The warmth of the July sun runs across Bella's skin. She is thankful for the beautiful day; she thought the rain would never lift, "I wonder how long since this nice weather is going to last?" she asks Angela as they walk outside carrying the twins.

"Yeah, I'm happy to get a day without rain," Angela says, as they set the boys down, so they could play with their toys, "It felt like it would never end,"

Bella nods in agreement while sitting down on one of the yard chairs scattered around. Her grin widens as her boys start making noise at each other. She could not believe they about to be six months old; everyone told her to not blink or she would miss them growing up, but Bella didn't think it was this true. She smiles as the memory of her screaming at Paul for all the pain she had giving birth on the old hospital bed, but she would do it again for the two hellions in front of her.

"I swear to God, they're talking bad about us when they do that," Angela says nodding to the boys while taking the chair next to Bella.

"Ang, they're only going to be six months; they're just making noises."

"That's what they want you to think!" She points at the boys as their full attention is drawn by her finger. The boys would tilt their heads in supposed confusion as Angela would continue her innocent paranoia, "I read that twins can make their own language!

Bella leans back watching the scene fold out, "Once again, they're just babies, and that is normal for them around this age."

"You say that now, but, when they take over the world, I'll have the last laugh!" Jack blows a raspberry with more attitude than a six-month-old should have. Dax lets high pitch laughter mingle with his clapping hands. Ang waves her hands at the boys, "See?!" she exclaimed before crossing her arms and leaning back into the chair.

"Or Jack is getting sick of his crazy aunt, and he's not even a year old yet," Bella turns toward her sister with a smirk, "Graduation, and you've already set a new record, Ang!"

Angela's tongue poked out in response. Bella turns back to the boys, who lost interest and went back to their toys. Jack is playing with some trucks, and Dax pushes buttons on a toy phone like a middle-aged woman leaving an angry review. Her smile sweetens, motherhood has been the best and worst experience of her life so far, and she was only going to be six months into it.

She wishes someone would have told her about the sleep deprivation though; she couldn't remember the last time she got a full night's rest. Sometimes she wishes she didn't decide to breastfeed the boys in the beginning . It's have been a nightmare from the beginning. There were times she couldn't make enough milk or boys couldn't latch on the right, or her poor nipples were so sore. She tried everything to make them feel better, from rubbing coconut oil to mayo on them. she started to smell like a dam fruit salad. After two months of trying to breastfeed, she decided to switch the boys to bottle feeding. She initially felt like a terrible mother, but after having a long time with the doctor and Paul. It was the best choice for the boys. Being bottle-fed doesn't seem to hurt them in any way. They are both in perfect health. Plus, now, with their teeth coming in she over the moon, they're on the bottle. Plus her boobs are thankful also.

After taking the morning patrol around the rez, Paul walks into the noisy house to find his pack brothers arguing about something on TV.

"Unfortunately, kid's shows aren't the same as when we were kids," Jared says, ironically, while drinking from a juice box.

"I know what you mean- where is the violence?" Embry asks through a mouth full of goldfish.

"Not to mention, everything has to have a lesson to it now!" Quilt rolls his eyes as newest episode of Paw Patrol drones in the background. Paul laughs as he notices that most of the children were playing outside, and that the 'grownups' were watching the show.

"How the Mighty have fallen," Paul takes a seat at the table with Sam and Jacob. "I remember drinking moonshine right about now in the old days."

"Pretty rich coming from the guy that sings Baby Shark," Jared rips back, shaking the juice box in his general direction.

"You damn well know that's the only way to keep them calm when it's time for a bath!" Paul loves his little boys more than anything, but they turned into little demons at four months. Paul was pretty sure it was his DNA giving the boy their attitudes, but it seemed like there was holy water in every bath with the way the boys fought. Jack would do his best to kick his chubby legs to keep from going into the tub, and Daxon would shriek as if there was a plugged-in toaster in the water.

He was at his wit's end and planned to just blast the tyrants with the hose, until Bella read that music can help babies calm down. She found the top ten songs for bath time and Baby Shark was at the top of the list, and the boys loved it. Now Paul is forced to sing it at every bath, and, to make matters worse, Bella even ordered the hand puppets of the sharks.

"It might be the only way, but, bro, it's just as bad as the 'Let it go' shit!" Embry set his head in his hands at just the thought of overplayed child songs.

"Both of those songs are evil." Quill grimly agreed and pulled Embry into a hug.

"First they dig into your head, then they slowly devour your soul until there's nothing left," Ben muttered and brought his knees to his chest.

Paul spotted Sam's evil grin as Sam put his evil plan into motion, "Girls, come here!" The three grown men's eyes turned to abject terror as Lilly and Maddison stormed into the house, "How does that one song go?" Sam asks tapping his finger to his chin, "You know the one about the ice Princess?"

Their smile beam at the instant recognition as they start to sing the dreaded song as the three grown men Spring for the back door. "Go get them, girls," Sam gasps between stifled laugher as the girls tear after the adults.

"You're one sick son of a bitch, Sam," Jared laughs.

"I can't wait to see what happens when they have kids," Paul leans against the chair breathless from laughing.

"I hope they never have kids." Jacob sniffed while gripping his sides in pain from laughing so hard.

"Didn't you say that about Paul at one point?" Sam says as all of their heads turn to Paul.

"What? I used to say the same thing," he says before drinking some water as they chuckle, "look at me now: singing about damn shark family so my kids will take a fucking bath."

"Speaking of your kids, I figured you'd be with them since it's a nice day for a change?" Sam asked sipping at his coffee.

"Well, they're the reason why I stopped by- I need everyone's help with something," he looks at his three-pack brothers, "I want to surprise Belle with a wedding."

"You want to do want now?!" They ask in surprise.

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