure, but I think they're going to come in."

Genius psychiatrist, Remus Lupin, only child of a brilliant neurosurgeon and an award winning anthropologist, doing the impossible to help Sirius Black, the most dangerous patient in Hawking's, being there since he was just a teenager.

"Alright. Remember what I told you to do, when they came?" Remus asks, gently, like he's talking to a child. Sirius nods, not taking his eyes off of what only he can see. "Sirius, I need you to do it, right now."

The man turns to stare at him, an intense look on his eyes, mouth openning and closing, like that of a fish out of the water. Remus stares back, expectant. With one last look, Sirius folds himself to hide behind furniture and matress and sheets. The doctor awkwardly kneels and leans closer to the silver eyed man.

People tell him he's wasting his time, treating Black. So many patients in need of his help, people who might actually regain, someday, their sanity. Instead, he has resolutely decided to will all his efforts in the vain attempt at helping one man, one mind, to restore himself.

"Close your eyes," Remus whispers, soft, gently tucking curly hair behind an ear, "and think, Sirius, think."

"I am thinking," Sirius assures him.

"What are you thinking about?"

The man hesitates, but only for a moment. He can trust him.

He still has hope in Sirius, though, after almost five years with the man under his care. After all, he's seen him. Not the withering, crumbling shell of a man, what everyone sees, but the human striving, surviving, despite himself, under the beaten and battered flesh.

"The sea," Sirius answers, in no more than a whisper, a breath. Remus smiles.

"Tell me about the sea."

Hope is, in fact, his only choice.

"Tell me what you see."

It's either that, or he will, entirely, loose the man he has come to love.

Not entirely sure if I managed to say what I wanted to say, but at least I liked this crap. First Remus/Sirius fic and - like in Angels Tell The truth's case - it's bloody angsty, sorry. Still, hope you people liked it. Auf Wiedersehen. *Do they have a shipping name? Cause I've got no idea, I'm new in the fandom.*/**ENGLISH is NOT my first language, sorry.**