[Flashback] Flaca: 3 years ago

The tears were streaming now and Flaca felt like she couldn't breathe. Anna had been surfing the internet for weeks now looking for helpful information but it had stopped being helpful after the first few hours. Nothing online was going to be able to help her.

"Baby, you'll get through this. You'll get through it and when you get out we'll go along with our plans. I'm going to work really hard and get into Dental school and we'll get a place together and we'll be happy again."

Flaca felt her breath catch in her chest and she felt like she were having a heart attack. Anna was optimistic, that was one of the things Flaca loved most about her. She always saw the glass as half full.

"I'm not gonna survive inside Angel. Somebody is going to hurt me and I'm going to get killed," Flaca had no illusions about what she could expect once she went inside. She was an upper class girl from the suburbs. Third generation Mexican-American. Her parents were from Scarsdale, she'd only seen gangs and drugs on TV. She didn't know the first thing about being a tough girl. A barrio girl.

"You will." Anna abandoned her laptop and rushed to Flaca's side on the bed. They'd holed themselves up in a hotel for days, hiding out in the city far away from their parents and the real world waiting to split them up forever. Anna had been with her every step of the way. She disappeared for a few hours here and there to go to class but they went to bed together every night and woke up together every morning. She was here, every step of the way. Flaca loved her for that.

"Are you sorry, that you did it?"

The question almost hurt. She wasn't proud of what she'd done but she didn't regret it either, not for a minute. She couldn't imagine going through what Anna went through. Knowing somebody had violated her while other people stood around and laughed about it. They weren't laughing now, Flaca knew that much. The whole lot of them had been expelled from school. When the police came asking questions every copy of the video disappeared off the face of the Earth too. Nobody knew anything all of a sudden. Futures were ruined, lives altered forever. Still, after it all Flaca was the only one going to jail.

"No. I'm not. I love you. Forever and ever baby. I won't ever let anybody get away with hurting you. You're my Angel. I'm just sorry I didn't go with you to that party. That's what I regret, that I didn't just go."

Anna kissed her gently. "This isn't your fault. You did something bad Fifi but for the best of reasons. I will love you until the day I die for protecting me. And I will be here for you when you get out."

Flaca believed her and that's the thing that hurt the most. She was going to be gone for seven years. Seven years was forever. Anna would meet somebody else, fall in love, maybe settle down and live the life she'd always dreamed they'd have together. At least she should be free to.

"You can't wait for me Angel. You have to live your life. I did what I did but I don't want you to be locked up with me. You have to be happy."

Anna kissed her again. "I'll be happy with you when you come home. And the lawyer said you could come home after five years if you don't get in trouble. I'll spend most of that time studying anyway. You just stay out of trouble and come home to me. Life will be good again baby you wait."

"I don't know if I can do it," Flaca admitted. "I'm not a tough girl."

"People see what they want to see Fifi. We got these tattoos so we'd always be together. You can't see it but that A G on your shoulders is me. I'm always with you. Anna Gomez. And F G, that's you on mine. I can't always see you but I know you're there."

Flaca forced herself to smile. The tattoos were a good idea. At least she'd be able to take some small piece of Anna with her inside. She didn't know why it made her feel better but it did. It gave her strength when she thought about it.

"I love you so much. I'm going to miss you so much baby."

Anna ran her hand through Flaca's long black hair. "I'm going to miss you too Fifi but you just do what we talked about. Put who you are aside and be who you need to be to make it back to me in one piece. Do whatever you gotta do to survive. I love you no matter what. If anybody fucks with you do what you gotta do. I need you to promise me that you're going to be strong and you're not going to let anybody fuck with you."

Anna had been insistent that she do what needs to be done to survive. She didn't seem to be concerned with the safety of anybody but her. That should have bothered Flaca but it gave her peace instead. It gave her peace to know that her Angel didn't see her as some sort of monster.

"I promise you baby. I promise I'll make it back to you."

Anna gave Flaca's chest a gentle shove and pushed her backwards onto the hotel bed and straddled her hips. "This is our last week together baby, for a long time at least. So you tell me when enough is enough. Until we leave this room and you go inside I'm all yours. Whenever, wherever, however many times you want me."

Any other time hearing that would have made Flaca smile but today it just stung. Today it only reminded her that their days together were numbered. Anything could happen before they were able to hold one another again. She forced herself to stop crying. She had to toughen up. It was the only way she'd be able to survive. She had to go cold, go cold and empty inside and one day hopefully she'd be with her Angel again.

Piper and Alex:

Alex spied Doggett and her crew across the game room and did her best not to make fun of the fact that they hadn't even ventured a glance in their direction. Doggett had disappeared off their radar since the sit down. She didn't speak to them, didn't look in their direction, she didn't even gossip about them. It was like they weren't even on the same plane of existence anymore.

Piper's threat had seemed to get under the woman's skin. It wasn't much of a surprise however, Alex figured it would scare her off. She'd basically threatened to kill her in front of half the prison. Doggett had clearly taken the hint and backed off.

Piper however had begun to relish her time as a criminal. She'd stopped pretending to be sweet and had become full blown bitch most of the time. She'd been having so much fun Alex thought it was time for the next step in her education. The outside. Piper being Piper however, wasn't taking it seriously.

"When you leave Litchfield things are going to be different Piper. You have to be on. All the time. You can't be wishy washy. You have to be all in. This business is cutthroat and ruthless, the moment you let your guard down somebody will take advantage of you."

Piper didn't seem to be taking any of this serious and that was a damn shame because people who didn't commit 100% always ended up getting themselves killed.

"I'm okay, I'll be fine." Piper finally said with confidence she hadn't come close to earning.

Alex sighed. "The fact that you believe that tells me you won't be fine. This business is full of sharks. People will test you when they first meet you. No matter what happens you have to stand up for yourself. Don't let anybody take advantage of you. You want what you want and don't let anybody talk you into taking less. It's better to take nothing than to be taken advantage of. Nobody will give you shit for shutting down a deal if you think somebody is fucking around."

Piper nodded still over confident. Alex decided to take another approach.

"A guy I knew when I first started out in this business messed up a deal once and then just disappeared. His family looked for him for weeks. They called his friends, nothing, they went to his place and didn't find him there either. He was just gone. They waited weeks until he finally got an eviction notice for not paying his rent. His sister went to his place to pack up his things and put them in storage for when he came back. One day when she was packing she wanted to nuke some popcorn. When she opened the microwave she found his head inside. Just rotting inside the microwave, it had been there the whole time. It didn't smell or anything she said, which is strange because if you burn your popcorn in the microwave you can always smell it."

This seemed to get Piper's attention. "What did he do wrong?"

"I don't know and I don't want to know Piper. You don't ask questions. You do what you're told and you do what you say you're going to do. Your word is everything in this business. Nobody trusts anybody but your word still has to be good. Always count your money upfront and don't take any excuses. If somebody shorts you once call them on it, if they short you twice they're trying to cheat you and don't ever trust them again."

"We need to talk about this at length. I want to know everything you know. I want to make sure things are running smooth when you come home."

Alex finally relaxed, Piper was starting to understand. It would take a little while to get her up to speed but they were in prison. She had plenty of time. Months actually to teach Piper how not to get herself killed. She had the personality for it, now all she needed was the skills.

"We'll start at the beginning. We'll start at the bottom. We'll even get Maritza to tutor you. Her boyfriend was a corner dealer, she actually sounds like she was the brains of the operation to tell you the truth. We can even find a place for her if she wants when she gets out. It'll be fine. We'll be good, you just have to remember what I teach you. Remember it and live by it and you'll be fine. When I come home I'll do most of the heavy lifting and you can go back to being a woman of leisure but until then you're going to have to carry the load."

Piper nodded. "I'm in. One hundred percent." Alex smiled at her enthusiasm. It was strange seeing her excited about anything. Piper had always seemed perpetually bored, now she was wide eyed and eager. She was like a baby bird learning to fly, she'd dip a few times but once she got the hang of it she would soar.

[Flash-Forward} Piper and Maritza 8 years:

Piper's eyes were still stinging from the flash bulbs going off. There had seemed to be hundreds of them. All going off at once blinding her. Her head was still spinning from the chaos and her head was pounding from all of the excitement of her and Maritza being shoved in a prison van and hustled off to prison. Of course none of that compared to her feet. She'd worn an expensive pair of shoes for her last day of court, expensive and deathly uncomfortable. People expected things, they expected flash and to do from her and she wasn't going to disappoint. Comfort be damned.

It seemed throughout the trial more attention had been paid to her wardrobe than to the evidence against her. Today she was wearing a pair of knee high black and white Roger Vivier boots that set her back $800. Of course this caused a stir because the dress she wore with them cost over three grand, the overcoat five. It wasn't an obscene amount of money but the federal prosecutors wanted to know where the expensive wardrobe was coming from. Her lawyers had insisted the clothes were donated but nobody actually believed that was true. It was a circus. A three ring circus.

To her credit Maritza soaked up the limelight like a movie star. To let her tell it she WAS a movie star. She lived the life of a movie star. She went to parties with celebrities and had a house in Beverly Hills right down the road from Johnny Depp, but no matter how hard she tried to blend in everyone knew who she was. She wasn't a movie star, she wasn't famous, she was infamous. A drug lord. One of the four women who comprised the Blue Octopus Organization. An international drug empire and she was only let into the A-list parties because everyone was afraid to tell her she couldn't come.

"I fucking told you it was Claudio," Maritza said. She wasn't angry, she'd been saying Claudio was the person who the government had secured testimony from for months. Claudio who had been with them since the very beginning. Claudio who had built the soap business into a legitimate empire but who had a curious habit of spending weekends in Vegas, although Piper couldn't find anyone who ever actually saw him there. The moment Maritza told her the guy was a rat she'd believed her. Of course by then it was already too late, all they could do was minimize the damage, lessen their sentences by breaking down the North American operation.

"I believed you," Piper said without judgment.

Maritza was sitting across from Piper in the back of the prison van, her hands and feet shackled together, her mood quiet, her demeanor controlled. Maritza wasn't flashy during the trial but her outfit still cost twice as much as Pipers. Of course nobody noticed, everybody was obsessed with Piper's boots.

"Five years. That's nothing," Maritza said almost to herself. Maritza had been convicted of conspiracy to commit money laundering and defraud the IRS. She was sentenced to 63 months in federal prison. When she was arrested the cops had found 350,000 in cash stuffed into duffle bags in the back of her closet, which they promptly confiscated. They'd also confiscated two and a half million dollars in jewelry, fur, clothes, and property and had put her six million dollar Beverly Hills mansion up for auction. It should have been a devastating hit, it looked to be. But Piper knew Maritza well. Most of her money was hidden overseas under a half a dozen aliases. There were also several large duffle bags of cash hidden with her cousin for the expenses related to taking care of her daughter. Piper wasn't sure if Maritza had even seen the girl since she'd been out of prison but she knew the girl was well taken care of. Nobody knew where she was or even what she looked like. Piper had known Maritza for a decade almost and didn't even know the girl's name. Maritza was extremely careful and cautious and the moment the cops found large sums of money, jewelry and other flashy things she relaxed. They just need something to put on the news. They won't look too much harder, she'd said when they'd been arrested.

"With truth in sentencing over you'll probably only end up doing half of that. Maybe three years," Piper said doing her best to sound reassuring. The Federal truth in sentencing laws required federal prisoners to serve all of their time, minus time off for good behavior. It had been repealed two years ago after controversy on the Supreme Court. The government couldn't seem to get their shit together and get the bill resigned and passed. Piper and Maritza were more than happy to take advantage of the political infighting. Their lawyers had assured them their verdicts were set, the government couldn't retroactively enact the law for people who went into the system while Washington DC was fighting over the specifics.

"You're lucky. You're the one who got ten years," Maritza reasoned. Piper had taken a massive hit in court. She'd been singled out by Claudio and had therefor taken most of the weight. The government had come after her hard and thanks to Maritza's heads up she'd been able to avoid some of the convictions by being aware of what her once trusted employee was doing with the feds. She'd beat more than half the charges levied against her but not enough to avoid prison. In the end she got eleven years.

"They took all my money too. Even froze my soap money accounts."

Maritza shook her head. "Chuckles said he'll get that back for you. They just want to fuck with you."

Piper didn't doubt her lawyer's word on any of this. He'd assured her that the feds wouldn't find her life line and they hadn't. She had millions of dollar hidden overseas waiting for her to get out of prison. The government had confiscated seven million dollars in drug money out of accounts specifically designed to be found, and property and cash that equaled millions more but her rainy day fund was still intact and drawing interest.

"I know," Piper said sourly.

"Hey, I spoke to Anna," Maritza said with sudden excitement.

Piper perked up at the news. It had been a while since she'd heard from Flaca and Anna. Flaca was currently serving time in prison in Indonesia. According to Alex the place was so corrupt that her 'cell' was for all intents and purposes a luxury studio apartment complete with flat screen TV, leather sofa and king sized bed. And if that wasn't bad enough Anna managed to sleep over several times a week.

"How's Flaca?"

Maritza scoffed. "In prison. Even if it's a bullshit prison with mini fridges in the cells she's still locked up. She's only got six months left though. Anna wants her to come back to the States afterwards."

Piper rolled her eyes. Anna. Anna was Flaca's kryptonite. When Flaca finished her sentence at Litchfield Maritza and Piper wanted to let her move on towards a civilian life. Anna had other plans. She was gung ho about Flaca getting involved with the drug business. Flaca was happy making Anna happy and allowed herself to get sucked into a life of crime. Maritza had frequently tried to get Flaca to stray from Anna before a routine business trip to Indonesia ended with a bribery conviction for Flaca and a two year jail term. Piper and Maritza had agreed to phase her out of the business against her will but that had all changed with the indictments. Alex would need Flaca to help ease some of the burden now that Maritza and Piper were in prison.

"Tell her to stay the hell away. You see Alex took off as soon as she saw she wasn't part of the indictment. The DEA will be all over her. The second she comes home they won't ever let her leave the country again." Alex was hiding out in the middle of nowhere keeping the business afloat. With three of the four principals in prison it was important she not get herself arrested so she was on the lam. Piper missed her but she understood her need to disappear. The bosses didn't want to hear how much she missed Alex. They wanted to hear money was still flowing.

"I tried but Anna wants to see her folks."

"Dr. Pain in the ass," Piper said lightly to herself.

"She went through all the trouble of going to dentist school so she can do absolutely nothing with her degree. Flaca finished her college degree on line and you should have seen how happy she was. She even found one of those medical schools in South America that was going to let her in and study to be a doctor but Anna didn't want to live in Belize for four years."

Piper had already known about the medical school. In actuality Flaca's acceptance was her doing. A few phone calls, a threat or two and a large sum of cash had secured her position in an incoming class when she wanted it. It had always been Flaca's dream to become a doctor and even though she would never be allowed to practice back in the States because of her criminal record she would still achieve one of her life long goals. There were some countries where her background could be over looked, the world was a big place.

"I'm starting to think maybe Flaca got herself busted on purpose to get away from her."

Maritza laughed lightly. "At least they're putting us in the same prison together, you don't have to worry about making friends, you know how you come across to new people."

"Hooray," Piper deadpanned causing Maritza to crack up with laughter. The guard driving the bus and his partner in the passenger seat both glared at them over their shoulders to show their disapproval.

Maritza stifled her laughter and leaned back against the cold wall of the prison transportation bus and shut her eyes. They were off to prison, not Litchfield this time but an equivalent. Their placement specialist had lobbied hard to keep them on the East Coast. He'd even gone so far as to suggest they be placed back at Litchfield. The system had balked at that however. Litchfield was now infamous for being the birthplace of a large scale criminal conspiracy. Every time somebody mentioned them they mentioned Litchfield, for that reason alone Piper knew she'd never step foot back into the prison again. That was too bad. Whenever she'd imagined going back to prison she'd always imagined that prison to be Litchfield. She steeled her nerves and followed Maritza's lead, she had to prepare herself, reputation was everything especially as far as prison was concerned.

[Flash-forward] Mendoza 8 years:

Mendoza smiled when she saw Maritza come through the doors in her orange jumpsuit. She looked the same as when Mendoza saw her last. Maritza had always been a little rough around the edges, she was a beautiful girl but back then you could tell it was natural beauty, a gift from God. Now the woman looked stunning. On the outside she'd had the money to step her game up and she'd excelled, now she looked like a model or a movie star. Mendoza had even once seen her picture in a magazine with Johnny Depp.

Maritza smiled at her, a cautious smile but still a smile and Mendoza didn't waste any time walking towards her and wrapping her in a giant hug. She hadn't spoken to Maritza since she'd left prison but money mysteriously showed up in her commissary account once a year and Mendoza knew it had to be Maritza's doing.

"Hey hija," Mendoza said offering her a healthy embrace and a kiss on the cheek. The rest of the girls had shown up to greet Maritza too, a mixture of both young and old women, none of who actually knew Maritza but all had seen and heard about her. She and Chapman had been all over the news.

"Mendoza, what's up lady, how you holding on, how are your boys?" Maritza said with familiarity that made Mendoza proud. In the back of her mind she'd always assumed Maritza would forget about her, she'd traveled the world since Litchfield, it wouldn't surprise her if she barely remembered her name.

Mendoza shrugged. "Rico just graduated high school, and Anthony passed two years ago, Juan is still square but that's his thing, nine to five two babies and a fat wife, he's happy so I'm happy for him."

Maritza returned the kiss on the cheek. "I'm sorry about Anthony, I know he was all of you."

Mendoza nodded suddenly sad thinking about the strong beautiful baby boy that she'd lost. "Hey Ortiz, bring that stuff up here."

Ortiz, a girl barely eighteen with glasses and short reddish black hair hustled forward with a pile of goodies. Essentials to transition Maritza smoothly inside, shower shoes, toothpaste, shampoo, underwear, necessities. Ortiz handed the commissary items off to Maritza and hustled away without saying anything at all. Ortiz was always shy but she was smart. She reminded Mendoza of Maritza back in Litchfield, watching, paying attention, careful, smart enough to not step on toes.

"So where's Chapman?"

Maritza looked over her shoulder. "With the suburbanites, you know how it is inside, that's where she belongs."

Mendoza nodded then looked over her shoulder towards the crowd. "Alvarez, Trejo, you guys go make sure Chapman gets her stuff. Make sure she knows Maritza's girls has her back in here. If she needs anything she should let us know."

The two girls shuffled off and Mendoza watched Maritza watch them leave. "We roll with you Maritza but we know Chapman is your girl. We know she's your partner on the outside so of course we'll hold her down in here if she needs something. But so there's no misunderstanding we're YOUR girls, we answer to you not her."

Maritza nodded. "Chapman can take care of herself but a little protection never hurt nobody."

Mendoza laughed. "I was telling them about how she played us all when she showed up inside that first time. Pretending to be all doe eyed and innocent then turned gangster one day. Fucking Tony Montana."

Maritza laughed. "Knocked all a bitch's teeth out."

Mendoza continued to laugh but pointed off to the distance. "Let me show you to your bunk, I know you're probably tired after processing and that squat and cough shit still makes me want to climb under the bed and hide."

Maritza just nodded. Over her shoulder somebody finally spoke up instead of staring like mute idiots.

"How is Flaca doing?"

Maritza nodded. "That lucky bitch is in prison in Indonesia. She was able to hook herself up over there. She's got a mini-fridge, a flat screen TV, a fucking sofa and coffee table, private bathroom and shower. She'll be out in six months though and she'll be back in business. She might be coming back to the States because her cousin Anna wants to see her mom. I think she should stay the fuck away."

Mendoza knew Flaca's cousin Anna was really her girlfriend Anna but nobody would ever say otherwise. In the culture that sort of thing was frowned upon but if you gave people some lie to tell themselves they never brought it up or said otherwise in public. Mendoza had an aunt who had a roommate for forty five years. They lived in a two bedroom brownstone in Queens although Mendoza had always noticed her aunt's friend's room was always dusty as if nobody ever went inside. It was the sort of thing nobody ever brought up, still Mendoza loved her aunt to pieces. She'd taken her to the zoo during the summers when she was a kid and to Coney Island to ride the Ferris wheel, she was a good person, family. Like Flaca.

"Did Anna finish school, is she a dentist?" Mendoza asked.

Maritza nodded. "Dr. Anna Gomez DDS."

[Flash-forward] Piper 8 years:

The TV common area was crowded with women but the moment she walked inside everything went quiet. All the seats were taken but a skinny red head with frizzy hair and sunken cheeks quickly stood up and offered Piper her seat up front. Piper offered her a quick thank you and the girl nodded quietly and disappeared to the back of the room.

All eyes were on her as she settled herself but the moment the commercial for Pepsi Cola ended the program started. The Biography channel was in constant rotation at this prison. Back at Litchfield it had been the Nature Channel.

The ominous music filled the room and the program started with a serious sounding man with a deep TV voice speaking up.

Four Women. All from different walks of life. Beautiful. Deadly. Ruthless. Alexandra Vause, Maritza Ramos, Piper Chapman, and Flaca Gonzales. Formed in Litchfield Federal Prison. Operated internationally. This group lives by the creed 'The Octopus has four heads'. Today we take a look at one of the most infamous female run criminal empires of all time. The Blue Octopus Organization.

Piper wanted to roll her eyes when the room erupted into a cheer. A few feet away Maritza was also sitting in the front row but her attention was glued to her old prison mug shot on screen. Piper wouldn't necessarily call Maritza vain but she was surely overly obsessed with her appearance. She rarely had a hair out of place these days. Even her old mug shot could have doubled as a modeling head shot.

They're all a bunch of psychopaths. Every one of them. Evil maniacs obsessed with money and worldly power. They belong in prison. All of them. Piper Chapman knocked all my teeth out and broke my cheekbone and Flaca Gonzales threatened to kill every one of my congregation inside if I didn't stay out of their way. Good women only looking to turn their lives around. I complained but nobody did anything, nobody cared. They had too much power.

Piper's jaw almost hit the floor when she saw Tiffany Doggett on screen. Doggett looked good cleaned up with her shiny white dental implants and her Sunday dress. The TV had labeled her Pastor Tiffany Doggett, and former Litchfield inmate. Doggett had always been a preacher so it didn't surprise Piper that she'd made it official when she got out of prison.

The crowd had booed her but Doggett always had that effect on people. "Of all the people to interview they choose that lunatic," Mendoza said.

Piper hadn't expected to see a familiar face inside but Mendoza had managed to get herself arrested again this time for second degree murder. According to rumor she'd killed some witness and government informant who may or may not have murdered her son Tony. She was serving twenty five years but had warranted minimum security because her lawyer had claimed mother's heartbreak as the reason she'd killed the victim. It hadn't scored her a lesser sentence but it did convince the judge she wasn't likely to kill anyone else.

"She photographs well," Piper said softly, "must be the teeth."

Maritza chuckled as did Mendoza but neither of them spoke. There was nothing to say. They were in prison and it was hardly the place to defend yourself. It would be Doggett's word against hers and to her credit Doggett had turned her life around and became a productive member of society. Piper was back in prison and branded with the permanent title of drug lord. She was only doing eleven years this time but she knew next time she wouldn't be so lucky. She knew next time she'd probably get what the government had tried to give her this time. Life in Prison. That however was a problem for another day. Today she other problems.

Polly would come visit tomorrow and they'd talk about the soap business which Polly had outright refused to sell her share of. Piper suspected the woman knew her business was a front for drugs but simply didn't care. She had to know something was up, Piper was sure of that. They'd never talked about it and she suspected they never would but Polly hadn't abandoned her like her family had when the truth came out. She sat behind her every day at trial and offered words of encouragement. She was a true friend. Loyal to the core, she'd faced off against the Feds and called their bluff when they'd threatened to throw her in jail. She didn't blink when the IRS tore apart her life and finances and walked away totally unscathed. Now she'd wanted to come visit to talk about business. Piper knew she'd have to give her whatever she asked for. She wasn't in a position to argue. If she didn't Polly would likely leave and not come back, then Piper would be alone. Well almost alone. Alex couldn't visit herself but she'd assured her that her friend Rosalie would visit, write, and accept her phone calls. It was comforting to know she had something to look forward to. Something to help her pass the time inside. Prison could be a lonely place.

So I've finished this twisted tale of the descent into crime of Piper Chapman, all precipitated by a rumor and I have to say I'm very happy with it. I rambled at times but the feedback I've gotten has been very positive and I thank you for that. I put Piper back in prison at the end because that's what happens to drug dealers, even the smart ones. Alex on the other hand is a survivor and in my humble opinion will do anything to avoid any time in prison that she can, so I put her in hiding. I put Flaca half way around the world, still with Anna, but back in prison because in my mind her girlfriend is probably the worst thing that could have happened to her, but love blinds us to the truth about people sometimes. Maritza in my mind is the only one ahead of the curve. She's street smart with a good head for reading people and even though she's obsessed with her looks and being loved (Partying with Celebs, Wanting to be famous, fatal mistakes for drug dealers) I see her as smart enough to plan ahead and limit her exposure. Hence her money laundering charge and lack of drug conviction. So that being said I hope you enjoyed this story and thanks for reading and reviewing. Until next time...